Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic Conditionals

Wow! Another three puzzles solved! And we’ve caught…a salmon. Not quite as exciting as piles of gold, but
we’ll take what we can get. And I have a feeling that nautilus shell will
come in handy later. I wonder what lurks in these ruins. Perhaps another hint! Let’s take a look inside. My name is Netty and welcome to my ruins. We make decisions all the time based on conditions. If it looks like rain,
then we’ll grab an umbrella. If we’re hungry, then we’ll eat a snack. If we see a creeper, then we run
in the opposite direction. Computers make these types of decisions too. They can actually respond to
conditions using code. To program a response like this using your
code commands, select an if path block. Select the dropdown to create the command. For example, if you write the command “if
path to the right” and place turn right inside the conditional, then when Steve
reaches an open path to the right he will always turn right. If there is no opening to the right,
he will not turn right. These conditional if commands are helpful
when you run code in unpredictable situations such as mysterious ruins in underwater caves. Try using the if blocks and take your code
for a spin. Wow! Netty’s ruins were awesome. I really gotta move out of my parents’ house. So what do you think? Are the conditions right for us to complete
the final puzzles? Let’s give it a go. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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