My New VAMPIRE CRABS – You Can’t Unsee This

man I can’t unsee you guys a brand new
world has come to the anti verse our amp which is home to various kingdoms of
ants death spreads a goddess civilians of wood aquatic friends gladiators and
more but today a sea family we meet some creatures I’ve never before featured on
this channel but am so excited for you to meet you will be spellbound as we
welcome to the channel a brand new cast literally a cast as we create a
spectacular Haven and semi-aquatic world for our brand new colony of vampire
crabs and what I ended up seeing once the vampire crabs were all moved into
the world we fashioned for them was something I could not unsee you won’t
want to miss this inspiring episode as we create a kingdom for vampire crabs
here on the ants Canada and Chile in joy too long fuzzy black and pink fingers
waved around carefully laying down strands of silk onto the surface of
succulents which adorn the shrine of our two-headed goddess of the anti verse a
Salah and why has she been busy the Iraq no sanctorum her home is now blanketed
in her sacred silk which took months to construct like a lining of holy carpet
this webbing helps a Sola feel much more comfortable and protected as she can
better feel if prey or predators approach her silk is her instant
connection to the world around her lair and it’s just beautiful to look at
wouldn’t you say now the reason she’s been extra eager to
lay down thicker layers of webbing is because she’s preparing for her next
molt which I’m excited about because see that double-faced she has the upper face
is a mask which resulted in a faulty shed it hasn’t affected her life but I
hope and expect with this next molt she’ll be able to get rid of the mask
and be a normal one Faced green bottle blue tarantula let’s hope everything
works out this time around for the beloved goddess of the anti verse but
little did our sacred goddess Azula know today she be joined by a new
team of cherubs which would share the grand continental shelf on which she
lived here just below the silva de fuego you’ll find two ghost worlds which have
grown stagnant they used to be the shire home to a colony of Asian bullet ants
called the Black Panthers which have long passed since the colony didn’t have
any unrelated males to mate with and the Grove home to carpenter ants which were
moved out and joined with another colony of the same species into a hybrid nest
today the shire and the Grove have been converted to special Gardens temporarily
see these containers AC family each of them contain clumps of moss and colonies
of springtails which I’m trying to grow and culture for inclusion in future
worlds will be moved and it just so happens guys today’s the day I’ll be
needing some of both AC family the moment you’ve all been waiting for
today we welcome a new colony to sit beside our goddess the time has come to
meet our new colony of vampire chills Acey family behold our newest cast of
vampire crabs in these containment units are a colony of 21 of the most stunning
crabs ever I can’t wait to show you let’s open one of the containers and
have a closer look at the crabs guys these crabs known commonly as vampire
crabs or Carnival crabs are native to Indonesia they’ve actually long been
part of the aquarium hobby for a long time even back when scientists still
hadn’t yet officially discovered them in the wild
nor describe their species they live in large colonies of the wild are generally
non aggressive to one another and inhabit tropical forests around bodies
of freshwater they’re scavengers so they’ll eat pretty much anything you
give them now a group of crabs is called a cast and I find this cast of vampire
crabs to be so cute and quite energetic it seems they’re totally ready to move
into a terrarium which brings us to what we do best it was time to assume our
role as creator of worlds and create a brand-new Island Haven for this cast of
gorgeous vampire crabs behold an empty glass half tank you may notice the blobs
of silicone at the back and well it’s because for those of you who feel this
tank looks familiar you’re right as its the glass receptacle that held the
haciendas del Dorados old golden springs remember that so I went in and first
added a mat of black filter foam then a second layer I then went in to place a
natural background which mimicked roots of a tree stump this will help give our
new world a nice natural field now that the background was set I cut
the second layer of foam to give more dimension to what would become the land
area of our new world I then went into place and arranged some decorative rocks
all around the land area these rocks would function to keep the majority of
the substrate contained and from falling into our water area you see this was
going to be a pallid area meaning a partland
part water habitat for our crabs once the rocks were arranged I poured in some
coarse gravel to line the bottom of the water area you’ll see why I chose white
