National Museum Manila Philippine

Now, I am going to shop for easy load. I am finding a shop for easy load. My internet data package finished which was for 3 days Lets find easy load shop. Got the load. Like as in Pakistan, if you get load of 30 Rupees you need to pay 32 or 33 rupees. here, on 30 pesos load they charge 33 pesos. Taft Avenue The minimum ticket of MRT is 13 pesos. and if you going ahead, then added some more money. I purchased a ticket from Gudapale to ……….. I purchased a ticket from Gudapale to Taft Avenue Its cost is 16 pesos. From there get an other LRT, and its goes to National Museum. and purchased its ticket separate from there. Some locals are advise you to save your bags Keep save your bag from snatchers. or someone cut off bag like pick pockets, here are bag pickers. Here is same work like Pakistan called ‘jugar’ directions are mentioned on papers. This is a national museum. camera is not allowed inside as you enter inside, firstly, security check they kept your bag and camera. they gave back my camera but not back camera stick camera is allowed to make pictures but not videos. This is a National museum of Anthropology. Here are lots of museum and forts. lets see the practice of children. One Pepsi for 15 pesos. All museum entrance are free of cost. and closing time is 05:00 pm.

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