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– This is the “GTN show”, and it is a packed one. We’re going to be getting a
little bit techy with a focus on a sport that quite often
gets neglected in this area. Yep, we are delving into
the world of swimming tech to find out what can make you faster. – Yeah, we’ve also got some
giveaway winners to announce. We’ve also got a new idea for
an anticipated hot triathlon event that actually almost
got rained off, caption comp. We have got race news, and of course, your wonderful pictures to share. (upbeat music) – Could swimming actually
be catching up with running and cycling when it
comes to wearable tech? Well, we saw huge advances in
the performance related part of swimming tech, when it was
all about those swim suits and the skins that actually
cover the arms and the legs to increase performance, but they actually got banned
by the world governing body of swimming, FINA back in 2009. – Yeah, so as a result, the emphasis now seems to be moving on to swim tech that can have
more of an improvement in performance in the training environment and as such, we’re starting
to see an awful lot of new initiatives that
are coming onto the market. – Well, one of which is Incus, and I was lucky enough
to go and try this out first hand up at Loughborough. So I headed up to find
out a little bit more about this product. Now it sits just at the top
of the back of your spine, and it actually measures
your body’s positioning in the water. So your rotation, your
pitch, and your yawn. It gives you a huge amount of measurements and data from this. But I wanted to find out a little bit more before I got in the water, and I spoke to MD Chris Ruddock. – Most people would be used to
typical wrist based trackers, which will give you things like your laps and your stroke count and
those kind of metrics. With the Nova, we’re able
to understand your strokes, your breaths, your kicks on the left and right
hand sides independently. We’re able to understand your body pitch, your body roll, through the stroke, and more importantly,
we’re able to understand how the person’s actually
moving through the water as a result of each stroke. So our analytics can
do the maths in between to measure those inputs,
the stokes, the breaths, the kicks, and those outputs. Actually how much you’re moving forwards, and do the maths in between
to say what’s working for you and what’s not working
for you as an athlete. – This sounds amazing. It sounds like you don’t need
a coach once you’ve got that. But how can coaches and then
athletes themselves use this, and what do you envisage it, how is it gonna go into the market, and who’s gonna be able to use it? – The system is entirely
developed from the ground up with athletes and coaches in mind. So it’s about providing high
quality information for coaches that don’t readily have
that information for them. For those that don’t have a coach, it gives them that guidance though data. So it’s about high quality information but simple and easy to use. We’re not all sports scientists, so that’s what it’s about. – It was really quite a simple test, I literally just had
to swim a few lengths, and it’s amazing how much data
they actually took from that, and all of these numbers
which to start with I was looking at, didn’t make any sense. But Chris and Liam talked through it, and also using the app, the Incus Cloud, it just helped to actually
put it into layman’s speak of data that I could
then take away and use. So it was really interesting. – I mean, it does sound fascinating. So what actually, if anything, did they manage to tell you? – I was a bit worried, because I was like, what’s it gonna show about my stroke? But interestingly, in my left arm, I have more velocity gain and I’m actually pulling a bit stronger on the left, which, I’m right handed. So I was quite surprised at that. Not surprising I rotate
further to the right, which I guess makes sense
because if the left is stronger, I’m gonna go further that way. We had a play around
with sighting as well, which I think I’d love to do
a little bit more on that, but I naturally sight after a breath, and that showed my
stroke was much smoother than trying to sight before a breath. But that’s probably just
’cause that’s what I’m used to. And then they also looked
at increasing my speed, and seeing how that affected my stroke, and my stroke is much
smoother and more even when I’m swimming faster, but obviously, that I couldn’t maintain. So there’s so much more (mumbles) that you could actually
end up looking into. But also there’s obviously
so much more tech, including heart rate tech in swimming, which is really developing, and Polar have opened up this world. Firstly with the Vantage watches, which we’ve both been using for a while, and the optical heart
rate can actually measure your heart rate through the
