NAU HLC Fitness

0:01 Why should people come to group fitness
classes? 0:10 Um, cause its awesome! 0:14 You meet a ton of friends who have the
same interest and you always want to come back. 0:18 Just a great resource that are available
to all the students and its free. We have some really awesome instructors. 0:25 Its a great way to get energized 0:28 You make however hard you want. Its for
all levels. 0:31 So this is cardio kick boxing. Its really
upbeat and fun, and why not get fit? It’s the best thing. 0:38 I teach high intensity interval training.
You can find what different classes work for you and which instructors you prefer. Theres
different formats and different types of intensities and its just the best way to get in shape,
and stay in shape. 0:52 We teach rumba. Its a fun way to work
out and its a big dance party. Its good way for us to, you know, really vent stress and
relax. 1:06 You get to meet new people who like to
do the same thing you do. 1:10 So I teach yoga. Yoga is just a good
way to relax, connect to yourself. Its good way to get fit, stretch out, relax and feel

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