My Opinions on Paul Cuffaro

Today I’m going to talk about a pet Youtuber
called Paul Cuffaro. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about him
as he is gaining a lot of subscribers very quickly. He makes videos about mostly aquatic pets
like fish and turtles and often shows off whatever new tank or animals he bought with
a haul video. Let’s make a quick list of some unbiased facts: He doesn’t cycle his tanks nor quarantines. He keeps species of animals in the same tank
that shouldn’t be together for many reasons. His enclosures for a lot of his animals aren’t
adequate. A lot of pets he owns disappear without a
word. He buys fish from stores such as Walmart to
“save them”, giving these stores money to mistreat more animals. And, lastly, he doesn’t know very basic information
about his pets. Let’s talk more about the fact that he doesn’t
cycle tanks or ponds and that he doesn’t quarantine new fish or feeders. Cycling is important as, if you don’t cycle
your tank, ammonia will build up and your fish will die a slow and painful death from
ammonia or nitrite poisoning. It is possible to either fish in cycle, which
is considered to be inhumane by most fish keepers nowadays, or to cycle without fish,
which is the norm. Fish in cycles should only be done in emergencies. Paul either doesn’t seem to know or care as
I have seen many videos of his where he got a new tank or pond and just stuck fish in
there right away, or thinks that letting water sit for 3 days is cycling. Actual cycling takes up to 4 weeks of almost
daily water testing and feeding the growing colony of beneficial bacteria. Not even products that supposedly add bacteria
would cycle a tank in just a few days. One of the more recent examples of this reckless
behavior is when Paul got a goldfish and its tank the same day. They are, contrary to their popularity as
an easy pet, a fish that I would personally not recommend to… pretty much any casual
fish keeper. They are messy, get huge and need very big
tanks. A lone fancy goldfish needs at least 29g minimum. Add around 10g onto those 29g for each additional
goldfish. As I said, that’s the bare minimum. He got a 10g tank for the goldfish. Keeping fish in a suitably sized tank is important
as they will get stressed and stunted otherwise. People used to think that fish would only
grow as big as their tank but that is a myth; they will simply stunt and die early. A healthy, well cared for goldfish will get
huge and live up to 25 years. They are cousins of koi fish and a type of
carp. They don’t belong in 10g tanks. By showing people that he buys fish without
cycling their tank first, making it seem like it is not necessary, and providing the completely
wrong minimum tank size for his pets, which only further normalizes bad fish care, he
makes his viewers believe that doing all of that is fine. He might have ponds for his own fish but someone
that only watches these videos won’t know that, and as he makes these kind of videos
seem educational, he has a responsibility to not relay false and dangerous information. And, honestly, his ponds are too small and
overstocked too. An older example of this is when he got a
triple betta tank. There are so many likes and positive comments
on that video and I really have no idea why. That tank is a death trap. He advertises inhumane tanks and bad care
information when he could have gotten a much bigger tank and split it himself for way less
money. Same for his glofish tank. Ignoring the general moral debate of glo fish,
his tank was completely inadequate for them. He bought 10 fish for a 10g, when all fish
he got should have been in at least a 29g due to their activity level and because they
are schooling fish. He also got a rainbowshark for that 10g. Add in cheap decoration whose paint will chip
off and poison the fish, and also keeping the lights on day and night – these fish are
either stressed out and dying or already dead. He even went so far as to not cycle a tank
and then dump 50 cichlids in there – it’s no wonder only around 20 are left now. Everyone else most likely died because of
insanely high ammonia and nitrites. I have seen many videos where he bought feeder
goldfish, which you shouldn’t feed your fish anyway as they are incredibly unhealthy, and
fed them to his pets right away. You should never put new fish in with old
fish as the new ones may carry diseases that could wipe out everyone else, but doing this
with feeders is even more dangerous. Feeders are kept in bad conditions so the
likelihood that they are sick or carry parasites is even higher – by letting his fish eat these
potentially sick feeders he is risking their lives. I am honestly not sure if Paul really is just
incredibly uninformed or if he simply doesn’t care about the animals and only wants money
and views. On every video of his I can see a lot of comments
with good advice but he often chooses to just ignore them for whatever reason. If he does take the advice he apparently forgets
it within a few months just to repeat the same mistakes. There are a lot of mistakes he makes that
would never happen if he even just googled the animal he has for 5 minutes. He fed his vegetarian fish bloodworms and
called his cichlids the wrong species. These are things that you can find on the
first page of Google. It sadly seems to me like he doesn’t think
of fish like animals whose lives are important and only sees them as accessories for crazy
videos to get views and money. Fish are some of the most neglected pets out
there. He has such a big influence, with as many
subscribers as he has he could educate so many people. But instead he completely wastes this opportunity
by spreading misinformation and even influencing kids to impuslively get fish just like he
does. I’m going to stop here for now. I will probably make another video on him
as everything I have mentioned in this one is just scratching the surface. There is a lot wrong. I will put a bunch of links in the description
if any of you want to read up on how to correctly care for fish. Thank you for watching

