Mojang Presents… An Update Aquatic

Ahh the Ocean! What a grand venue… a vast space of nothing. Peace and quiet, a place for solitude and reflection. Oh well, at least it used to be… Yes we get it! You are adorable and you can dive!
Big whoop! Come on hurry it up, you dawdlers!
I haven’t got all day. That’s more like it. Majestic! How terribly sad.
It appears this ship capsized. Oh good, a survivor! Here’s why all those stupid ships sank! Bubbles, that’s –
Aghhh! A creature that resides in the sky. Not very aquatic if you ask me. New ruins to explore –
that does actually sound somewhat entertaining. Hahaha!
What a kook! Oh, I suppose a lively ocean is a lovely ocean after all! Umm… best of luck to you, little guy!

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