A few weeks ago I posted a cinematic
vlog from Charleston and I got quite a few questions about this effect. so in
today’s video I want to show you how to create this very interesting also very
popular muffled underwater type audio effect and this is a HitFilm Pro
tutorial so if you’re using Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro then I believe there
are effects that you can use to recreate something similar but the same effect to
my knowledge cannot be created in HitFilm Express. The easiest way to
create this effect is just to drag the equalizer effect onto your audio and
then select the low-pass preset but if you want a bit more control over the
effect that you’re creating just find the last five values in the equalizer
effect. That’s 1000Hz through 16000Hz. The more you
lower these five values the more muffled your audio will sound, and although the
slider stops at -24dB you can always type in a lower value for a
more dramatic effect. So to create the final effect just go to where you want
the effect to start and keyframe those last five values at 0dB then
just move forward a few frames and lower those values. And I also usually like to
animate the volume to decrease a little bit at the same time. You’ll see this effect used most often
when the camera is underwater but there are plenty of other uses for it like if
I wanted it to sound like there was music coming from another room. I also
like using this effect on my background music so if I have music playing behind
footage of me talking and it’s a little bit too distracting then I can just
throw this effect on it and then that music will kind of sink away and this
effect helps to get rid of the parts of that song that are competing with my
voice. This is a really interesting, trendy, and surprisingly quite useful
effect for your videos and I hope you enjoyed this video showing you how to
create it. And if you did enjoy today’s video feel free to show your support by
leaving a like on the video, sharing it with your friends, or even subscribing to
my channel. I upload two new filmmaking tutorials every single week but that is
all for this one. Keep creating, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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