NEW FISH in the saltwater aquarium!

This guy’s hilarious look he sure wants out he wants in the tank He just sensed it this guy’s been trying to jump out of the bag the whole time Okay, so in the last video you guys will recall me setting up the saltwater aquarium Which is now up and running now of course we went over everything that it took to set up the tank including Cycling it and if you remember I was a little weary about the method that I had to go with see I chose to go with a Bacteria in a bottle and I mentioned that I would be doing some ammonia testing with pure ammonia Directly injecting it into the aquarium waters column. I should also mention that the timing behind these videos might seem a little bit odd There’s more time than what appears, but I time these videos out So they would come out one after the other so there was no real weight in between so bear with me So this bacteria is going to need a live food source and this bacteria needs ammonia So directly injecting it will give them that food source And if this bacteria is true and present It will oxidize that ammonia down into nitrite and then into nitrate which I can remove through water changes I’m happy to say that that is actually happening. See I doused the aquarium with enough ammonia to get a reading of 0.4. Milligrams a liter of total ammonia within the aquarium Then I’d wait anywheres between 6 and 12 hours test again and wait for a zero reading, and I was getting that downside I don’t know if it was the live bacteria in the sand the bacteria that was on the rock that released was it the doctor Tim’s and the bacteria in a bottle or Was it the colony? I’m not sure and I guess at the end of the day I don’t care right now because I can add the fish however long-term and for you guys It’s probably a good idea for me to discover. Which one is actually working, or is it a combination? I Think that’s an interesting video for the future though you see I needed to do this cycle rather quickly because the fish were on their Way, I only have certain times and days that I could order fish And then they come rather quickly today is the day the fish are here. Let’s go get them So I know they’re in here somewhere I know that I’m excited hope you guys are as well So you guys know that I wanted a lionfish and there it is we’ve got a black bulletin lionfish He doesn’t look too. Happy in the tank right now, but I seen other pictures of him and Once we get him in the tank. He’s gonna display quite nicely. Let’s go find everybody else so keep in mind. We’re doing predator aquarium Or at least fish that are predator in nature Look who it is so a snowflake eel, this guy is actually pretty good-sized Don’t be fooled by this rock there he’s actually quite long probably close to 8 inches 10 inches or something along those lines and of course being Canadian and this being a snowflake Perfect fit so you guys know that I also wanted to get a porcupine puffer But at the time Jeff from my local fish store here in Dartmouth Nova Scotia one fish two fish Simply wasn’t able to source it believe it or not. I can’t get any fish at any given moment you know it I definitely tend to have to wait or join a list or just keep an eye out so in the meantime he offered me another type of predator, and I guess you can go ahead and say that this is going to be a Secret fish we can’t look at it today. I need to introduce you guys to this fish separately I’m going to set it to up its own video fish simply has also some specific needs that I don’t want to mix mash into this video because I want to show you how I’m going to acclimate these fish to their new aquariums and Hopefully it’ll be worth it if you want to see that video in a couple days do not subscribe to this channel yet make sure You do so you don’t miss it He wants out he wasn’t the tag he just sensed it this guy’s been trying to jump out of the bag the whole time I love this guy and to be honest with you if Everything else that I got for this tank simply doesn’t work out I really hope that I’d be happy with just this guy being in it almost like another Frank tank and being a snowflake eel and being Canadian that haunts Me I have to admit something about the whole bacteria in a bottle thing and cycling it with existing bacteria that might be on the Gravel and the rocks as well as adding it throughout. The bottles. Simply just isn’t sitting with me right and Adding fish to an aquarium right away after doing this I’ve never truly done it myself before But I do think it’s important to stay well-versed and to try different methods so that I can at least report back to you guys however to make me have a Sleep better at night. I’m gonna be doing 30 percent water changes on this aquarium every three days. Let’s acclimate these fish It’s gonna be different than all the freshwater fish that I’ve shown you before After he’s temperature acclimated. I need to drip acclimate him and what that kind of means is I’m going to not only put him in this aquarium to temperature I’ll meet him here But then I’m gonna dump the whole bag in him and his contents out into this bucket then I’m gonna take an airline and slowly siphon out water Into the bucket until the bucket kind of fills up and this will slowly acclimate the fish To the salinity that my aquarium actually currently is I’m gonna give them about 15-20 minutes in here and then we’re gonna start doing the dress as for the lionfish you have to come in this bucket Just because he’ll puncture