Minecraft Aquatic Adventures – Episode 6

Get the brand-new sir meows -alot backpack now available at Denis daily.com Hello everyone, welcome to another minecraft aquatic adventure episode 6 6 Episode 6 of minecraft aquatic adventures and what are we doing on today’s episode? Well guys for those of you who remember from episode Why is there a creeper at the door are you kidding me? No No You guys might notice that things are a little bit different around here We’re not in the exact same a tiny little shack that we were in last episode. Well guys, I Need to tell you. Hey, there’s a few things. I gotta tell you before we get into this in today’s episode First thing is if you haven’t already Brand new sir meows alot Backpack now available Denisdaily.com it’s just so weird looking over at my camera footage and seeing that back there there There. Oh Man, I’m so proud of it. Anyways, though there is that and now You know how I said that I was gonna go exploring trying to find the best spot for the house most of you guys said in the comments on the last video that You would prefer I do the exploring off camera And so that is exactly what I did didn’t want to waste a bunch of time and good thing I did it off camera because it took me a really Really really long time to find this what I decided to do is I had a feeling that I might have ended up really far away from our actual spawn and It turns out that Really did really did end up very far away So I hope you guys can forgive me for this, but I set a spawn point Essentially I’ll give you the big grand reveal in a second, but I did turn cheats on just in case just in case I always do it because you never know what might happen and A perfect example is right now is I have the ability to go spawn point And what that does is now when we die we spawn right here because how much would it suck if we died and we spawned literally hundreds maybe even Thousands of blocks away I was traveling for a while But without further ado, let me go on ahead and give you the big reveal Actually, no We’ve got to do one more thing we’ve got to get ourselves a Subscriber sign up that is right ladies and gentlemen I went ahead and took down the names and was sure to move them over to our next temporary home. And today subscriber is Blu Dolphin spelled exactly like that. Thank you so much blu dolphin for subscribing Appreciate it those you guys would like your name up on the wall and eventually turned into a fish in our aquarium soon to be aquarium All you got to do is leave your name down below and hit that subscribe button and you got a chance of being chosen next Episode. Okay. Now without further ado we can go out and I can give you the grand reveal ladies and gentlemen, you will see the spot that I have chosen for our house and three two one Oh, Creepers everywhere. I forgot about that. Okay, hold on it just here. Let me have my moment here guys I found a massive massive coral reef, it’s huge. It’s absolutely gigantic. Okay, the creepers aren’t after us anymore. So Beautiful coral reef with just endless ocean and it’s also beside this really really nice Island I can show you guys more over there in a bit I didn’t actually explore too much because I wanted to leave it to the video and A lot of today’s video is just gonna be going and getting a bunch of resources so we can start on the house but Yeah, I don’t know as I was swimming along not only did I see the coral reef I wanted to see if there’s a nice little spot on the lands to pick and there’s this beautiful beautiful just a little chunk of land that sticks out and It gives this really nice feeling of like man. Why are there creepers everywhere? Well, it’s beside this cute it’s beside this cute little hill and I don’t know. It just it just seems too good to be true. I don’t know doesn’t it? Like look it’s like as soon as you see this you’re like well, yeah, uh, I’m gonna build a house on that And I don’t know. I mean there was like there was a little like a bump right here But I just like flattened it out, but I mean like it really was nothing Oh, no, you don’t Know no, no not this perfectly. Perfect flat ground. Okay, man They are so hard to kill. There we go right now use that No, no, no, don’t do it. Oh The last one Hey good cool, so Let’s let’s quickly have a quick thought of how we want this house to go There’s some cute little tropical fishes right there Wow okay, well beautiful beautiful coral reef like I don’t even really want to touch it because of just how good it looks and it meant You guys should see it at nighttime. I actually I discovered the spot during night and man. Does it look good? So when you guys told me that actually if I kill a turtle If I put a turtle shell on then it gives me water breathing or something like that or maybe like slightly extended water breathing So anyways, though. Let’s see. Let’s think of uh, What’s what would be a good kind of type of house to put here? Would we want to be something modern something more kind of beach house style? I want to go with a more nice sort a tiki hut beach style something nice and laid-back ooh, but then underwater is there will also be very beautiful little sections where we Can maybe build out into the coral reef? Maybe have a little? Underwater section to the house with massive massive windows Oh, yeah But anyways our temporary home in the meantime probably for the next little bit while we build up our house is going to be this little little looky-loo little noodle in the wall, you know, and then we’ve got The world we’re already running out of space with the subscriber signs and then we got some basic things here and I was sure to bring too. So here’s the thing. Actually another one you guys that left the comment saying that the buried treasure maps The treasure ends up being fairly close to where the map spawns and we are very far away from where I got this So it’s pretty useless at this