Mister Maker | Train Pencil Pot

Woah, not to make your steam train pencil holder, like this one here, get your two toothpaste boxes and put them together like this. Then get your crisp tube and place it very carefully on top. Stay… that’s it. Now let’s get the other box and put it towards the back. And put the piece of cardboard on top of that. There, now making sure that the open end of the tube is at this end, we can glue it all together. Now it’s all dry but our train needs wheels. These lids look good. Nice. Let’s stick 3 along the bottom like this. Hmm, something is missing. Ooh wrong drawer. Wrong drawer again! Ah, that’s what we need, a flat lid to make a whistle and a tall lid to make a chimney. That’s better. Now, let’s stick our tall lid to the front of the train. And our flat lid to the back of the train. Now you can paint your train any colour you want. You can use green for the tank. This is fantastic, take a look, I have done red for the roof, the whistle and the chimney. I have pained the bottom part of the train black. Now we can add a few finishing touches with a black felt-tip pen. Look, you can add a window, some nuts and bolts. And even some spokes to the wheels. What’s more, it’s great for keeping your pens and pencils in. Look! Right, all aboard!

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