My Exact daily 1hr SLEEP ROUTINE

– Morning trainiacs, we are
headed into the pool as we are, whoa, headed into the pool
as we are many mornings. I did not get a great sleep last night. Six and a half hours, I
would call that subpar, and it’s because one key aspect of my sleep routine was
disturbed, agile being. So a few weeks ago I
did a video on the tips about how to swim better,
but it didn’t do as good as a video I did about
my exact morning routine. Like those tips, ah general namby-pamby, here’s how you sleep better,
but it wasn’t the system. So today we’re gonna use those tips and I’m going to share
with you my exact system, like what I do to get a good night’s sleep step for step for step. Too much info? I think you’ll like it. (wild techno music) What a delightful little 2500 meter swim. It’s rest week, like I said, so it wasn’t intended to be long, but
I ended up going fast. 1:40 per 100 meter average,
I like it, making progress. Alright, how I snoozle. Alright, so first, just a quick word on why sleep is so important. Think about it this way,
if you could take one pill, one supplement, one vitamin, one mineral that all-in-one it made you weigh less, it made you have more muscle mass, it allowed you to perform
better in all aspects of athletics, it allowed
you to think more clearly so you could be more successful at home, it reduced your chance
of disease, sickness, reduced inflammation, on and
on and on, all-in-one pill, and it was free, would you take it? Yes, of course you would. That’s sleep. Sleep is the number one
performance enhancer that any of us can
possibly give ourselves. Lebron James says that he
gets upwards of nine, 10 hours of sleep a night, and that that
is one of the most important things that his strength
trainer adds to his protocol. Okay, now let’s talk
about my sleep routine which actually starts
in here in the kitchen first thing in the morning over here. Now, somewhere around half of the world’s population is vitamin D deficient. Now, vitamin D plays a huge role in repairing our body and sleep. It’s been shown that if you
are vitamin D deficient, which most of us are in the modern world because we put clothes on, we spend most of our time indoors, we don’t
get a lot of direct sunlight, we are likely to have
sleep disturbance issues. So, vitamin D is what I take
first thing in the morning. I like the liquid form, you
take it and you just place it underneath the tongue
because it gets absorbed better in your body and
you take about 1000 IUs for every 25 pounds of body weight. Next thing that I do in the morning that helps with sleep later at night. When we wake up in the morning,
we have evolved to wake up basically with the sunrise,
that was the queue for our body to get up, so it’s critical
that in the first hour of getting up, ideally, in
between about 6:00 and 8:30 a.m. in the morning, you get about 20 minutes of sunlight hitting your eyeballs. Now, what happens if
you’re in a cold climate? What if you are in a climate like mine where we don’t get sunlight
until about nine o’clock? Well, there are two things that you can do if you can’t actually get outside and get that sunlight on your eyes that indicates the day has started and it is the start of
your circadian rhythm. That is what’s going to
set your entire body up for saying alright, now
is the start of the day, and then it’ll take your
body through an entire awake cycle until you’re
ready to go to bed. Two things that I use
are the human charger, these are just little
earbuds that you can put in, and, believe it or not, you actually have UVA, UVB receptors inside your ears. You have some in your eyes
and some in your ears. So in the case where you
don’t have a sleep lamp, a SAD lamp, you can just use this. Talking about the SAD
lamps, why we are right here is because every single
morning while I’m doing a lot of my morning journaling,
just having a little bit of coffee, getting
figured out for the day, a little bit of stretching,
I spend about 20 minutes in front of that, and I’m
putting this right in front of my eyes within about 24 to
30 inches in front of my eyes and that is going to
simulate having that sunlight hitting my eyeballs, so that
is going to set up my body to understand alright, (snaps fingers) now’s the start of the
day and it’ll go through an entire cycle so that it has an idea of when the end of the day is. Now let’s get into the
end of the day, shall we? Starting somewhere
around two to three hours from when I intend to go to bed, I put on blue light blocking glasses because I don’t believe
that it’s realistic for people to completely stay away from the blue light of a TV or their phones. Frankly I don’t recommend
it because I’m trying to make a living out of
all of you being addicted to me on your phones, but that blue light is just like the blue light of this. It’s a signal to our brain that it’s still light outside and that we shouldn’t start producing melatonin
and going to sleep. So somewhere around 6:00
p.m. I put these things on, and then if I sit on the
couch and I’m chilling out, playing around on my phone,
watching a little bit of TV, I’m not getting as much direct blue light exposure into my eyes which is then keeping my brain awake. Did you see what Triathlon
Taren posted today? It is phenomenal, he is brilliant! Now, about one hour before I go to bed, I take said phone that I
hope you’re all addicted to and I put it away outside the bedroom. I plug it in, I make it in
