My Top 10 Favorite Things to do in Joinville, Brazil!

We are downtown Joinville, largest city in
the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. My wife, Clara’s hometown and I’m going
to show you 10 things to do in Joinville when visiting this beautiful city! Now, we’ve got a lot to cover so I’m going
to move quick. I’ll start the list here, downtown and work
my out of the metropolitan area to some points-of-interest within the outskirts of the city. I’m starting in this specific location in
downtown Joinville because just behind me is a boutique clothing store called Priori. It’s Clara’s parent’s own brand, they
actually produce the cloths here in Joinville and have boutique shops across Santa Catarina. So when Clara visits this particular store,
I find myself trying to find something to do downtown. So now let’s get this top 10 list of things
to do in Joinville started. Just a quick turn around the corner from the
store is number 1 on the list: Rua Das Palmeiras. Rua Das Palmeiras or Palm Tree Road is lined
with about 90 Imperial Palm trees. It’s a tranquil place, amidst the busy city
center, a beautiful little walk and ends at the National Museum of Immigration and Colonization. If you’re interested in the history of Southern
Brazil’s colonization this is a great destination point. Now it’s a hot day and that leads me to
number 2 on the list… …grabbing a Caldo deCana under the Catedral de Joinville. Caldo de cana literally translates as “cane
broth” but what it is, is freshly pressed sugar cane. It’s obviously super sweet so don’t over
do it with this treat. I recommend a bit of lime to help cut down
the sweetness. Now above this little snack shack, as I mentioned,
is the great Cathedral of Joinville. An impressive place of Catholic worship as it has many symbolic elements integrated into its architecture. Pretty cool, now let’s head a bit out of
the city center and to number 3 on the list: the Joinville Zoo! The zoo in Joinville is a special place that Clara and I really enjoy visiting with Elena. The highlight for me though, is monkey island
that have about 12 Capuchin Monkeys. I could just sit here at day watching them
walk across their ropes, climbing up ladders into their swings, going from one house to
the next. Just really cute little monkeys. The zoo also has some exotic birds and gnarly
reptiles. Now just up this hill from the Zoo takes us
to number 4 on the list: the Mirante of Joinville. Mirante is an observation platform 14.5 meters
(or 47.5’) high, located on the highest point of Morro Boa Vista the name, appropriately,
translates to Good View Hill. From the Mirante you can view the many neighborhoods of Joinville and the beautiful forest that surrounds the city and out into the Atlantic
ocean. It’s a great combination of nature and cityscape. A cool little bonus up here is a boardwalk
that winds through the forest of Morro Boa Vista. Also a great little walk if you have the energy. Luckily for me the Caldo de Cana is kicking
in! Now, it’s not lost on me that the first
4 of my top 10 things to do in Joinville are basically all outside thus far. This could be problematic because it does
rain quite a bit in Chuville, I mean Joinville. So this leads me to the first indoor point-of-interest
and number 5 on the list: The Museum of Art. The Museum of Art is free to enter and always
features a rotating exhibition so it’s always cool to visit every year because there’s
always something new. Right now, in an awesome coincidence, the
exhibition, which contains 83 photographs, is called “Agrocultura”. According to the artist, Daniel Machado, the
objective of the work is to show the essence of people living in rural ​​Joinville,
as well as the importance of their work to the culture and economy of the city. How awesome is that! It’s like we basically have the same goals
in our creative endeavours. Now being on my feet all day has made me hungry
so grabbing a chair brings me to number 6 on the list: eating caranguejo at Bar e Petisqueira
Janga. Caranguejo or crabs do require a lot of work
to remove the meat but it’s just so delicious it’s totally worth it. By the way, these crabs are found along the
coast of Santa Catarina, throughout the coastline of Brazil and even up into Florida. And right now, during the first months of
the year, it’s crab season–when the crabs move out of the ocean and into the wetlands
to reproduce, and easily caught. Now that our stomachs are full let’s go
on a little adventure hike and reach number 7 on the list Cachoeira Piraí. The Piraí waterfall is a great place to cool
off during a hot, humid day like today. The waterfall is located within the outskirts of Joinville, near the start of the Piraí
River that flows through the Atlantic Rain Forest, nestled in the foothills of Serra
do Mar (or the coastal mountain range). Aside from all the beautiful nature there
is a super sweet natural rock slide in the Piraí river. Pro-tip, because you’re in the rainforest,
bring mosquito repellent. Now, that water is cold. I’m all perked up and ready to move onto
our next point of interest and number 8 on our list: Rodovia Do Arroz. Rodovia Do Arroz or Rice Highway is in the
Villa Nova rural neighborhood of Joinville. And just within this neighborhood there are
about 170 rice farms on 3,000 hectares of ground (that’s about 7,400 acres). The total planted rice acreage throughout
the state of Santa Catarina is 150,000 hectares or about 366,000 acres. I always enjoy cruising around rice highway,
especially this time of year, just before harvest. I’ll occasionally find an open get and pop
in and met a new farmer friend, exchange production practices, yield potential and, of course,
the price of rice. If how rice is farmed here in Brazil is interesting to you, check out Episode 19 of Rice Farming TV. Link in the description. Now, talking and thinking about rice has made
me hungry again so let’s move on to number 9 on the list: Restaurante Hübener. Restaurante Hübener is a German restaurant
located on Estrada Dona Francisca, way out of town in the Pirabeiraba neighborhood of
Joinville. Eating here is a family tradition and culturally
important to the city since it was largely colonized by Germans. Even though there’s plenty of options, that
are super delicious, I stick to maheco which is like a duck-like game bird, red cabbage,
spaetzle, and of course, fried banana for dessert. Now over-eating is common here but it’s not
going to slow me down. Let’s move on to the 10th and last point
of interest–the Joinville Yacht Club. We’re going to cruise the Babitonga Bay. Now there are commercial boat cruises leaving
the yacht club but in our fortunate case, we have a family friend who owns a beautiful
sailboat, and I think it’s my preferred mode of aquatic travel–no motor, just the
sound of the ocean. Just the sound of having fun. On this trip we’re crossing the Babitonga
Bay to the Capri Yacht Club to enjoy the sunset. And what a beautiful way to finish my top
10 list of things to do in Joinville. Thank you for watching. Let me know down in the comment section something
you enjoy doing in Joinville that I didn’t cover. Give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the videoand please subscribe if you haven’t done so. Take care.

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