MY FAVORITE FISH TANK – Large Aquascaping Contest at Aquatic Experience

what’s up fish tank people Dustin’s
fishtanks bring it to you with my favorite in the large aquascaping
contest put on by our friends at flooville at this past aquatic
experience but this video is special because I have edited in by Maia Andrew
the people’s tanks from both this year and some of the competitors tanks from
last year as well as about halfway through this video I talk and show my
favorite tank and why and then the guy rolls up my man happen and talks about
the current state of the u.s. aquascape errs and it’s just some fabulous stuff
so check this video out if you like what I’m doing it to subscribe button and
that notifications but because we’re going live more often enjoy what’s up
fish tank people Dustin’s fishtanks how many people can
bomb my videos as I makers link in which Jay Wilson and universe are friends at
Universal rocks to the background of the b-26 11 develops looking good Jason I
want to show what’s going on with the the large tanks here because large tanks
are on point and they’re about to get torn down so I want to show hey what’s
going on so this is my favorite man crush mr. Kevin Kelly’s tank and he did
always always clubs kirill correct with the hardscape Kevin I’m talking about
would you be quiet please and does a great job with the Artscape always I
actually showed his other tank as I lose my voice where he had a lot less plants
but he’s I he’s taking it easy on the plants but real trick designed to behind
her very solid brother looking good as always for sale we won’t put the price
on it and then this guy these guys up became correct here John is actually one
of the winners the winner of the smaller one and he’s bringing the a-game to this
really liking it place you took care of second I like
this a lot I’m doing use of the hardscape good
transition good tension nice background I like the choice of fish too I’m pretty
sick then over here folks this guys did a nice job here everybody’s selling
they’re selling their escapes then it’s kind of sad to me some random random
cichlid in there excuse me guys I’m gonna show your tank
you don’t mind my yeah there you go available for purchase fill what you’re
selling your tank for dude what’s the winning tank go for you don’t need to
say it on camera it’s inside the tank is a whole nother
ballgame yeah so just the tank I got you looking solid dude you want to yeah
gotta get you on the camera brother guy brings his wife and kids to the show to
tell us about your tank dude what you got oh we’ve got a nice little mix this
is a man teen soon coming from Poland nice she’s got a little manzanita coming
in these uh this is actually some weathered wood that we found at 9,000
feet the Sierra Nevadas nice good character on that wood all plans
sponsored by tropica nice or just nice a real nice you know kind of what is this
is that a bull by a what is it the widest I open it defeated Wow I grabbed
we’ve got the ladies in their eyes also I’m Meriden nice but what’s what’s its
tone call from Poland again it’s cold man teens it’s maintained
stone okay we congratulations on the W dude yeah man and it was good kicking it
back with you last night as well hence the voice being a little voice
little off Tyler and Mike Bernard my boys you want to get on camera now’s
your chance you want to hide I understand I think I do dude if you
don’t mind being completely put on the spot like I do every year bring it bro
tradition they’ll put me on the spot but uh I mean I can talk about it if you
don’t want to but it’s looking solid we got the door fee on rainbows this is
kind of a last night but I think it works out good we’re
gonna do rummy nose and angels in here but they died on transition because
rummy knows are hard too those and I think they work really well
with escape but we won’t be like a nice clean kind of Beach Island South I like
it yeah we’re done good I always put blinks in my tank so you
know that looks is your baby dude yeah just looks like the links around here to
see some of his other tanks by the way and then we got a are many which you
know you usually see it when it’s you know only a few inches tall but I’ve let
it you know grow six seven inches tall this is more of a background plant you
can do that with a lot of many varieties which a lot of people don’t know so
that’s another thing you can do I got a question for you what’s up you know I
love you like another brother from another mother
why no hide in the back with the plants on that side that was actually a lack of
plants so we ran out of the hall I didn’t have a lot of plants over there
for you two clowns he’s going on Mike Bernard Tyler but in that when we filled
it to the bluffs it kind of looks I got a pop top okay yeah you know Uncle dusty
Oh get you some plants if you need it so in the past to us hey no you guys
looking good I like the use of this saw it works man I didn’t think it would
work but it does work the twigs with that could be a little darker but uh
this is little manzanita so with Manzanilla you’ll get some of the bark
that’s kind of a red color like right and you get lighter pieces and darker
pieces so it’s a cool way to work with and it stays waterlogged yeah and water
logs quickly yeah surely I had that out of water for a week and it’s a water log
so nice good work gentlemen thanks Dustin thank
you love you both looking forward to seeing you guys again excuse me folks
I’m gonna make a random loud video in front of your tank here guys I got to
tell you this is the one that I like the most designs perspective you like green
I like purple so that doesn’t matter but this was totally the winner in my book
and I’m gonna tell you why it doesn’t matter my opinion because they took
third but I love the commitment to the hard core school big school of I don’t
know if those are green neons or just regular that haven’t colored up yet I
love the bulb lightest it’s one of my favorite plants right there look at real
hardcore I liked how they went real close with the foreground this plant
this this tank in my opinion has a better for ground than the winning plant
winning tank I love the coming out of the top here
too you don’t see that going on you got some good red in the back so if you said
Dustin which one’s your favorite I’m telling you these guys right here did a
nice job I laughed I had a beer with him last night
and art we’re on there’s half what’s up dude
how you doing man you want to talk about your tank I don’t even know you’re in on
it bro I was talking last night this is my favorite tank oh thank you yeah dude
give us your style dude have you got mad skills man what’s up with the tank Gunny
Falana the philosophy any advice you give people just you know have a really
big fan of the classic nature style and this is a pretty good example of it even
though we have a couple like diorama style elements in there and we just all
kind of wind it all together kind of came up with it on the spot but we all
had you know really good input we just worked really well together so yeah
overall I’m just extremely proud of what we came up with you you heard what I
said on this dude III thought this was the best by far I like I think the
strengths are the foreground or is we way stronger than the ones over there I
like the depth in the back with the light yeah I want to like go hiking in
it you know like I really I really dig it love the tension here with that I
don’t know if that’s two pieces or one or how that’s going but I like that
crack yeah it’s actually one piece one way pieces to save you that I got a kind
of stock pile at home yeah it’s got this nice like deep groove in it yeah how
much how much stone do you keep on hand around well I probably got several
hundred pounds of it just keeping it handy that’s I always tell people like
you need so much to have around yeah man help would you come in the 88
contest you got like hundreds hundred this year
I got 344 344 we got 116 I knew you were in the hundreds and at one point so
props on that by the way yeah man no this was the winner for me for real like
I thought this tank was the I thought just think was the best on like coupled
like a like a significantly better so I don’t know the green neons have been in
green are they are green attraction for everybody that passes by everybody loves
a fish I don’t get the green neons draw well the draw is that got blue stripe on
their body it goes from the tip of their nose all the way through whereas the the
blue the neons and the Cardinals that stripe stops short
kind of somewhere along their back so and they stay smaller they school a lot
tighter than the other two species so that’s that’s the big attraction today
have you got any advice for anybody getting into aquascaping just starting
I mean he’s seen me you know Eve all I get a little better and I like so any
any advice that you can give people like starting out or like just you know we’re
getting into flow and any advice at all I think the general consensus with the
office different community now is bringing in a lot of support and
mentorship so look out to people you know people that you like their style
reach out to them most of us are very nice and approachable and more than
happy to come and help you with anything you need and aside that just look at a
lot of pictures and you’ll start to kind of pick up on what looks good and what
doesn’t and just take influence from people that you that you like so that’s
great advice dude what do you think about the way the u.s. is involved in as
an Aquos gated community this is beautiful by the way the way that this
comes out the top yeah tripods oh yeah that seán MacBride brought that and
there was a great contribution to this yeah I mean that’s real legit full
colors in the sense up there what plan is that that is tall tall sunrise
gotcha obviously we know where the name is so they’re coming back to the
evolving USC yeah what do you want to hear about it it’s growing so fast and
I’m just really proud to see all the new people out and the quality of the works
that have been improving every year extremely happy to see that yeah man no I I’m I’m thrilled to see
how it’s growing it a lot too man it’s really coming on tough hey dude congrats
like I said whether that was my eyes my favorite tanks oh I know you were you
didn’t I didn’t know that when I was having beers you last night either so
just so you know I’m gonna roll over 20 off for just a second if you don’t mind
so this is my man Lucas Brett’s is tanking I actually don’t know I know I
know ha yeah I don’t these guys shoutouts to them hey I like this tank a
lot there’s some things that you know I’m not nuts about the way this comes
directly to the front but uh these rainbows are baller so those are great
I’ve actually saw these where they were from and Lucas’s house I’ve debated
about buying them but I don’t want to acclimate him at 1:00 in the morning
I’ll probably regret that decision but these are really cool shout outs fine
doing good stuff so yeah man our friends our friends at blue ball throwing a
pound so how’d it do the big tank I’ll show you guys that sorry the voice sucks
tank on everybody drop me a comment on what tank you liked the best

