Money Matters – Sea World cutbacks

checking on money matters SeaWorld’s laying off workers is an aim for more efficiency and the marijuana industry it’s growing jobs here in Florida Jane King joins us live from the Nasdaq with those stories and more in this morning’s money matters report hey good morning to you Jane good morning so cannabis jobs are growing in Florida yes cannabis information company Leafly shows in fact explosive growth last year so it does expect that to continue this year as well now lately said the industry increased jobs by 44 percent last year and Florida created the most new jobs about 9,000 now the legal cannabis industry employed a total of 1,300 people in Florida at the beginning of 2018 so that was growth of about 700 percent last year and SeaWorld is cutting some jobs yes the Orlando Sentinel says the theme park aiming to improve efficiency now a spokesperson declined to say how many jobs total were being cut or even which locations are impacted now in addition to SeaWorld Orlando the company does have 11 parks around the country so Jane the Trump administration is looking to lead the world in 5g technology from what we’re hearing with a focus specifically on rural America how so that’s right so the u.s. plans to establish a 20 billion dollar rural Digital Opportunity Fund that will build out high speed broadband networks in underserved parts of the country this will be happening over the next decade they say it will connect up to 4 million homes and small businesses now the hope is that this fund which will launch later this year will help close the digital divide between rural and urban areas and American Airlines is canceling some 115 more flights because of the problem with 737 max that’s right they have pulled the max plane from its summer schedule entirely so it says this decision will give passengers more certainty in making vacation plans so they were cancelling flights here and there so of course I’m sure passengers appreciate that American says it will not fly that plane until at least August 19th alright we’ll continue to follow it I’m sure it’s been a real ripple effect Jane King yeah that’s life in that sense Jane

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