Minecraft – 70 DIFFERENT WAYS To Build In 1.13 Update Aquatic!

hey guys it’s hey Sofia and welcome back to my youtube channel today’s video I’m going to be showing you guys seventy different ways that you can build in the 1.13 update aquatic for minecraft each of these ideas is completely unique from the last I’ve designed a bunch of things from different types of wallpapers to furniture things for your pets things for the garden but let’s get started [Music] so I just want to first start things out by saying if this video it looks familiar to you you might have noticed that the first half of this I actually did back in a video in November if you haven’t then hello welcome to my channel back in like November last year 1.1 3 was originally it meant to be only just like a big back update for minecraft or the tech Cup side of things they were going to release trapdoors and a few blocks which is why I did this video at first but then it was announced earlier this year that 1.14 update aquatic would merge into 1.13 so that’s why i’m having to redo this video now if you have seen my first video with the first half feel free to skip through to about 13 minutes 55 and that’s when I saw on my purely aquatic update stuff but for now I’m going to start on the original side which has all different types of build to do with trap doors bug blocks all kinds of things like that so let’s get started so my first little update here we’re gonna go around the outside then to the center now I have some acacia trapdoors which I’ve put along the top of this little hallway ceiling I made here they make a really good route like a roof decorator and room divider sometimes you see that kind of thing in an old Queenslander home here in Australia so that’s what I’ve done they’re following up with that I’ve also used the acacia trap doors to make a pergola or an outdoor entertainment area it looks really nice like these slats of wood that you would tend to see I’ve also just put in my pavement on the bottom here some of these smooth stone block wishes so also new to the 1.13 update they also are introducing though a smooth sandstone block now I really like this as a wallpaper it looks like the kind of wall that you see that’s rented where they go back and forth back and forth crisscross with concrete so I think it’s really good as a feature wall especially behind a little fireplace like this next up is a it could be girls room could be a boy’s room whatever you would like it to be I have used the mushroom block which is also coming to the 1.13 update you just want to be careful because as soon as you place a block on top and remove it you get the inside of a mushroom I think it makes a really really pretty wallpaper I’ve also made a little privacy screen divider here just with some of the jungle oak trap doors I think it looks really cool and it’s a very cute little room now if you were wanting to do something different with mushroom books as well if you do want to remove the top of them like this I’ll show in a second it does make like a really nice there we go but it does make a really nice kind of like carpet and kind of like painted little decorated thing it’ll be also good for a wallpaper I’ve also made some new furniture in here just with the bird trap tools and made some chairs and a file base and I also made a crib using the acacia truck doors as well next up is a office here now I’ve built a little office library to decorate the face of the room I have used a dark out trapdoors something I really like about old style like offices and libraries as they do have really beautifully decorated wood bases and I think this this truck doors just perfect for that you can see on the outside is kind of playing with just the planks but once you have that trapdoor detail it’s really nice the only thing is you want to make sure any furniture you have to put right against the wall because you can’t have the truck door with the furniture there but yeah next up I’ve built a little Japanese room here now I’ve built one in the new update aquatic area as well but this one we’re talking about the screens or details which I have you see jungle Oh trapdoors to make a really beautiful oriental screen door I’ve also used it to make a window detail they’re just a really simple touch you can use to update some of your more oriental builds this design is a really simple one that a lot of people were excited about basically if you use the spruce and you put them right next to each other those first trip tools that is it’s a really really thin room in a way I think this would be really great for garden sheds or little outdoor areas even little tiny log cabins out houses or little battlefield areas anything that you want a quick little structure it would be really good I’ve now got a bathroom design which I have used these smooth sandstone block I think it looks really nice it has kind of like a granite texture as well so I think it looks good for a modern bathroom you now have a kitchen here now for my kitchen I have you see mushrooms stem block to make a cabinetry the thing I really like about this book is it kind of looks like a wood grain it’s like a nice white wood like a whole like a wood that’s been painted white