Point um, I will still maybe keep it in like the bottom corner or something like this But I don’t think I’m ever really gonna use it because I feel like we’re thousands of blocks away from it. So Instead though. I had some meat cooking. Very good. Very good. Then it was all empty. All right, cool Well beach style house. Let’s actually go ahead and make a axe and Then okay exactly two sticks. Thank you. Cool. So This is a good opportunity to go ahead and explore a bit of this area where we have landed. I Didn’t actually noticed this little cave and I’m not gonna worry about that creeper right now I didn’t realize how blue this water is right here. Look at this Do you guys not see how like tropical it’s like a tropical blue? Look at this place this land It’s so majestic and an epic. I like it. It’s very very grand that’s why I don’t really want to do anything to the land in this area because it just feels very much like It needs to be like this. It needs to be this really cool sort of. Oh, it’s becoming nighttime and I heard a skeleton Mean man, like look at that. That’s cool. It’s a little archway a little bit of lava Man, and then there’s also at that over there that looks cool and there’s some more coral reef over there so what we could do is actually go to that coral reef mine up a bunch of stuff in there and then Somehow use it in our house. That’s probably where we’re gonna be going and getting our trees and whatnot But it all just looks so good Hmm. Well anyways, though you got to get resources somehow and I suppose it only makes sense to be Using the same materials that you get from the land so we it makes us look like we’re right at home and by that I mean is I’ll just You know mind the trees in the general area and that’s probably the main resource We’ll use as opposed to making it difficult for ourselves and having a goal run off somewhere and get some crazy resource That isn’t even really in this area actually might make sense to cross the water then get resources there. That’s a pretty good idea I’m gonna do that. I’m along going and why I don’t know why I’m taking the long way right now. This is like Really just a waste of time Hold on. We’re almost there. There we go. Okay go up So good go nighttime. Just like that Oh, yeah, for some reason when I sleep in this bed it does this really weird pushy thing. I don’t get it anyways, though We have our boats still Betty. Good Betty good very good and We’re off Yeah Okay, so yeah, we’re gonna come over here We had a whole lot of wood lots of it guys Just a an absurd amount. So we don’t even really have to worry about it. And that way we can get started right away I’ll probably look up some reference pictures because I’m not the best at building like Give me something to slightly work with and then I think I can sort of, you know, make something happen. But otherwise Am I trying to do here one or did the vote go? There we go. Alright, so We’re gonna get as much wood as we can here. I’m thinking probably like oh So many cows. Okay. You know what? I will I will need the food. I mean if I’m being honest and that actually Chicken I will take their eggs as well because then those eggs. Oh, oh, there’s so many XK. You know what? I’m actually gonna let these chickens live for a little bit And then while I get resources in this area, then the chickens will be dropping eggs And then we can start a chicken farm and we all know how valuable a chicken farm can be It’s just endless food really and so we’re gonna need to get on that eventually Alright, so hey, I’ll get to know this woods. Yeah, and uh, man, you can see where our homes gonna be in the distance Look at it If you’re looking from here It’s gonna be I call this or notion cool epic land and then a nice little home right on the beach. It’s perfect It’s away from all the drama of Minecraft all of the death and destruction Have you think about it? What a messed up stuff happens in Minecraft. Like if I’m being honest here There’s some giant dragon some three-headed boss from Satan’s domain That is trying to conquer the planet and it’s so scary I’m just saying like, you know, there’s also this new phantom mob as well. They’re making Minecraft a lot Spookier than what it once was I’m not complaining. I’m just saying, you know Don’t be don’t be fooled by the pixels. They might just have a pretty horrific time In the best way possible. I mean, I haven’t actually been to this area yet So I don’t really know what’s like in the you know, what the whole business is, you know What all the bees are buzzing about? Is that a term do people say that? Yeah, what are the bees buzzing about lately? If not, I’m glad that I just invented it because I’m gonna start using it. I think that’s hilarious What are the bees buzzing about these days you go you go to go to a city you go see an old friend? Haven’t seen them in a while like oh, hey Kevin. What what are the what are the bees buzzin about today? You know, I Don’t know. Yeah, I think you know weeks weeks next time guys. How about this whenever? you know whenever you come home from school or maybe a you were out you were playing soccer or something then you come home and then You’re you’re you’re you haven’t seen your parents for a little bit. Then you go like a mom Like let me look let me in on on the business What are the what are the bees buzzin about what are the bees buzzin about parents? I’m gonna stop talking about this now It’s been it’s been a little while It’s just I mean what else could I say? I’m just getting trees right now I mean, I guess I could just keep my mouth. Shut I Don’t know I always just got to be talking about something I mean Okay, you know, let’s be a little more productive with our conversation in that case We should I should start talking outline thinking out loud about what exactly I want to do with this house, so Thing is is on my list of achievements Is one of the biggest things