Hey everyone, Cory from and today, I’m bringing you my top 5 tetras! Number 5 is the black neon tetra. Almost bulletproof you can hit them with a hammer they’re so hardy, and they’re cheap – cheap, cheap, cheap – and they look great against a green background. I love them for beginners; I love them for seasoned aquarists. One of my absolute favorites. If you haven’t played with any of the black neons, you really got to get around to it. Number 4 – the Pristella tetra! It’s got a cool little dorsal fin with that, you know, the two dots – basically the black and the yellow. They get about two and a half inches; real robust. That’s a great thing, they can take a little bit of a beating from things, and they can kinda mix that semi-aggressive and peaceful tank nature, and they tend to live for people a very long time, and great for newbies. Maybe you want something a little more delicate. Well, we’ve got the red arc pencilfish. That is kind of in that tetra family for sure. A little more delicate, only get about 2 inches, typically only wild-caught. A little bit aggressive all the males have all the color and the females not so much, but absolutely love them. Really want to keep a tank full of hundreds of them, but they’re kind of expensive, and they’re pretty much only wild-caught. You knew it was coming – Cardinal tetras – They’re a staple in the hobby. They look good in big groups, they look great in a planted tank. Grow them big and keep them warm and feed them well, and you’ll have a showstopper. I really like them in big, big, big, groups. Here, theres not that big of a group I would keep them in much bigger of a group, but got to give them credit – number two. All right, here’s the number one. You probably… I don’t know if you know this fish. Maybe you do. Maybe you’ve seen them do this, but let’s take a look. We’ve got the silver tip tetra. Now, why do I love these? The males get nice and orange super duper orange the females not so much and when you have them in a big group, they typically will frenzy, like this where they’ll start following your hand and you can get them to move all around and that’s the coolest part. Plus, they’ve got these little like tips on their fins and they can really get jazzed up and going – and who doesn’t love that? So in big groups, super duper cool, I plan to do a tank with these very soon. They are my number one, most underrated tetra. Super hardy, they’re pretty cheap, but you need groups of like, 50 of them, to really get that cool behavior. These guys are a little bit young to be doing that, but they’re super active and flittery and they will look cool!

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