and it’s got a really great grain texture now if he’s I want to use that and use an actual book feel like think about using the BOK book I think this is really really cool just the plain Bock Bock it’s got a really nice texture around all sides which means that you don’t have to try and hide it by putting a trap door at the end or something like that I’ve also made a second shelf in my kitchen but using a spur strip tool and a iron bar hanging from the ceiling I’ve also used some trapdoors in this design here I have used the first ones to make seven cupboard France I really like the look of the birch trap door for cupboard fronts just because I think it has that nice kind of like glass look on the inside in some ways and I think that’s pretty cool now this is a very easily built mini evil house now I’ve got I think just the bug box in general and the little buttons that are now colored and also these bridge trapdoors are all really fantastic for medieval builds you can choose to have a bug lock ending on your build especially as well these bridge trap tools which you can see here are fantastic for flower planter beds you can’t see through to the dirt anymore like you could with the trap doors and I also decorated the build with some different colored buttons which I’ve also used for this kind of Spanish inspired build now this just adds a nice kind of like pop of texture against the terracotta that I’ve got as a base for my little hacia [Music] next up though I have a kind of modern little room here and I have used the pumpkin as a wallpaper now this might be a little bit odd but with the 1.13 update we now have pumpkins which have no little jack-o’-lantern faces on them you can still get the jack-o’-lantern ones but you do have the option of just having a plain pumpkin I think it makes a really kind of cool textured wallpaper or something a little bit different it’ll be really good for retro builds or anything where you want just a pop of color now just like our second design which a you see smooth stone and the base of my like my little floor area I’ve also used it here in this little walkway retainer wall it’s going to be a really great block for cities and I recommend using it now this design here is a garden one and I’ve got a little pumpkin patch the good thing about the pumpkin block is now you don’t actually have to fully have a pumpkin growing from a plant to have a pumpkin patch you can just place them randomly around and make something really quirky cool for like decorating mini evils or castles and stuff like that now this is a design I came up with before I got a nasa update acquatic was around but you could use some truck tools to make a really easy fix little fish tank if you didn’t want something still simple and not so much bulky like some of the new aquatic update fish tanks ah I’ve also used some trapdoors to make a little TV cabinet here now this one here just like my little polka dot room I have eight polka dot bed this is not typically what I do for a bed but I think it’s a really really cute little coat cover or do not as we say here in Australia now I’ve got some chairs just very simple just little slap there and some trap doors around exact same with these spruce one as well I think they look quite cool as little Palace chairs against bridge trap doors and you can make a really cool little thin table I think this would be great for picnic areas a little outdoor bars anything like that I think is a really great outdoor setting now I have reused the Perkins up mushroom little block here and I’ve made a tablecloth cover I’ve also made some chairs with the birch something else really cool though oh we need a little Adam frame is if the 1.13 you can now place item frames sideways and also flat so I think flat they’re really good for just making little plates and stuff like that you can make a little table sitting put some food and your little item frame plates and the good thing is is that people could actually take the food out of the item frame and then eat it I’ve used the bug book here the little acacia one to make some furniture I think the bug books will be really good for bed Reds like bed rest and stuff like that as well next up for the acacia is some little trap tools and I have made a little rabbit hutch I think this is really cool for a rabbit hutch and I kind of stalled it off what I had growing up I couldn’t have rabbits but I had guinea pigs and this is what that cages look like the good thing is is that you can still see in that you can go in you can sow breed your rabbits and everything like that without having them escape and they have their own little house area which they can go into too next up is a very simple dog bed now I use these Bruce on the inside and decorative whispers books I feel free to grab something like the quartz we just remove the staircases here you’re on the outside I think it makes a really good look my kids being a white bed and then the outside is decorated with wood and that’s very plush very comfy for a big dog even the very small kitty who wants a very big bed next up I’ve got another little simple bed here just using subs instead I’ve also got a little scratching post which I’ve used some of the trap tools