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  • I think this guy is a cunt . Says he cares about fish then feeds 250 goldfish to his other fish becuase he finds pleasure in it and sells his shitty wears. fuck this guy. Never hated another youtuber so much. I hope he gets run over. i think he is deeply in love with himself.

  • This channel popped up while I was watching another video, so I checked it all out. Some words of caution: I knew a man who was pointing out all the bad with dog/animal training and husbandry. YouTube eventually closed his account down. You must go back and read YouTube TOS. Many are aware of 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' when it comes to some channels, they just be careful what to say out here about them. Even if the proof seems to be in your face while watching. Something more constructive instead of destructive would work better. You can not change people out here, just bring them more clicks/followers. And you run a risk of termination. ~ Peace.

  • You are fu🤬d up you talk shit

  • Those fish are able to eat larger fish.

  • Twenty gallons for the first goldfish and 10 gallons per goldfish after.

  • PSA: Ursula the crab is dead as suspected. her geckos apparently rehomed (sure they are) . stay tuned for more animal deaths guys.

  • Can you tell us a little about your pets? How many do you own? Also, what’s your background in pet care or do you have a degree related to the study of animals?

  • Dumb bitch

  • Fuck u

  • Even tho I'm watching this is it ok for me to still like paul I don't want to make anyone angry sorry

  • U shit face fuck face

  • I’m not about to believe a channel that has 5 videos how do you know the girl ain’t making stuff up to try to get views and make money off other successful youtubers idk but I watch Paul zac and rawfishing and they don’t seem like animal abusers that’s just my opinion I guess

  • She can’t even say anything about that he’s doing something wrong how do you know he’s doing something wrong do you know anything about the fish or animals he has?

  • as a fan of his, what you said makes sense. Lately I have been questioning his mentality since he purchased a house. He has spent so much money on animal stuff for his new house that it seems impulsive instead if thought out. Honestly it gets hard to watch his videos as a lot if his buys seem to be for making him popular.
    You should look at Barbs Buzzin, if you haven't already, they even admit that they buy fish for the views and not proper care.

  • He bought some crabs which need brackish water and then released them into his garden pond

  • Leve him alone yeah in the description on how to take care of fish otherwise known as Wikipedia

  • 85% in the comments doesn't even know how to keep properly

  • 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  • Thank you for making this. Ever since I had first discovered Paul I knew what he was doing was fishy (haha) there needs to be more videos on him like this.

  • Fuck you. You don't know anything

  • Guys, no ones perfect, Paul and whatever both need to be more experienced, not hating on whatever but he/she can’t come up with logical conclusions just by watching his YouTube videos and google searching. Obviously Paul’s made mistakes but everyone does. Not fangirling but you should at least have a fish degree or something like that to know what your talking about.

