Minecraft- Cobble / Stone Generator Tutorial! UPDATE AQUATIC 1.13

Hey guys I’m back for another video and welcome to another minecraft tutorial And today I’m gonna be updating my design on the famous cobblestone generator Well yesterday 1.13 finally released and With it came a big problem for those of you that have made my design There’s over a million of you that have watched it There’s a good chance as a lot of you out there when your server updates the 1.13. There’s gonna be a big problem Regarding this so this is my classic cobblestone generator design as you can see We have a problem. So the Pistons push down the cobblestone that was initially there and then Cobblestone formed right underneath the lava and that is how it will stay No longer does the lava get a chance to spread here and then make cobblestone in that spot so in response to that I Invented a new design that uses these new mechanics to make an even better cobblestone generator So technically it’s a stone generator and it only has water here lava here No Pistons, no redstone only hoppers I put the hoppers there because there’s a very good chance that when you break the stone the items gonna fly up into The lava and you’ll lose it this way You have a 100 percent chance to collect it as you can see it generates cobblestone Sometimes not always stone, but I think that’s more so because I’m trying to break in creative So if you bring it fast like this So I’ve calculated that this design, of course, you’re gonna want to have something like a trapdoor Over here to stop water flow because you know, it’s annoying like this There we go This design generates about two stacks a minute, so 124 ish luckily this design is super easy to build. So all you got to do let’s take a chest Put it down on the ground hold down your Crouch button and place a hopper on the edge of the chest another one on top and then for more going like this 1 2 3 4 and Then you place some blocks like this And then you place some more blocks like this And Then you put the water down first put some blocks on top of the water and Then if you’re in sky block, you’re gonna want to use one lava bucket so for demonstration purposes, I will do that and then of course you want to put your trapdoor right here to prevent the water from flowing out onto your face and Then some more blocks over here and then you’re done. Literally, that’s it And that there’s your stone cobblestone generator. Look at this boom 2 stacks a minute just like that. No redstone Whatsoever. Well anyway that is it for this quick tutorial guys Leave a like down below if you enjoyed and rip the classic cobblestone generator design that got me 1 million views on my channel Hopefully this one can be a good replacement. Well, anyway, that’s it. So I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you guys later

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  • Love ❤️ it so much man keep it up,please do more videos like this I liked subscribed and turned on notifications bye

  • Before notification squad! Anyone else? 😂😂

    (I got the notification after I finish this video lmao. True dedication 👌)

  • i didnt get the notification but i checked your channel and saw this 😀

  • This video gives me that OLD minecraft vibe and I love it!

  • 👍

  • Notif squad!

  • How much y'all wanna bet people are already looking up 1.13 cobblegen? I wanna bettttt, 2 million people are gonna watch this in total!♥️

  • I’m 45 minutes late rip… I’m about to be done with band camp… I just have to perform (I will watch the video after my performance)

  • Yo U Need to make more tutorials boii

  • Amazing cobble generator, very cheap.

  • thanks mate ive love you cobblestone generators i actually memorized the first get with repeter sadly it wont work

  • You are a f*cking genius brandon

  • instant classic

  • 🔴🔵

  • For some reason my lava keeps flowing into the water eventually and breaking it.

  • I like it how he barely gets dislikes 😂

  • Can u do a tutorial how to make a skytrap in 1.13

  • it would work for a little bit but then the lava turns the source water blocks into cobble

  • Here is some advice if your generator is breaking!
    If you are playing 1.13, place glass panes in place of the water, then waterlog them. This makes it so the lava cant break your water.
    If you are playing on a version before 1.13, use this generator instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veEoiCxTjDM

  • Unfortunately it seems to be broken in 1.51, the lava eventually falls onto the hopper and does not transform into stone or cobble but just blocks the water.

  • On Windows 10 edition 1.5.1 it works for a little but then the lava falls into where the stone should be generated and gets stuck and you have to pick up the lava and place it again.

  • The cobblestone seems to burn from the lava and not go in the hoppers. Is there a solution to fix this?

  • ehi thank u so much!!! (from Italia)

  • Im playing on 1.7.10 and the old cobble gen worked great, but for some reason I think the water physics changed on all the version because now it's not working on 1.7.10

  • This thing just burns the cobble!!!!!!

  • Most of my cobblestone gets burned ;-;

  • Thank you so much i tried the other cobblestone gen and it wont work but i saw your comment and i now i know this one thank you sooooooooooo much!!!

  • i didn't care for this one so much so I modified it to work like your old one abit instead.

    Using this ones lava/water placement
    A back observer (like in the old one but one block to the over and down away from where the stone is produced) set up to set off 5 downward facing sticky piston on the top which pushes the frame and produced stone that was moved into place by the next set of pistons down to the mining area and bringing the frame back up after.

    then wired to a delay 3 repeater placed to let you pass the last piston on the top without setting it off again wrapping around to the other side then to 5 sticky pistons to pull the new stone out and into place for when you set off the observer again.

    net result a device that functions more or less just like the old one but works with 1.13. I haven't stress tested it yet but using e. 5 diamond pick on it for a couple of mins didn't make it hiccup. you do however need to make sure blocks are in place to be pushed the first time or it won't work right.

    side notes
    – put a line of blocks over the pulling pistons or some cobble may escape through the top when it pulls.
    -you can build around the place where the new stone is generated to prevent any leakage (I did this. I'm not sure if this prevents the source issues from other peoples comments or if its the pistons because i didn't test without it but my source blocks never got cobbled.)
    -make sure you light up the mining area somehow or the flashing from the lava getting exposed/covered when the top piston extends is real bad.