to decorate more and the Russian mushroom block and I also made a bird cage with the acacia now the thing about this is previously you would have to use a slab on top but now because you have the acacia trapdoors you can just put them on top and it looks like a little cage the whole way around this next design also using the acacia trap tool as you can see they’re quite popular with me I have used a cottage I built the Front’s of a cottage and made a very cute picket fence with the acacia trap doors I think it looks really nice and it has that nice thin effect that a picket fence would you could also decorate the entrance see a little cottage by using some of the woods specific pressure plates now these are new in Minecraft as well the spruce and darker converge I think they look really cool as little pavers especially if you want something different from the plain stone one now leading away from our little paved area I have made a little bridge here just a little sample one just because I wanted to show this bridge I have completely built out of spruce trap tools and the thing I like this is it has a really thin effect and it’s really quite simple it looks like a little tiny bridge that you would use to cross a creek or a little tiny River something like that I think it’s really nice and it has a very nice thin effect it’s not chunky you know like some bridges can be either now this is a tree but it’s a little bit different because I have actually used the buck book for it now a good thing about the buck book is you can have more buck books around the base of the tree and then the like the branches up let’s hope you can still using normal blocks that way it just looks a little bit more natural so this update is also really good for just enhancing the look of your trees now we have a puffy at which I’ve put in some of the brown mushroom block I’ve also put some of the different colored buttons now the reason for this is that I like to decorate my pass with stones on the outside which easy stone button but maybe if there is a stern on the inside of the pathway it might be covered in the mud so the idea of this is that bicolor kind of like color coordinating the block to the button it looks like the dirt has completely covered over that button and that it looks like a dirty Rock if you get me so just another way it can also be a little bit more detail specific up next is a bunch of planter boxes using the new trapdoors and the bug blocks and the buttons you can mix and match them all to make them whatever you would like them to be you can also use these free strap tools to make some really amazing garden planter beds now this is gonna be fantastic for any type of cottage garden any type of medieval garden any type of gun at all where you’re wanting some like really rustic looking reusable wood blocks I think it’ll be great so that is the first part of my video up and done and let’s move on to the proper update aquatic update now I’ve got a bunch of water things on the inside and I’ve got some rooms on the outside so let’s start with the rooms first now my first room here I’ve kind of designed as a beachy room I have using mushrooms then block as flooring on the floor because it looks like a like a white wood I’ve also made some chairs just with the acacia trapdoors on the edge and I have got a fish tank with two little tropical fishies in it now I’m not showing any more aquariums in this bill because I have actually done a video where I showed 25 different realistic fish tanks and some creative ones that you can build a Minecraft I will link that down below if you’re interested in more aquarium builds I didn’t want to show you too many because I’ve already done an update on this this is a very simple aquarium there and I didn’t want to fit in with my beachy theme room next up is a two-part room which I’ve based on a Japanese kind of bathroom what I saw in Japan when I’ve been there a couple of times now the first here is a Japanese toilet now something cool about update aquatic is that you can actually place water blocks into staircases and swipes now so I made a little kind of like but it crouched well it as you would call them in Japan and I just filled it up with some water on the inside you don’t typically have the water on this if it’s being flushed maybe you want to make a really cool redstone things it looks like it flushes into the toilet that’s up to you I’ve also made a little stand here just with some acacia really cool for like buffering builds and stuff like that and inside my buffering here I have a bow buff now you might be wondering how I’ve done this and it’s very simple all you want to be using is some soul sands at the bottom and you will just go up and down like this now if it is too much for you you can put some slabs just like I’m doing here you will still get some of the bubble particles three this one’s quite a lot still sometimes it’s very like barely any I think it just kind of depends on the mechanics of the game but I really like it building up and down now you don’t want to use magma books because magma will pull you under the water and if you touch the magma you meet drown so I recommend not doing that just use soul sand to get that really cool