New initiative aims to preserve aquatic life in Madison lake

— LEAH — A NEW INITIATIVE TO BETTER PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT AT A POPULAR MADISON PARK – HAS THE COMMUNITY AND CITY WORKING TOGETHER. OUR CARRIE LARSEN TELLS US WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. PKG P- 1 SOT CARRIE: THE WINGRA LAGOON IS A KNOWN MATING SPOT FOR FROGS AND TOADS THIS TIME OF YEAR.. BUT SOME ARE CONCERNED, MECHANICAL WEED TRIMMERS ARE DISRUPTING THEIR HABITAT. 1 SOT 30;38 For many many years, the parks division with the help of dane county has done weed cutting in both lake wingra behind me and the lagoon, vilas lagoon to my left 30;50 1 VO/MINI-DISC CHARLIE ROMINES WITH MADISON PARKS SAYS IT PROVIDES A BETTER RECREATIONAL SPACE FOR PARK-GOERS… 1 SOT whether that be swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and even ice skating 31;00 2 VO/MINI-DISC BUT SOME BELIEVE.. THE MACHINES ARE KILLING OFF IMPORTANT AQUATIC PLANTS TOO EARLY. 2 SOT spring harvest can definitely harm the habitat for the frogs and the toads 32;16 3 VO/MINI-DISC BEN YAHR WITH FRIENDS OF LAKE WINGRA IS HELPING WITH A NEW PROGRAM – TO KEEP THEM SAFE. 3 SOT 29;39 basically it involves having volunteers go out several times a week in the evening about a half an hour after sunset and listen for frogs and toads 29;49 4 VO/MINI-DISC HEARING THE CROAKS AND RIBBETS WILL HELP “LAGOON OBSERVERS” TRACK THE SPRING MATING SEASON.. ALLOWING THEM TO REPORT THE FINDINGS TO MADISON PARKS.. AND COME UP WITH A BETTER TIME TO HARVEST. 4 SOT 32;25 that allows the recreational goals to be achieved while also being sensative to frogs and mating season, water lilies, and the various other concerns people rightly have about the water way 32;38 4 VO/MINI-DISC ROMINES SAYS THE PARKS DIVISION WAS HAPPY TO GET ON BOARD WITH THE INITIATIVE.. 4 SOT the fact that they’re willing to step up and not just present a problem or an issue, but to be part of the solution 37;23 4 VO/MINI-DISC ONE THAT WILL HELP PRESERVE MADISON’S ENVIRONMENT – AND WHAT RESIDES IN IT. 4 SOT 38;34 there’s just so many great natural resources and recreational resources that we need to provide access to people, but we need to do that in an appropriate way so that it’s ongoing and available for future generations 38;49 4 SOT CARRIE: REPORTING FROM LAKE WINGRA, THIS IS CARRIE LARSEN FOR WISC NEWS 3. — LEAH — THE WEEDS IN THE LAGOON WILL STILL BE CUT — JUST, *AFTER* MATING SEASON. THE PROGRAM SHOULD LAST UPWARDS OF ABOUT 5 YEARS… AND IT’S STILL LOOKING FOR OMRE VOLUNTEERS. IF YOU’RE INTERESTED – YOU CAN FIND MORE INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE, CHANNEL 3000 DOT COM.

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