  • But the random ore in the server only work for cobblestone Generator not stone ddamn

  • Nice, i think this one is even better imagine mining with silk touch you dont have to melt the cobble u get then

  • are there even any servers that allow for you to use redstone/lava/water?

  • Just got back on this game and trying to copy this design is a bit difficult with you trying to build so fast

  • Pls slow down, I have to pause every 2 seconds

  • Just made the old one then saw your comment

  • For those interested: After conducting some testing it seems that the game generates cobble instead of stone consistently in 6.293706294% of cases, no matter what you do. I've built a generator that works with pistons and creates an 11×13 flat surface of stone and the cobble generated in that surface forms an even diagonal pattern throughout the stone.

    Out of 143 generated blocks, 9 are always cobble and there seems to be no way to prevent that. I'm not entirely sure if that's a bug or a feature, because in my understanding, lava flowing vertically into water is to always generate stone while only a horizontal flow will generate cobble but this does not seem to be 100% true.

    I've tried to force a vertical flow by placing two waterlogged blocks with a block of space in between and letting lava flow in from right above that center block but to no avail, every 15.6666…th block is a cobble block. This seems to be due to the timing in which the game advances the flow of lava and water, respectively. When that happens, the flowing lava will reach the generation space before the water from the water source will do and so cobble is generated. In all other cases, the water will reach the space first resulting in stone.

  • The cobblestones burns in the lava. How to fix it

  • this still keeps breaking on me

  • Now I just need a mending pick axe

  • thanks for this design I tweak it a little to make a cobblestone and stone gen with the use of a button or lever you can switch from cobblestone to stone and back again really good for skyblocks. ill make it video soon

  • Works perfectly thanks 😀

  • this worked but most of the cobble got eaten by the lava when i did it

  • This is not a good design. Due to the fact that items now float in water, most drops will be destroyed by the lava above before the hoppers pick them up. It might work in single player, but it's very inefficient on a server. On some servers it may result in nearly 100% loss.

  • If you really want to get the most out of this machine you have to place the generator diagonally. With an efficiency 5 diamond pickaxe with Haste II. you'll be able to mine 7 blocks at a time instead of 5.

  • nice, the stone gen works Thx 😀

  • On my Xbox my name is ThirtyViris and your name is ThirtyVirus

  • Who also came from denis

  • I TESTED THIS GENERATOR it makes 65 cobblestone /min with diamond pickaxe with efficiancy 5. seems like half 50% of the cobblestone is getting burnt :C i much more prefer your firts design and its not hard to update it to work in 1.13

  • its so fast my eff 5 diamond pick cant keep up with it also btw sometimes like lava gets where i mine

  • Doesn't create ore in skyblock

  • Thanks bro, I'm always too lazy to mine for Cobblestone ♥️👍

  • mumbo jumbo wants to collab

  • gonna have to go with a different design here.

  • Works perfectly on latest 1.13.2 in SkyBlockEarth, with the haste beacon I am mining considerably faster then even you in the video!! Excellent!
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️ SkyEarth.mc.gg – New Server JAN 2019
    Free crate keys every2 hours! NOT pay2win!

  • Nope, neither of your ways are plausible and neither work in either 1.12 or 1.13. And no, it''s not 'user error', you just suck at designing things.

  • Oye genio usa tu generador antes de publicarlo

  • You really didn't have to come up with a new design for your other generator, you could've just changed the way the water was placed and it would've worked perfectly. I really like how they both turned out though and have recently used your other one in skyblock, and I will say, it's the best generator I've used.

  • Thanks so much for this!  A stone generator is just what I needed and it is working perfectly!

  • It's so laggy on Manacube that sometimes water is slower than lava. lol

  • You can technically use the old one in 1.13; just put stairs facing towards the cobblestone to slow down waterflow. It works perfectly for me.

  • Uhh so does this work in 1.8?

  • it's exactly what happened to me! thank you for the awsome tutorial!

  • Doesn’t work.. but that’s because I am playing Minecraft PE and the reason it doesn’t work is because when I break the stone block, the lava just falls down instead of the water falling down to turn to stone.

  • Thank you

  • Guys! Don't do this!in bedrock it don't work and the older one still work

  • This child needs to slow down

  • 100 % of Stuff goes in the lava

  • bro ur not cool cuz u build fast godamn the amount of times i had to pause the damn video. just stop showing off and build it

  • I made this on a server with my friend and it won’t work due to the fact items float in water

  • You dont even have a million subscribers (no offense)
    but your previous video on this has a million views
    thats a great achievement
    Keep Up The Good Work

  • Yo the lava keeps breaking the new generator you made an I have to keep placing the lava an water to fix it can you find a new way

  • Guys, I tried this in the last version of minecraft and it does work in single playerl, the problem is that in some servers it might not work because of lag, the cobble ends up floating and burning before it gets to the hopper, so it's not that this generator doesn't work, it's just lag that prevents it to work properly.

  • chill out dude, it's not a speedrun

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