MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman Training with Snorkels

[Music] we the snorkels for a variety of things i’ve recently gotten into using so it was quite a bit when they’re kicking because that allows their head neck and spine to be in a more natural swimming position will use it with arms by their side so they could do rotational kicking we also use it during pulling because it keeps their head in line they can really focus on technique I do think there’s a conditioning value with the snorkels as well the focus snorkel is one of my favorite new products from the MP line there are several reasons for this number one you see there’s a natural streamlined design of it which allows the swimmer to cut through the water in a much more natural form the thing that I think is probably best about it is the stability you can see this triangular piece here this really makes sure that the snorkel is completely stable there’s no side-to-side movement when the athlete is swimming as a coach I like to see straps like this that are unbreakable and easy to adjust and also the mouthpiece which is designed to be comfortable so this one or doesn’t have to bite down very hard on it all of the swimmers that we have using it feel like it’s definitely an upgrade from anything they’ve used before [Music] you [Music] you

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