  • I would love to see your thoughts on SnakeDiscovery. You mentioned them when talking about the other snake breeder. I've enjoyed the channel for a year and they seem to be the best animal breeder out there

  • Yuuuup. I’ve watched in horror at the many mistakes he makes in the fish hobby. I understand we all make mistakes in the beginning but we usually learn from them. He however will not take advice and just continues to keep the same practices. It’s scary, seeing as how many follow and defend him.

  • Can you do other pet youtubers i was subscribed to paul and brain barzack. I thought they were doing good but i stared to get suspicious. Then i found this video

  • hes a fish killing little cunt

  • monster mike is even worse

  • What about Kamp Kenan. I really like him

  • It's funny how most of the things they talked about is in his old videos and he actually changed what he was doing wrong

  • So what your saying is a inch long goldfish needs a 10 gallon+ tank do you want people to go bankrupt

  • this is not true don't talk about Paul like that or you'll pay the price.


  • Omg he cycles his tanks and the first tank is a 5 gallon

  • He moved the ten gallon gold fish to his 120 gallon

  • You are right and wrong

  • Is this all u guys do is find things to bitch about! Why don't you worry about ur self!

  • Constant ass nit-pick ya u got some good points but jeez .

  • You should do one on catch em all

  • I am a huge fan of fishing but honestly, YouTubers who mix fishing videos along with aquarist sort of content all have no fucking clue on what they are doing.
    People like Paul Cuffaro, RAWWFishing and Catch'em fucking act like 3-year-olds impulse buying fish then immediately fucking getting bored of them 3 days later.

  • rages in goldfish I am kinda known as a bitchy goldfish person in YouTube comments and on Instagram. I keep bettas in 10 gals and it pisses me off to see goldfish in anything less than they need. I personally go with the rule for fancies as 20 gal for the first fish and 10 for each additional (I've kept comets and fantails in a very large pond for years and am getting into fancies as of a year and a half ago) but 29 for the first is even better. FILTRATION, AERATION, DILUTION. That is all.

  • OMG I HATE THIS CHANNEL SO MUCH LIKE STOP PICKING ON YOUTUBERS I HATE THIS SO MUCH (i dont hate paul cuffaro also check out his new puppy vid)

  • Thanks for making this video I was a very big fan of him but I am getting a bigger tank so thank you

  • 1.9k people are stupid enough to defend paul😑😑😑😑

  • You are the most disturbing, disgusting and horrible person ever!!! I hate you, you have ruined my life! This video is very, very, very defamatory
    This is how much I hate you

  • I think cycling should be done for 5 weeks, is that alright?

  • That tiny cascading setup might be cool for small marimos actually

  • You just love to hate

  • Bbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • I would like to know who the fuck you think you are putting shit on here smashing other people like your so perfect here something shut the fuck up

  • I respect your opinions. But I dont think it is a good idea for you to hate or "react" to other youtubers just so you can try to grow fame out of it.

  • shes just salty because he has more subscribers than her lol

  • You are doing this for likes you need grow up he does amazing for his animals

  • I understand he’s a kid. He’s just getting out there and learning. But I’m also getting weird vibes from how many animals he’s accruing so quickly. For a bit, he had a new animal posted in nearly every video. New puppy, new pigs, new chickens, new fish…New animals for views. I hope there are adults in his life giving him good guidance. Bought a new home, then has mold in the walls from not properly cleaning up after a tank flooded. Buying SO many new things for his property apparently off of YouTube money, but you have to wonder if he’s getting financial advice. Invest, honey! This gravy train isn’t going to last forever. Save that dough!

  • Breeding neon tetras in a 20 gallon long for three years now. Some species of neon fish were genetically modified by scientists to test water parameters. The colors would react to different water parameters.

  • The racist bully his neighbors hated him but we're too scared to confront him because they didn't want to get a ticket. But that Maniac sure can build a dam good pond even if it did floods his neighbor's yard. .