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  • They were all so beautiful. So much talent in that room

  • Sexy tanks

  • I agree with Shawn, Hiep, Cory And Bryan's tank being the best. Before it was judged when I was looking at all the scapes I thought that was gonna win, looked at vendors for a few hours and then came back and saw they had judged them and it got 3rd. I walked by your booth and saw all your scapes, and thought they were all good, do you think you'd join the scape off ever? Maybe even next year?

  • You all like my man Andrews editing?

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  • Hi Dustin, in all these shown tanks wat type of filter they use, how many filters they, how do they maintain this type of clear tanks kindly suggest

  • Hi Dustin, in all these shown tanks wat type of filter they use, how many filters they, how do they maintain this type of clear tanks kindly suggest

  • Hi Dustin, in all these shown tanks wat type of filter they use, how many filters they, how do they maintain this type of clear tanks kindly suggest………………..

  • The last tank you showed was pretty pimp but I agree on your number 1 choice. They are an All Star team and great guys who are really helpful. They were the ones who one last year.

  • Love the videos Dustin! Let me know if you need any music for your channel. I'm a producer and can cook up something unique for you. No charge of course, just love.


  • Hiep Hong here, thanks for all the compliments guys, and thank you Dustin for featuring me on your channel. For more of my work and some tutorials to help you get started on your scaping journey, check out some of my videos 😉

  • Can you reach out to Kevin for information on how he built the PVC rack for the back drop and how he builds these backdrops/hardscapes.
    Lots of videos about scapieng theory, but not any on this kind of "build". It kinda looks like he epoxied chunks of rock to 2"pic then built it up like a fake Christmas tree. The end result is totally out of this world!!!

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  • I like the heavily planted one with the random chiclid as far as the plants. the 2nd place tank for the hardscape. As far as fish and overall, the last 2 tanks are awesome. 3rd place tank was probably my favorite overall.

  • Check out PART TWO! of the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory.

  • Very correct in your choice.


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