gravel later I spread the gravel all around the water area and in pockets
around the rocks went air escaping I never really know what the finished
world will look like but I have a rough mental plan and just improvise as I go
along next I arranged my plants in the areas I
felt they might look good then planted them in the foam restricted
pockets of the land portion you can start to see now why I needed foam the
phone will ensure that the soil and substrate stays either above the water
line or well behind the water feature also the foam and all the substrate will
later act like a sort of filter housing beneficial neutralizing bacteria to
support cleaner waters in these lands then as filler substrate I used ground
coconut fiber which is highly absorbent in a favorite of mine for terrarium
making I had to make sure to press the coconut fibers down to ensure it filled
as much of the holes and spaces as possible
the vampire crabs will likely be digging into these areas so we want to ensure
their excavations will hold in place I then went in to add some driftwood which
also helps make any terrarium look much more natural and attractive driftwood
pieces like this will also give the crabs shelter as they dig tunnels
beneath it and give them landmarks to crawl on now it was time to add some
embellishments to this new future vampire crab haven clumps of specna moss
in key areas would be highly water absorbent and provide the crabs with
plenty of hiding places the crabs may even eat the stuff they
also make any terrarium look quite attractive check it
out doesn’t that just look sick next it was
time to add some fresh water on the land and in the water area these crabs
inhabit freshwater and unlike many crabs in the aquarium hobby don’t require
brackish or salinity in their water and now that the water was in there was one
last thing to add which would help everything remain clean a mini filter
would help keep the water circulating and clean I hung it at one end of the
tank I couldn’t wait to plug it in and get the waters moving I plugged it in
added some water from the top and like a charm the filter worked perfectly
yay and after an hour and a half of setup this is what our finished world
looked like a sea family I am pleased to present to you our new island of vampire
on vampire on was a lush and beautiful pallid areum kingdom of plants crystal
waters soil mosses and driftwood the perfect haven for a cast of vampire
crabs now you might notice some additions first I added this additional
driftwood piece here which helped diversify the topography of the
territories and if you look at it from a certain angle is kind of reminiscent of
the cancer symbol of the zodiac highly appropriate word to my fellow cancer
Ian’s up there and happy birthday soon also I went into my Moss spring tail
stash to harvest patches of moss and springtails to transplant at key areas
of the terrarium particularly in the most wet areas of the territories let’s
hope the MAS patches like these areas and continue to thrive and attach to the
rock and substrate as for the spring tails they’ll go on to populate the
island and consume rotting waste left behind by the crabs but check out my
absolute favorite part of vampire on the waters I just love looking at the water
portion of this pallid area and because I chose white for the gravel area
gives the water a really clean and distinctive look separate from the
darkened colors of the land the more I stared at the crystal waters and its
rocky shores the more I felt hey if I were a crab I totally love this it had a
calm much more still water area for chill waiting and as you approach the
filter end the waters became more turbulent it was like a miniature
waterfall fed by a natural spring providing clean water to a tropical
forest pond and so AC family the time has come to finally introduce the
vampire crabs onto the soils and waters of vampire on Island let’s do this AC
family are you ready 1 2 3 I added the first round of crabs and they instantly
hit the ground scurrying I tried to do this as gently as possible as I feared
they might be delicate in went the second team but no these crabs were not
delicate there were hearty little buggers and
surprisingly easy to direct and transport some even leaped
enthusiastically from their holding container and finally the last round of
crabs and just like that all the crabs were in and uh I had to say they were so
cute some crabs immediately began to station themselves groom themselves and
start picking at random edible bits from the ground to sample their taste some
crabs ran for the shelter of the shrubs some checked out the mosses while others
stood with their legs dipped into the waters it was so cool to be able to see
their unique colors now that they were out in the open and viewable on vampire
ominous but what I think I loved the most was watching the crabs enjoying the
waters I watched as the crabs sampled both the Stillen and the turbulent end
