Minecraft Update Aquatic Phase 2, Subnautica On PS4, And Pokémon Go Fest! | The Scoop

Alright it’s time for, Oh no!! Guys! Ah this way. Sorry, Sorry about that. I don’t know how i got there. Alright! Another
week, Another scoop! Let’s dip a toe into the pool of gaming news
and see if the water’s fine. First up, phase two of Minecraft’s Update
Aquatic seeped onto selected platforms recently, bringing with it a myriad of marine features.
Egg-laying sea turtles, dolphin feeding and bubble columns are some of the new things
to dive into. There’s also a sinister new trident-wielding mob lurking in the deep known
as The Drowned. Hopefully the update flows on to remaining
platforms sooner rather than later, because of course, aquatic updates are wetter together. Speaking of the sea, Subnautica will be coming
to Playstation 4! Partnering with Panic Button Games, the immersive underwater survival game will
be brought to the PS4 in the 2018 holiday season, so likely later this year. Developer Unknown
Worlds also revealed that Panic Button will assist with bringing the Xbox One version closer
to official launch. This news is sure to make a splash with console-using Subnautica fans. In other news, Pokemon Go Fest took place
in Chicago last weekend. Over 20,000 attendees were able to look for Pokemon in dynamic habitats,
unlock rewards and complete special research tasks. Including the opportunity to catch the Mythical
Pokemon Celebi. Things ran a lot more smoothly than at last year’s event, when widespread connection
and logistics fails led to a costly lawsuit for Niantic. And finally, Global Game Jam has announced
the launch of GGJ Next – game jams for younger creatives. These jams are being held all over the world
this month, including one in Canberra earlier this week. The idea is to bring the frantic fun and creative
challenge of making a game in two days to kids aged 10-17. And build confidence and community around
game-making. Can’t wait to have a squiz at some of the things those young devs have made! And now, the Extra Scoop! This week, life imitates games once again,
with Antoine Greizmann busting a Fortnite emote on the field during the World Cup final. The French
player scored a penalty goal and celebrated with the Take the L move. He’s copped some criticism
for it being a tad unsportsmanlike, though I suppose he was just savouring the W. And if
you have something you’d like to share with us as an Extra Scoop, let us know here Now I better make sure I don’t get trapped
again. I got this Oh no!

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