New human species found in the Philippines

This small fragment of bone was
found in a cave in the Philippines and scientists think it belongs to a
previously unknown species of human. They’ve named the new species Homo luzonensis,
after the island of Luzon on which it was found. So far, only a few clues to this species’
existence have been unearthed – some hand and foot bones,
a thigh bone and seven teeth. All of them are tiny, suggesting that
their owners were under four feet tall. This is the second species of dwarf
human to be found in Southeast Asia. In 2004, scientists presented the skull of
a small-bodied and small-brained species named Homo floresiensis,
commonly known as the ‘Hobbit’. Both species were alive around 50,000 years ago,
at the same time as our species, Homo sapiens, our close relatives the Neanderthals and a mysterious
type of early human called the Denisovans. While these groups roamed around
Asia, sometimes interbreeding, the ancestors of the ‘Hobbit’ and
Homo luzonensis may have been isolated on islands where they probably shrank
in response to limited resources. The scientists think that Homo luzonensis was
even smaller than the ‘Hobbit’, and less robust. The teeth in particular are a puzzle – a weird
mixture of ancient and modern features. This striking combination of characteristics,
not seen in any other human species, convinced the team that they had
found an entirely new species. But where did it come from? Who were its ancestors? One possibility is Homo erectus. We know that this bipedal species made it
out of Africa and was living in Southeast Asia before Homo luzonensis or
the ‘Hobbit’ appear in the fossil record. So, both species could be small
versions of Homo erectus. But this foot bone doesn’t look
like Homo erectus or our species at all. It’s a proximal phalanx – a toe bone – and
it’s more curved than a Homo sapien toe. In fact, it looks like the toe of
Australopithecus, an ancient human relative that lived in Africa three million years ago
and, as far as we know, never left Africa. The toe bone raises an interesting question
about how Homo luzonensis moved. Curved toes are good for climbing and
we think that Australopithecus climbed trees, as well as walking on two feet sometimes. Two and a half million years later, was the
small-bodied Homo luzonensis also a climber? This would be a surprise because
we’re pretty sure that its contemporaries were walking upright and
not hanging out in trees. The researchers would like to find more bones
and they’ll continue to dig in Callao Cave. It’s unlikely that DNA has survived in this warm,
wet climate, but they might be able to extract proteins from the bones, which could tell us how
Homo luzonensis is related to other species of early human, helping to answer some of
the many questions that this discovery raises. So, it seems that 50,000 years ago,
Asia was home to a far more diverse bunch of humans than we first thought – small
ones on islands, some possibly living in trees, larger ones on the mainland, sometimes interbreeding. The evolution of our species is
messy, complicated and fascinating.

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  • I seen a documentary where the australian aborigine did trade in cdo with native Filipinos thousands of years ago.Some aboriginals even settled there,seen some of the indigenous Filipinos on this doco.they actually had the same features as the aboriginals to this day,The aborigine goes back 50.000 years.

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  • Tbh Philippines is so gifted in nature and archaeological sites but it's not taken care of the government

  • This is so fascinating. Thank you for this informative video!

  • I thought island dwarfing happens only on very small islands.

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  • Excellent program! Very good information about these small ancient people! Thank you very much!

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  • It's clear that there are a bunch of different sub species of humans and humanity is really just a collective of various hominid hybrids.
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  • I don't believe those are bones of humans. And humankind didn't start in Africa, but in the Garden of Eden somewhere in Ancient Mesopotamia, 6000 years ago. So you evolutionists, stop spreading lies.

  • I remember Richard Leakey in a lecture in the early Eighties stating there are no more "missing links" that we have discovered the full progression of human evolution. Was this all before more and more types of co-existing hominids were discovered, i.e. like Homo Naledi, or like here, Luzonensis? Thanks to "nature video" for providing this intriguing video!

  • They are not new. They still exist. Humanoids are not all once species. Look around.

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  • Isnt this is one of a Nephilim?

  • It is called Homo Midgetus, this why they are small, or locally called "Taosnaunanos".

  • I have also found human skeleton in my farm near about 6 lac yers old.

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  • Six bones and seven teeth… all of which you could conceal in one hand… and they're screaming "New Species" alert! Certainly we can send these remains away to be forensically reconstructed into a full upright bipedal creature with white human eyes, fabulous hair, and a love of climbing trees.

  • Ok they won't recognize giants from our past with all the evidence all around the world.So now they do recognize and identify small bone fragments as being human.So now this makes us humans today literally giants!The truth is coming out slowly with all the new technology and the puzzle is being put together.

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