a spot that I’m not going to access, and there’s
two reasons for this. One, we just talked about the blue light. Two is that even if it feels
like you get a full eight hours of sleep, because of that blue light and because going on
social media and searching and searching and searching
is similar to our brains as to what hunters and gatherers
did throughout the day, they would go and search and
search and search for food, and sustenance, and water, and supplies, it gets our brain very wired. So that might result in not
getting enough deep sleep which means that our body
isn’t repairing itself. Might mean that our brain
isn’t getting much REM sleep, so we aren’t going to think very clearly. Regardless of whether
or not even if it feels like you’re getting a good sleep, if you have that phone in front of you and you’re searching and
doing something active on that phone, on a tablet,
anything like that before bed, you’re going to have poor sleep quality and it’s going to affect you as an athlete and just average, everyday person. Your health’s gonna suffer. So put the phone away an hour before bed. Next, about two or three times a week, really no more than that, I
will have a small sleep tea or elixir, and why I say
small is because you don’t wanna have a lot of
liquid in your stomach, so about an hour to two hours before bed, I stop drinking a lot
because I don’t wanna get up and have to go pee in
the middle of the night. I wanna sleep through the night. So I will have either one
of a Valerian root tea or a Four Sigmatic reishi mushroom elixir. If you wanna get 15% off
on this, it’s awesome, go to and use the coupon code triathlontaren at checkout for 15% off. Really no rhyme or reason
why I’ll do one or the other, I’ll just try to alternate,
and I won’t do this anymore than two or three times
throughout the week, because if you do that
more often than you don’t, you can become reliant on this and then all of a sudden they don’t end up working. A note on that, a note, some people use melatonin to get to sleep. I would highly recommend
being very, very careful about using melatonin,
because while it can help you get to sleep, you can very,
very quickly become dependent on this and your melatonin
receptors will actually not function without
this, like long, longterm. So you can actually do quite
a bit of longterm damage if you start taking melatonin, like nothing in particular about this, it’s just that’s melatonin and
it’s the only one I got here. Now while I’m having that
basically half to a quarter of a cup’s worth of
tea, I’ll come into bed and start the evening
routine, start winding down, and the best way to do
that is with some fiction. You don’t wanna read
business books or book, Pete often comes in here,
right, that’s his spot. You don’t wanna read books
that start getting you thinking about things, self-help or business books. Fiction is kinda similar to
when hunters and gatherers would sit around a campfire and the elders would tell stories, so fiction kinda gets you
into that dream state. My 2018 project, crushing
all Harry Potter. I miss Potter. And then finally, this is the last thing that I’ve just added to the routine. This here is the ChiliPAD cooling unit. The ChiliPAD is a mattress topper that you can get two-sided. You see, NTK likes things
very, very warm in bed, whereas me, I like to
be cool but tucked in, kinda tough to do, but this ChiliPAD, it is a liquid circulation system through that mattress topper, so I
can set my side to 66 degrees, she can set her side to cremate, and we can both be very comfortable. Now, this is not cheap, fair warning, but of all the things that I have tried, whether it’s teas, whether
it’s blue light glasses, this has been the thing that gets me the most consistently good sleep as indicated by the sleep
studies done with the Oura Ring. More on that another time. Right, Pete, you ready for bed? We got a few hours to go. So there you go, trainiacs. That is my one hour,
90 minute sleep routine that it’s not like I’m
doing a lot throughout that, I’m just kinda goin’
about a typical evening and it’s not added work. Now, before I figured
out this sleep routine, I was just trying things here and there based off of what the
marketing stuff would say on a company’s website,
but with the Oura Ring I’ve actually been tracking this, and before all of these
items that I’ve included, I was getting an average
sleep score of about 79. With this, now, it’s more like 90. Consistently I feel
refreshed, I feel rejuvenated, my heart rate variability
is nice and high. I feel less sore, I’m able to focus more, my appetite is quite a bit less, all kinds of good things
whereas I thought I was getting good sleep before, now I
know I’m getting good sleep. So if you’re interested in
any of that which I know works because I actually,
through this, filtered out about half the things
that I’d been trying, all of these are very good
additions to your sleep hygiene, there will be links to everything
in the description below. They are going to be affiliate links, and if you click through
those and purchase anything on Amazon within the 24 or 48
hours after clicking through, helps us out, doesn’t
cost you anything extra, we get a small commission from Amazon. So click through those links,
get yourself a ChiliPAD, I’m big fan of the
ChiliPAD, and if you aren’t already subscribed, hit
the subscribe button below! Later, trainiacs.

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