bubbling effect I don’t actually mind seeing the soul sand down at the bottom especially because it has a really cool little bubble going up and down it’s kind of fun looking as well but yeah so bubble a really cool addition like a different thing that you can now do next up is a bathroom and I have used the prismarine staircase and have a new addition to update aquatic and I really like the look of this you can also make some really cool baths with it and also slabs as well so this one I’ve made a bubble bath which I put my sole set underneath and then cover the top there we go the only thing I also don’t like about this kind of thing sometimes is it is very shallow for a buff which is why I think I don’t mind the bubbles being underneath and just seeing this awesome but if you do like the look of it then you can just keep this up there I’ve also made a sink here very easy to do is just three quarts staircases just like this and I put it against the wall and then just put the water on the inside there yeah so here is a very simple bathroom next up is a living room and for this one I have used these strips bok-bok now I really really love the strip buck buck I think it’s very modern and just a very smooth looking block especially for Minecraft so I use it as a wallpaper and here in here I’d like a really nice feature to the room I have also built another medieval house though I had to build this because I really like the look of the kelp block now the kelp book is a little bit funny looking it’s just like its dried seaweed but it really looks great as a roof and also a base for like a shower room or a bathroom or anything like that in here I built another kitchen which I have used a thot prismarine staircase I use it as a breakfast bench at the edge there I’ve also got some little subs here’s just some shelving yeah I made a little breakfast bar with a dog prismarine I like the tile look for it as well so I think it’s really great full kitchens next up I have you C cup book as a flooring and I’ve also got my little quart sink just like I had in the bathroom and I think it’s really cool and that’s kind of modern look as well using the kelp for the tiles on the floor the good thing is like with the roof as well it looks more striped down but when it’s in a tile format and you’re looking down it’s got a nice like tile shape so it looks like the grout in between all the towels I think it’s really nice we have another kitchen now which I have you see stripped o’the block all the strip Birchbox the only thing about this is you will get the little ring at the end but I don’t think it’s really too much of an issue you can easily cover it up or it just looks nice as it is because it’s a nice little texture to the wood makes it look more realistic as well now here is my second Japanese build now the thing I really loved about the introduction of these strips block blocks is that you can make the tummy mat so fit now I think this is really cool I have built here a traditional tea ceremony room shape so in Japan when you are looking for a house or anything like that not only say that a room is like six – tummy mat so five – tummy Mets and that kind of gives people an idea for the shape so this one is a tea ceremony room where you’ve got four along the outside and one little tiny tatami mat in the center so I’ve just replicated that using the birch bark book but you can always just build in all different shapes if you search on google images like tummy mat room shapes or numbers they’ll come up with the format’s of how big different rooms are it is my second mini evil no this would be my third now what is it this is my third mini evil one now this one I have you see stripped dark oak bark flock to you use my foundations I also use the dog prismarine for a roof eeeh I think the dog prismarine is a really beautiful roof cover it kind of looks like copper I’ve also got on the inside some item frames which I use these stripped buck butch block and I really like it because when you put an item frame on it looks like the natural color matches the item frame like the frame color so it looks like a really natural wood frame now it kind of matches perfectly yeah this is what I call my strawberries and cream room a heavy Z jungle strips bok-bok-bok and I’ve also used a birch strips bark block to make a really cool little crisscross flooring now wouldn’t work sideways or with the normal books but with this one it’s really really pretty I think it’s just nice and light enough that it has a nice pink hue to it so that’s why I call this my strawberry and cream room I just used the Terracotta on the side the white one to get that little bit of a pink tint so it’s not too bright in color but enough with its really pretty in this room here I have used these dead coral block to make my wallpaper now the thing about the coral is that you could put the color one as a wallpaper but it has to be touching water otherwise it dies off I just don’t see the point in using it for creative building if it has to touch water I I think that’s too much of a hassle but I think it makes a really great modern wallpaper as well as like flooring and stuff like that so with my flooring I have used a strip dark oak for