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making a table planter for growing money plant this is a painted fiber cement board backside wooden foot is attached with board to make a table planter we need some materials first one is cement board or wooden board this is the base of the planter you can use old wooden board next cement paste cement paste to make cement paste just add water to cement and make sure you don’t add too much water and we need some kind of stones gravel stone chips pebble stones white aquarium stones and some rock pieces collected from wild area and clay pot garden miniatures coco peat now paste the rock pieces in the board using cement paste this is the pot placing area so i’m pasting the stones as round shape mark the planting area after marked paste the stones decorating and planting put the white stones in the pot add coco peat and place the rooted money plant leaves in the coco peat cocopeat holds enough water to the plant so we don’t need to add any other potting medium add the stones on the top of cocopeat because stones protect the coco peat and keeps moisture and also gives beautiful look add some decorative items watering to this planter pour the water once in 3 days don’t pour too much water and you can use spray water keep the plant in shade area or indoor

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