More Fast&Easy Ways to Transform from NOOB to PRO in Minecraft

A NEW EPIC Server Trovical FACTION SKYBLOCK CREATIVE KITPvP MINIGAMES (SERVER: did you hit the notification bell? GOLDEN ARMOR 1.Modern House HAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT KIND OF HOUSE IS THAT? What kind of old style house do you have?! In which era do you live?! We’re not in the Middle Ages It’s 2017 bro!!! Your house is old junk HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH loser! Nononononononononono No no no no no This is not a modern house Your house is cute but if you want a modern house Then you should come with me I will show you how to make a nice modern house Let’s go then Follow me! This is a good spot right here We have enough space For modern houses you want to use: Quartz Blocks We will use white as our main colour I have chosen to make a shape like this Now let’s replace the floor! Use birch planks.It fits to the theme! let’s build up 4 blocks high We will add windows later on And now, we can continue with the stairs Here we use: Quartz slabs and blocks Birch planks also for the second floor! Make the 2nd floor 4 blocks high too! Modern houses often have a lot of windows1 And light blue stained glass is our choice Doesn’t this look modern? Perfect! How about we continue with balcony? let’s use Oak planks! Make the door to the balcony Really good! How about now we add windows to the first floor? Design the door nicer with gray and black stained glass Windows on the left side of the house A nice big window in the living room Our house looks like this right now! We should continue with the frame! Place a frame around the window Let’s add some detail to this We still need to make the rooftop! We will build a terrace! This side will be lower! Use slabs here Leave a hole like this and continue by placing stone slabs Now we can add light blue stained glass And here we have skylight! Let’s transform the sides By adding stairs…. and slabs How about nice umbrellas and chairs? Let’s finish up the balcony? Also here, use light blue stained glass Place some plants!! The house is done on the outside Congrats!! Transform the inside as you like Sofa,book,chests,carpet Here the sleeping room This is our finished house! You have a really nice house How about we add a pool? What’s this music? OMG duuuude AWESOME PARTY! We need to join NOW!! OMG it’s youuuu!! Please let us join your party! 2.House Trap Nonononononono No no no no no no You can’t just leave your ores alone You need to protect them better! I will show you how to protect your diamonds We will build a trap! Come with me! First we will build our trap here To show you clearly how to build it After that we will relocate it into the house We need 2 blocks,4 blocks apart from each other Place a hook on them Connect them with strings Now dig a hole of 6 block on each side Two stick pistons into the middle Also on the other side Place 2 redstone repeaters like this And hit them twice Now make a route to the dirt block On the other side the same thing It’s time for the redstone Place a redstone torch here We are all done! Let me show you how it works Now we relocate this into the house! It looks like this now Make sure to dig a deep hole! You can add TNT trap on the bottom And now cover it up with carpet Let’s test it! Last time we got a lot of ores! We should try it again Yeah dude, let’s do it WHaT the ( (extra stuffs)

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