Monsters of the Deep | The Aquatic World with Philippe Cousteau, S2 EP 2

(beeping) – Check the sonar. Do we have a lock on it? – 50 feet, captain. – I’m reading her to be
at least 28 feet long. – 28 feet? Great Scott! Legends have told of a giant sea serpent. – There! – The inspiration for legends
of sea serpents and monsters, the giant oarfish is a peculiar animal. It’s the world’s longest bony fish, and has been known to reach lengths of up to 56 feet. Of those we have been able to study, they typically weigh in
at around 600 pounds. Oarfish can be found in
every ocean on the planet, except the Arctic. They’re what’s known as
an oceanodromous species. – What? – It means the fish is migratory, and travels across the world’s oceans. – Exactly. Oarfish migrate to find their food, mainly plankton and krill. While the fish may be large, it has no real teeth,
but rather gill rakers that filter out its food
from the ocean water. The giant oarfish is
typically a deep ocean fish. Its natural habitat is
around 3,000 feet deep, but it has often been seen shallower, sometimes as shallow as 60 feet. You know, it’s strange. Rather than swim in schools, the giant oarfish chooses a solitary life, circumnavigating the planet in an endless search for food. I like to think it’s on a grand adventure, kind of like all of us, as we— – Captain. – Can’t you see I’m having a moment? (laughter)

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