Pls Like Share & Subscribe wee hoo Agh Let’s do this Oh All right! Take a break Suprise! ooh yeahh Are you freaking kidding me let’s go Well, let’s not do that Come on Come onn ah haa ha Cowabunga dude! We interrupt with this Important safety message. Hey guys, Aaron here. This video is supposed to replicate a video game so do not try this at home a Pool, I know for a lot of my audience as a younger age a pool can be very dangerous If you are not older like myself we run around the pool a lot. We’re jumping in the pool a lot We’re fighting each other kind of drowning each other in the pool I don’t want to glorify that that violence or being stupid around a pool at all Especially for a younger kid. Everyone who was in this video was a professional stuntman Okay, that’s not true. We’re not professional stunt mans but we all know each other. Well really good swimmers And before we did anything in the video, we always plan it out. So it’s supposed to replicate a video game that at all That’s all it is if you guys haven’t already make sure you subscribe like smash the like button and follow me on Instagram where our Twitter and or Twitter at Aaron Esther. Thanks for watching

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