NEON Aquatic Data

The National Ecological Observatory
Network, or as it is commonly known “The NEON Project,” is providing data and
infrastructure to scientists to better understand and forecast interactions
between life and the environment. Funded by the National Science Foundation and
operated by Battelle, the NEON Project consists of eighty-one sites strategically
located across the U.S. Thirty-four of these field sites are focused on aquatic
systems with observational and instrumental data collected from twenty-four streams, three large rivers, and seven lakes. The project’s aquatic observations
characterize stream channel and lake morphology, organism abundance and
diversity, seasonal climatic hydrologic and chemical changes, and riparian
phenology. In all, more than two hundred types of physical, chemical, and biological data
are gathered at each aquatic site. Combined with aquatic sensor
measurements and other NEON ecological data – aquatic, chemical, physical, and
organismal observations samples and measurements provide an unprecedented
opportunity to study ecosystem level change over time and when logistically
possible, NEON collocates aquatic sites with terrestrial sites to support
understanding of linkages across atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic
ecosystems. Learn more about the NEON Project and how it is advancing the
boundaries of science by visiting our website at

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