Nemo Sanchez: Swimmer and Filmmaker

I can tell you one thing I don’t like,
getting wet. I was actually terrified of the water, like water could not touch my
face. Water was a no-go. I swim for something greater than my
own, I swim for my teammates, I swim for
Vanderbilt. The water I drink yesterday isn’t going to keep me hydrated today. So
that’s the mentality I wake up with every day, and I just see how I can push
myself to be the best version of myself. From upscale dining to casual dining,
flavorful explosions to pure comfort food, the sweet, the savory, and the hot,
Nashville has it all. But this city is also facing a major problem:
food waste. It’s an art, it’s a way of expression, but it’s also used as a
platform. Structuring something that you had in your mind and seeing it come to
life is really cool too in the editing room. I just wake up every morning being
thankful for the fact that I’ve been given the opportunity to be at such an amazing
place and to be able to represent such an amazing school.

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