Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic Repeat Until

Great! We’ve caught a codfish! Did you know if you feed a codfish to a dolphin,
the dolphin will guide you to a shipwreck where there may be treasure? We must be getting closer. The next set of puzzles are bound to be trickier,
so we better learn some more coding skills. What’s this? A cave? Welcome, adventurers! My name is Squid. I noticed you were using the same set of commands
over and over in some of the last puzzles. Must’ve been a bit tiresome. Do you ever wish you had a way to do something
over and over again like, you know, washing dishes or brushing your teeth
without getting tired or bored? That would be nice. Computers are really good at doing the same
thing over and over again using coding loops. When you want your program to do the same
instructions many times, you can use a loop! The loop contains instructions with the command
to repeat until goal. Once your program starts a repeat until goal
loop, it will keep reading the instructions inside until it gets to the goal. Try this for yourself! Place the commands you want to repeat inside
the repeat until goal block, click run, and watch it go! Well, that was a little weird. Who knew squids could code? I didn’t even think they had fingers. So now we know about loops. Let’s use them to bag us some more treasure. Subtitles by the Amara.org community Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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