of the water oh how I’d love to know the feeling of being a crab frolicking along
this crystal vampire Olien shoreline look at him
I also found a strange feeling of satisfaction watching the crabs emerging
from the waters onto land I don’t know why but the site was just so gratifying
one thing I found real cute was being able to tell where the crabs were by the
distinct shape and color of their eyes they were so profoundly bright orange
and were difficult to miss in fact the colors and demeanor of the crabs were
just adorable look at him some seemed a bit shy and hid in the
shadows at various places this hilarious guy seemed to be picking stuff off his
body and eating it gross now although these crabs are communal I
did catch some crabs being extra feisty about claiming a space there’s ouch some
crabs seem to enjoy wall climbing this one was clearly not afraid of heights
and speaking of being afraid I initially felt these guys would be extremely
flighty and terrified of my presence but sticking my giant hand around them it
was clear they quickly learned I was a friend and not a predator or enemy okay
perhaps a nuisance at worst the whole night I watched for several hours as the
crab settled in to the island of Vampira even in the early morning hours after
turning off the bright lights the crabs were totally entertaining to watch do
their thing these crabs are nocturnal in nature so I knew the bulk of their
activities would be happening in darkness so I watched them as they
continued to crawl over the rocks plunge into the waters revel in the refreshing
turbulence of the waterfall trot along the bottom of the pond hide in various
discovered crevices climb the plants pick and feed at things along their path
and at times stare contemplative ly out at the expanse of the anti verse beyond
their great new island home the next morning the vampire crabs were
still quite as active as ever though it said these crabs were nocturnal they
still seem to be pretty active during the day they were so charming to watch
live out their individual lives and go about their business
now easy family you want to hear something really cool one thing I
noticed as I watched the crabs crawling around everywhere was that the crabs
seemed to be able to stay pretty moist despite being on dry land
upon closer inspection a lot of the crabs seem to be able to carry water in
cavities in their mouth area which they would somehow spread like Glo ssin threw
up their body as needed you see this crabs mouth area see that pulsating
water blob well I found that the crabs would periodically bathe in the water
and collect water within their bodies and my guess was that they would mix it
with some mucus to keep the water retention strong enough to be able to
carry all that hydration with them on land that way the crabs could spend
longer periods on dry land foraging for food without having to worry about
drying out and continually visiting the waters they carried these packets of
water within cavities of their mouth parts as they frolicked around on land
and look they could even amazingly expel the blobby water and rub it on other
parts of their body as needed talk about an epic skin care regimen
alright now before I get to the big thing I mentioned at the start of this
video about what I can no longer unsee we have to do two things first it’s time
to give this cast of vampire crabs an official name leave your name
suggestions in the comments and I will choose my top five favorites for us to
vote on in a future video Thank You AC family for your input and as is AC
tradition when creatures receive a new home we offer them a housewarming gift
so I handed them some chopped up super worm Oh the cold crab shoulder
eventually though the crabs did give the super worm a taste but they didn’t seem
as thrilled as I thought they might here oh are you sure you don’t want to try
this juicy super worm eventually the crowd went in to snack on
our offering yay but not all the crabs fancied super
wormy and would grab a tiny sample of it but deem it not worth stopping for I
guess each crab had its own tastes some fancying picking at Moss and others
grabbing edible bits from the pond floor I guess I’ll leave the scavenging to
them and offer them a good variety of things to sample and feed on okay and
now for the thing I can’t unsee a sea family I guarantee you two will not be
able to unsee it after I pointed out tell me what you guys see when you look
closely at these crabs look carefully now wait for it see it now they look
like moving happy faces with legs all righty see family was i right now
you can never look at these vampire crabs the same way again can you their
little walking happy faces so funny there was still so much more ahead in
the anti verse though with the other ant kingdoms so guys if you’re not
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a see owner colony I have left a hidden cookie for you here if you’d like to
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