  • He said in the betta tank video “ I know a lot of you will say it’s too small but right here on the sign it says it’s okay for bettas” I literally hate him

  • Your channel is just a bunch of fake crap about good nice pet youtubers that take good care of there pets and are nice people.

  • Oh fuck, it's the betta falls idiot. I was one of those people who commented on that video with advice because I thought he was just new to fish keeping and needed a little bit of help but oh no, turns out he should know better and just doesn't care.

  • What kind of fucking sociopath feeds live animals to their fish?

    HE MUST GO!!!

    (Seriously though? Fuck those tanks. I was broke and couldn’t afford to get three adequate tanks for my betta babies spontaneously. So, the first three died early. Hate whoever made that blasted tank. I was also a “yes” person, and my paternal grandmother (bitch!) bullied me into getting it because it was “pretty!” Now, I am super defensive of my living babies, do not care about it being “pretty,” and if anyone hurts them—someone gonna die.)

  • I agree

  • You have dedicated your channel to attacking pet youtubers even though you have not had anywhere near the amount of experience they have with animals and you only read one page of care of animals when in order to know about them you half to read a lot of information

  • Disclaimer Ive never heard of the dude featured in this video. Unlike your little cult following, I see right through you. I’m sick of your videos. You NEVER give any solutions, you don’t show your face. If you’re going to rip on people at lest have the decency to show your face. Why are you hiding?

  • Did you see the video where he bought fish from a gas station and feed them to his fish

  • Some of the information provided is only half accurate especially when it comes to setting up a fish tank. The most important part is insuring that there is an adequate amount of beneficial bacteria in the tank. Using already established media in other tanks such as pulling extra bio balls or ceramic rings from a canister filter and putting it in another one setting up a tank can reasonably be done in 3 days if you already have the equipment. Not to mention there is artificial bacteria sold in bottles you could buy and place directly in the tank. Slandering him for that doesn't seem quite fair. Not really a fan of him at all and he does seem un-educated about some things here are unfair over- generalizations.


  • You are only make shit up to get views . Haters are going to hate . Maybe I can make shit up to get views . 🤔

  • Thanks for giving this information on the Pettubers because I was about to the under $70 leopard gecko by Brain Barczyk

  • Can you just let people live their fucking life if they want their animals to die, let them fucking, die, just stop you just want clout. 🤦‍♀️

  • The triple betta fish got upgraded a long time ago you should of checked that out

  • I have a few poor experiences with pet stores myself so seeing him trust them…SO much is crazy.
    I got a short haired hamster when I was 11 from petco who I named Yoshi and he was the sweetest thing ever! I made sure I did ALL of my possible research and my parents did their best to handle the things I couldn’t like cleaning his cage and such. He died on his 11th day of being in our home because my parents and I had the audacity to listen to some underpaid teenager who worked there. He told us that the food that CAME WITH HIS CAGE was fine to use and feed him and because I’m dumb and I guess my parents are as well- Yoshi passed away because of poor nutrition and super old food that had been sitting on the shelf of a petco for who knows how long..

  • I can defend the betta incident, since then he has learned what they needed and gotten different tanks and learned how to care for Bettas

  • He’s a wacky teen. What does modern day Americans expect out of stupid teens who can’t take care of one of the lowest matinence pets out there

  • Can you do a video comparing Brian Barczyk and Snake Discovery, and how snake discovery is a better role model then Brian. Plz

  • Also goldfish is unhealthy for catfish…
    Tropical fish doesn't hunt goldfish out there in the wild.
    Seriously the catfish is from South America while the goldfish is from Asia.
    Too bad those "experts" are making videos of poisoning their catfish…