is make a water Elevator and I think that’s a great idea because then we can have some sort of underwater section that like, you know It’s very pretty and beautiful because all the water all the walls are like made of glass and you’re underwater. It looks sweet so there’s that and then So you’d have this elevator that takes you down real low but because I also want to give it this very nice kind of tiki feel I I’m gonna have to start exploring with the colors that the that the Coral reefs give you because I believe they actually give you a new block you can use them in some way or maybe you can Use them as a decoration for underwater I think because I think if it’s above water then it actually dies like it needs water to have any color which is pretty interesting So if we’re gonna want to make an aquarium, we’re also gonna want to you know, make something nice and nice and pretty So that you know, it’s not just the fishies we’re looking at it’s the whole Decoration. Oh I’m so excited to make the aquarium that’s gonna be a lot of fun put some seaweed in there Put in some like I don’t know. I’d probably put in like a little Easter Island head Oh, that’s gonna be so fun to make man. I’m really excited for that. All right. Well chickens I’m sorry, but your time is up. You had your chance to make eggs, and you did you made two eggs for me Thank you. Mister chickens. Let’s see. What do we got now? We got a decent amount of wood. Nothing too crazy Why don’t we go on ahead and get just oh Just a teeny tiny bit Maybe we can come over here. I’m here we go. There’s a bunch of extra trees. Hello there piggies. Don’t mind me I’m just ruining your home and just like that. There we go. Okay, I’m sorry. I must do it I must destroy your natural habitat. Just what I was meant for so I was put on this earth. I didn’t ask for it. Okay? It’s just it just kind of happened Anyways, though Here we are. And if you don’t mind just your friend. Well not anymore Alright, go ahead and get that and then this trees can go bye-bye. We’re just going around killing everything. Whoo. Oh boy Yes, now I will take this and I think I’m feeling pretty good to go back Maybe maybe this tree, you know, it’s pretty low. It’s just an easy grab might as well NAB it right up I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about a house that’s fully made out of this type of wood, though I don’t know. Maybe I should quickly look up like a nice Minecraft beach house know what that would look like. Oh man Wow Some of these look good. Oh, they have such good ideas. There’s like a pool I don’t want to reveal anything too soon to you guys. You know, I want to kind of leave it to your imagination Oh man Wow Some of this stuff looks great A lot of this stuff makes you want to get a texture pack. Oh, it’s Metro logs it didn’t pick up on those ones there and we should actually get the What is it it’s called Gotta get this coal right here – we’re running a little bit low So I’m gonna go ahead and nab some of this up right here She’s my that and I actually got another question for you guys in the comments And so I’d love to hear your answers because I like doing these little common poles It really helps out with the direction of where the the series goes So, do you guys want to see most of the house building on? Camera because I know that a lot of you guys do actually enjoy watching building or would you guys prefer that I leave it out do it off camera and then that way there’s more time for the adventure aspect in the episodes So let me know or maybe you want a healthy mixture of both where maybe I go get Resources off camera, but that I’m doing the actual building on camera Really up to you guys. So do let me know in the comments below in the next episode. I will I’ll take the most popular answer and we’ll go from there. But anyways, though. We are already background here going to going over there takes little to no time and it still looks kind of nice even with just a couple of plants on it and We also have a beautiful view of the sunset man I just realized because it’s gonna be like ocean on both sides of us if our house is right here We got a great view of both the sunset and sunrise that is amazing well, let’s go back into our little cubby here and then we’ll go ahead and Get ourselves together what exactly are we doing now? So we got all these logs? Oh, yeah. Mm-hmm You can actually start doing some cooking. Let’s see here Put you in there and lay and put you in there and I suppose I could put you later to save time just go ahead and Put it in This cook I don’t know, absolutely no idea Doesn’t seem like that much fun being honest it seems like it cooks like one looks like I could put that in there too I suppose Cuz I didn’t be like one and a half. I mean I should put a sapling in there. Oh, no, I blew it I blew it, okay That’s fine. Here. We got this and Let’s put some other things away like you and you and you you you next episode. We’ll start planning things out Maybe I’ll get a better idea of what? Exact type of house I want to make and then do let me know in the comments below if you would like me to Like I said, either build on screen or maybe gather resources off-screen I feel like that’s a pretty decent balance. But again totally up to you guys But anyways, though guys, I’m gonna go ahead and leave it there. Thank you guys so much Episode 6 of Minecraft aquatic adventures. Hope you guys enjoyed if you did Please remember to leave it a like maybe even subscribe if you haven’t already Don’t forget to check out the all-new Sir meows lot backpack now available at denis daily.com link in the description below Super super excited about it. I hope you guys are as well. Yeah, I’m so happy with how it turned out So sorry, I’ll stop I’ll stop talking about it. Ok, so guys again. Thank you so much, and I will see you in the next one You

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