wrist, but it’s designed to be able to work in the water as well. And they’ve now got a new device, the OH1+, which fits onto your goggles. So it clips onto your goggle strap, and this can then record your heart rate whilst you’re swimming and then your coach can have the Polar Beats app
and actually look at the app and see what you’re doing at the time, or afterwards you can also have a look and analyse your heart
rate data from that. – So we just pop the
device on our goggle strap close to our temple,
so that it can pick up our heart rate to give us that data. But the watches, or the Vantage watches should I say, are very well known for the fact that they do GPS, can give us distance and speed
and time out in the water, but there’s a whole
raft of other functions that they can do as well. They can tell us what
strokes we’re swimming, how many strokes we’ve
taken, our stroke rate. They can really give an
awful lot more information than just how far we’ve
been going, can’t they? – Yeah, there’s another
product quite similar to that, the Flex Edge, which we’ve
actually talked about previously in the show, and it measures heart rate. So it sits again on the
side of your goggles, and actually there’s a little vibration if you set it to certain zones that you want to swim in. But all of these, you’ve
actually gotta stop to look at the data. Obviously unless, you can
somehow see your watch whilst you’re swimming. So there’s been a couple of developments recently that allow you
to actually see data live whilst you’re swimming along, and there’s two new products
which are just about to be released this summer. One of which are the Form goggles, which we’ve actually talked
about in last week’s show. These goggles have an option
of 12 different metrics which they can display,
obviously not all at once ’cause it would get a little bit confusing whilst you’re swimming. – Yeah, well I actually couldn’t resist popping in the pool
recently to throw them on and have a test drive, really. And I was genuinely impressed with what the Form goggles gave me. I was just doing a quick set of 50, so I had the total time
running on the screen, and it also told me the splits for those 50 metre reps. But I thought it was a
great distraction technique if nothing else, but
really recommend them. I thought it was, yeah,
a really good tool. And you can get hold of the Form goggles from August the 7th. – Well, they’re not supposed
to be a distraction. They’re supposed to help
you with your swimming, and help you to improve. Another product that’s
also designed to help is Instabeat, and that’s actually released a couple of weeks ago, very similar, other than this isn’t
actually your goggles, it’s an attachment that
sits onto your goggles, and can give you a heart rate reading whilst you’re swimming
along, as well as other data, but really just shows, I mean, this is just a
selection that we’ve chosen, and the market in swimming
tech is growing pretty fast. – Okay, so let’s say
that you can choose one swimming metric to accurately record, what would you choose to do that and improve your performance? – Well, that leads us
onto this week’s poll. We actually want to find out, and we’re giving you the
options of heart rate, swimming power, I mean it’s
not even out there yet, but this is in the ideal futuristic world, stroke rate, your pace,
or something different. – Yeah, and we’d like to know, have you tried any swimming technologies, or if you haven’t, what would you like to see in the future? So please let us know
and drop those down there in the comment section below. – Well, that takes us on to the results from last weeks show, when we asked you, should
athletes be allowed assistance when racing? And it’s been a pretty torn set of results to be honest. At the bottom it came in at 12% for yes, from your teammates. – [Fraser} And then we had 15% said, only in the case of an emergency, which I can understand. – [Woman] Yeah, 19% said not from anybody. – [Fraser} Which is, yeah,
I can see that point. 24%, so a quarter there saying
only from race officials. – But just ahead with 30% say yes, from an external support team. Moving on, it is now time to announce the winners of our give away. – So we had a Mille GT NS Jersy, and for the female winner
we have an Uma GT NS Jersy. – Well, the men’s winner is Leon, from Great Britain. We don’t have his surname, but
Leon, we’ve got your email, so don’t worry, we’ll be in touch with that jersey soon. – Yeah, and the woman’s winner is Carmen, and Carmen is from Romania. – Well, congratulations guys, perfect for this hot weather
we’ve got at the moment. (upbeat music) Well, it’s now time for Tri news, and yes, we’ve been going on about this hot weather recently. Well, there’s actually a company who have focused on looking after our skin when we’re racing, ’cause