  • i keep two fancy goldfish in a live planted 70 gallon tank with TWO 70 gallon filters running, do a thorough wall/decoration/driftwood scrub, substrate vaccuming and a 40% water change every saturday, and STILL by friday there is like, a visible coat of grime on everything in the tank. i love thomas and betsy but DAMN goldfish are filthy fish!! it's so so sad and cruel that so many of them die by poisoning in their own waste 🙁

  • Not cycling is such a beginner mistake. Almost everyone does stupid stuff like that starting out but he should have learned by now. Same with putting bettas in tiny cups. This is super basic uncontroversial stuff and its disturbing that someone with such a large platform continually makes these mistakes

  • So I not sure if anyone has told you but this dude just bought 2 black swans

  • Don't forget about the German shepherd he bought. He "didn't expect this much work". She was another beautiful example of not informing yourself, or reacherching the animal and its needs

  • Paul Cuffaro is my favorite YouTuber, and is better than you will ever be.

  • You are such a hater

  • You criticize you tubers better
    than you to get views. Sad.

  • I find it hilarious that people are so sensitive, fish keeping is all what works for YOU

  • You are wrong you know nothing about him

  • When I was getting my guppy tank, we bought the tank (with help from the pet shop), everything required for it and the treatment for the water. We went back every week to test the water to see what we need to change, etc. It took 6 weeks to finally get the fish. This is because (like we knew) we couldn't get the fish until the water was perfect. Every time the water wasn't right, they gave us advice on how to change it so it is better. This is a pet shop that knows what it is doing.

  • I’m not sure if you will see this, but what’s your opinion on the glofish line, such as: the plastic plants, colored gravel (there’s probably one in there that’s alright) etc. I’ve been considering purchasing some of these fish, but I didn’t consider that the paint might chip off. If I’ve heard about this before, I must admit I’ve forgotten by now. Btw, I agree that there is definitely bad care at play here, because he doesn’t even do some of the basics properly. The cycle and the tank size are good examples that you pointed out. I’ve watched his videos and it’s one of those situations where he seems as though he might know what he’s doing to the unwary viewer, but eventually you pick up on certain things. Most people however will notice the tank size, the lack of a cycle and the overstocking right away. He does things like rinsing the gravel, etc that are good, but it’s obviously not the only important thing when it comes to fishkeeping.

  • The catfish is a gulper catfish and is able to eat fish the same size or even bigger than itself due to its enlarged stomach

  • 1:00 blob catfish can eat something as big as their own lenght

  • This video is absolutely trash allot of things are just things said by people like you that think they are smart with pets

  • i love your channel and you dont deserve the hate you get because YOU STATING FACTS

  • You obviously do not watch his videos or do not know what the fuck your talking about, almost all of this information is either not true or your blowing it out of proportion, find your own video ideas instead of trying to shit on other people to make your money fucking rice cake dog eating piece of shit

  • He does fucking cycle his tank dumb ass

  • The funny thing is all of his fish are still alive if not dieing of old age

  • YouTube, please stop defamation and harassment!!!

  • Paul is the best he is doing good

  • I feel really bad for you, your literally pointing out the truth and doing something right, but then there is just the Autistic 7 year old kids who believe that the person they watch is like a god.

  • Omg chick hang it up… get a grip on reality

  • And now he has more pets than ever before, cause he now has farm animals

  • First off, I’m very sorry for all the Paul fans attacking you, no one deserves that.

    Second, I used to watch him and thought he was cool and informative. Then I got older and got more into reptile/other fish youtubers and realized how bad of a fish keeper he is. He made a video of him getting an axolotl. He didn’t have a water chiller, he got to course of a substrate, the light was to bright. That poor little thing was in pain and he didn’t seem to either care or know. I stoped watching him after that. Then I saw he posted a video of him playing with baby tigers! How can he claim to love animals yet do something so ignorant as that?! I refuse to watch it to award him the views

  • He also got a swan and it mysteriously died

  • no one cares about your jelousy opinions lol

  • Fuck you bitch ass hole answer me bitch

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