Mission Beach Aquatic Facility | Building Our Regions

Mission Beach is a beautiful area just
south of Innisfail, about an hour and a half south of Cairns. The purpose of this
facility was identified some 20 years ago where the community felt
that they didn’t have any safe swimming facilities. We live in the Tropics in
North Queensland and the biggest issue that we have here is safe swimming for
our kids, with stingers and Crocs as issues. It was identified by the
community that they needed to fund raise. Today you see an outstanding facility. As
I look around to my left there’s the billabong pool with the barbecues, which
is designed for mums and dads and kids to not only just relax and enjoy the
facilities but to have a barbecue, have birthday parties etc. And then on the
other side is the six lane by 25 meter lap pool. Again this caters for the
lifesavers, the swimming club and just for people wanted to keep fit generally.
Further down to my right is the hydrotherapy pool for the assistance of
people with injury recovery. First and foremost it’s a community hub.
Talking to the community and the operators of this facility people are
starting to gravitate here to enjoy each other’s company and to get fit. It’s just
a great facility for the Mission Beach kids for starters, because they’ve never
been able to do a swim carnival. At the moment they’re fairing their bus to
here most days, so we’ll actually see them train here for their own swimming
school carnival this year. We’ve had a few birthday parties here which has been
great. It enables families to grab a group the kids, have a barbecue, cut a cake and
it’s a great facility for that. If it hadn’t been for the Building our
Region’s program this facility would not be here. The council didn’t have the
money to be able to do it. Because of that funding from the State Government
this project got the go-ahead. There’s huge bonuses for us and I think also to
people from outside the region are coming here as well. The community is
just ecstatic and as you can see by the numbers here it will be a boon for our
community. We’re just grateful to see it finished and the community embrace of
what they have.

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