my flooring in here to have a really beautiful modern floor color I’ve also used the prismarine slabs to make a little stick like a little cover for my fireplace and I use the dead Carl to make a rug next up though we’re gonna start looking into the center area and we’re gonna start talking about some of the water features of the game and also a couple of fun sherry type things first up is a little sitting camp which I have you see strip dark oak block for my finisher table I think it’s a really nice look also some out of frames and some simple chairs with trap doors next up though is my first wall so think now I’ve got a little wolf here just to show the good thing about the 1.13 as well as staircases and slabs being able to be in water you can also put fence posts they will completely blend off the water which is really really great so now you can easily make morphs or anything like that before I used to have to be a struggle because you’ll have these air blocks but now you don’t have that issue now I have built a water elevator here which I have done up and down so for up you have the sole sans and then go down you put the magma dragging it down very simple and really quick and easy and it’s quite fast as well might seems to be a little bit funny at the moment but it should hopefully be fixed once the update comes out I have also made a hot tub out here just like the path I’ve got a hole down the bottom but you really really Bubble know if you don’t want to actually sit in there just feel free to put some slabs so you’re not bubbling around as much and you’re more so just crouching around in your little hot tub this is a really great way though to have a different area to your pool you could have the hot tub coming off the pools like connected to it and that way you can tell this is the hot tub and this is the pool I have also used the drag help block here for my pool very simple and again it looks like a tile so I think it’s also grateful Oh what have I done that but it also is really great for a pool towel some pools do use tiles on the inside as well so I think it’s really versatile this cup block and you can use it in lots of ways next up I have built a pool which actually kind of replicates the pool that I grew up in at my mum’s house now the cool thing about the water mechanics is now you can have little sitting areas in your pool and little slopes so a my pool at my mum’s it sloped down into three different areas and they’ll seats around the side a little rock water port fall like this so it’s kind of cool now you can help like walk slowly into your pool or you can go sit in certain areas and you can have the effect of it sloping down a lot more easier than you used to next up is a pathway using a bunch of the dead coral blocks I think it’s really cool to have this nice texture you could also mix in some cobblestone I tried to keep it basically mostly coral because they’re kind of like her I don’t know if you agree but kind of like a yellowy hue to the grey so it’s very hard to mix it with some of the other stone type of blocks in Minecraft so I tried to keep it mostly coral with a few others in there I’ve also built here a drain now this might seem a little bit odd but I really like using drains for cities and to make little mysterious areas before you used to have the gap there but now you can like I said play seawater so you can make some really realistic drains which you could place on the bridges at the bases of towns and the mountains create some cool little secret ways to get up in seal city [Music] now this here is a natural pool which I’ve also got on the inside some slabs for like at the base of it rocks and staircases as well I’ve also got some little fishies which of course fish are coming to update 1.13 in Minecraft I’ve also decorated the bottom with a mixture of kelp and sea crown off the only thing you want to know about kelp and sea grass is it does need to box deep of water to actually be placed so you will need to make you yo like pawns or anything like that at least two blocks next up is a very simple staircase which I just used a bunch of these slab and stick Hays prismarine books as well and then decorated the sides with these strips Bruce book I think it’s really really pretty and nice and finally my final little bit I thought it’d be good to finish on a bit of water I have made a waterslide now I’ve made water slides once or twice before but before we had to use purely full-size blocks you couldn’t use slabs or staircases now I’ve got my water coming out of a staircase and you slide down oh there you go very simple and very cool to do but there you go you guys there is 70 different ways to build in 1.13 update aquatic and minecraft i hope you guys really enjoyed the video please like and subscribe if you did comment down below let’s see one thing you are most looking forward to with the new 1.13 update in minecraft i think mine is probably the aquarium’s in the fish tanks cuz i’m a big pet person in minecraft but i’m also looking forward to a lot of the interior designing and a lot of the water mechanics like always guys thank you so much for watching my video today thank you [Music]

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