the bags may be Downside to these guys though as they are venomous They’re not a poisonous fish But rather venomous much like the freshwater stingray all of these burbs along the his dorsal spine here Hold venom and it’s extremely painful so catching him There’s a various methods that we’ll talk about but I’ll show you the way. I’m going to do it I don’t know why I always gotta buy venomous fish but it’s just a It’s just keeps happening okay, citizens guys floating directly in the water his aquariums temperature or his water temperatures already there These guys are also Escape artists as you can see he’s not shy he will try to come out of the water And this is a considered a large one when you’re buying one I think he’s still kind of small they do get rather big though I can’t wait to see what he’s going to look like we’ll see him better in the aquarium, but look at his patterns He’s gonna be beautiful Alright, so I went ahead and started acclimating the eel in the bucket here as you can see he’s quite active indicating that he’s healthy and the Acclimation period is not causing too much stress for him, but that said I do worry about him trying to jump out These guys are you know escape artists to an extent they are not shy of coming out of that bag? Or out of the water, so we’ll have to see what happens here There he goes. We’re gonna do this for about 15 to 20 minutes and move on to the lionfish Okay, I’m gonna say the eel has done the lionfish Almost there Let’s go ahead and get this guy out Luiz here. We’re looking pretty Guys complement each other so well I’m gonna get you into this net this net is too big for this thing. Yeah better fit You need you to come out. Can you get in this net right quick? It’s my first time netting a snowflake you Don’t swim in oh Wow, oh yeah, I forget these guys like the jump uh So I guess we’re just gonna have to move quick Your phone name hold that rock and you want to go up to the overflow Explorer have a good time This is a wall This is your entire tank though You can you can go over here if you want Saltwater fish are officially not as smart as freshwater fish, and this is concrete evidence All right Now the lionfish there’s gonna be a couple of ways to net these guys one way is you can? grab it by your hand and Have the venom injected into your hand notice that I said you can do that. I’m going to use a net Yours might want to see this. I got a friend coming to you You’re so active I wonder if he’ll always be like that or once you get comfortable in the tank you’ll hide a lot or you will were active because you are comfortable in the tank I Now own a water snake basically You ever cool. Oh look you found your decorations. I’ll never see you again, why? And that was the last time we seen home all right lionfish One big fella do these guys jump I Hope they don’t jump. I don’t think they jump. I don’t want to hurt him They look like they have wings though. So maybe they can jump if I open the lid I didn’t open whit Let’s open you tried to go in there aren’t you not very smart only fish I ever had that wanted to be netted you ready Okay, I think he I think he’s nodding yes, okay go And you go Don’t struggle just swim out naturally Whoo Look at you. Oh, you gorgeous little thing. I hope you stay out like this He looks Pretty big he’s a decent size, but let me remind you He’s in a pretty decent sized aquarium, so he doesn’t he’s not that big But he’s gonna get huge I’m so happy. I changed the scape this this suits these guys so much better. I love it. I hope you guys like it One of his little horns is missing Wow nope those grow back filaments Thank you so pretty too much flow in the tank my man. I can slow it down I’ll monitor him closely the eel doesn’t matter. Oh. Yeah, well. We have one in here. I promise He’s in there somewhere But the lionfish I’ll monitor him closely for flow we’ll see how that goes over time Let’s give him a couple hours in the tank see how that goes This big he’s poking his head and through and all these different crevices in the rocks So it’s all hollow throughout these structures here if you guys remember They’re more like circular rocks a hole in the middle and he’s inside of it and every once in a while If there is a polkas little head out He’s killing me oh yeah, I can watch you for hours, she just gave the tag to you You’re a disappointment Get up here and swim Entertain us I’m just kidding You are pretty I hope you do okay. I think adding the fish to this aquarium And acclimating them has been a success lionfish as you can see is out about that snowflake Eel is still kind of in the rocks poking his head How periodically which is I don’t know why it’s so funny to me I apologize if I’m annoying anybody with that, but it’s just so it’s so funny But anyways I hope that you guys enjoyed this video so far I do know that a lot of you guys want to know what that secret fish is and that’s gonna be out in two days in the meantime I’ll post some updates about these two to Instagram and Facebook’s if you’re not following me their links are in the description below, and if you join me back in two days, I’ll Have the entire video out on what that secret fish is? There’s this tiny little squiggly line attached to it. I want to make sure that both have that So there’s one Oh he does, too Wow isn’t that I’ve never experienced anything like this. I know I’m entirely excited. Here’s what we’re going to do

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