if you’re doing an Ironman, you’re out there for a pretty long time. Well, Pelotan have actually teamed up with the Outlaw Triathlon,
which was the weekend just gone, and they looked at the forecast, and seen that it was going to
be supposedly extremely hot. Now this suncream is a roll-on
version that they were going to provide in the transition area so athletes could
basically grab the Pelotan, they could roll it onto their skin whilst they’re running through and there’s an area where you
can dump it at the other end. So just before going
out onto the marathon, because you could be out there for several hours in baking heat. You’ve actually got some skin protection that’s supposed to be breathable and able to sweat through it as well. So a really great initiative
for this triathlon. – Yeah, it sounds like a fantastic idea, except the forecast may
be changed a little bit, and unfortunately the
athletes came out of the swim at the Outlaw, and rather
than having to go through transition and jump on their bikes, and off they go with the rest of the race, they were greeted with
the news that actually, they were stopping and it was becoming effectively a swim event
with a forced gap, I guess, to wait until they could then
get everybody out of the water and ready to then start a marathon. Not ideal at all for
the poor people thinking they were gonna do a marathon distance or a full Ironman distance at Outlaw. But also for Pelotan
who didn’t really get to have a lot of athletes
using their sunscreen to see what they thought about it. – Yeah, it’s pretty extreme for an event to not be shortened beforehand. It must have been a sudden… ‘Cause we don’t live that many hours away and I didn’t see any rain on Sunday. So really unfortunate for those athletes and the organisers. – So continuing on with a racing theme, we’re really pleased to
be able to talk about the fact that after a
long hiatus from racing, Bermuda’s Flora Duffy is
rather excitably back on a start line, because in two weeks time, we have got the Olympic test event for the Tokyo games next year. And this is the first race since May 2018 that Flora is going to
have been racing at. – Yeah, I think she’s gonna
be feeling a little bit rusty and she has said that she’s obviously not going to be race fit, ’cause she hasn’t done any races. So it’s obviously an
opportunity as an athlete, you’re hoping to go to the Games, you need to practise on that course, and see what it’s all about. And then her target is
if everything’s okay, to then race at the world championships, which I think are only two weeks after, so that’s gonna be quite a test to see if her foot is fully healed, and whether she’s ready for those worlds or if she’s just feeling a bit of pressure that she actually has to start racing because the Olympics are now a year away. It’s all getting a little bit tight. – Yeah, it is, so we
wish Flora all the best and hope to see her racing well again. – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Right, so now we’re onto
having a look at your pictures that you’ve sent us. And we always like having a look at them, and we’ve got another selection this week of, well, quite an eclectic mix really. First up is Helda and his
Planet X DR2 Altagra Stealth, which is proudly in front
of the New York skyline. – [Woman] Yeah, that’s a pretty
cool backdrop for certain. Enjoying the summer, going to go out from Zwift being indoors. So rather nice picture. Thanks for that one. – I’ve never been to New Jersey, have you? – I have, I’ve sailed up the Hudson. – There we go. – Not ridden my bike there, though. Anyway, the next one comes in from Faray, and it’s a Giant Trinity
Advanced Pro with DI2, and it’s a pretty swish looking bike. – Yeah, I mean, I think that
it’s quite funny that he… He’s described this as his second wife, which I’m not sure about what his wife actually thinks about that,
but a lovely picture here, and it’s from Cradle Moon
Lodge down in South Africa. So thanks for sending that one in. It looks very nice. I hope you’re getting ready to race with all those race wheels
and things set up on there. – Well our next one here comes from Robin, and it’s another Planet X. Now I don’t know Fraser, if that’s your favourite of
this month, or this week, I’m surprised it isn’t actually trek bikes that are making a feature here ’cause you know, Fraser has– – Yeah, that is my… I didn’t actually notice
that we had two bikes in the little selection,
but I did like the look of your pain cave Robin. It’s looking very neat and tidy, isn’t it? – Yeah, so Robin said, “I
started swimming and cycling “two years ago to help recovery
from a running injury.” It’s the way so many people
get into triathlon isn’t it? “I got the bug, and have now
completed multiple triathlons, “signed up for my first full Iron. “I love this sport so much. “Transformed my life, also
transformed my dining room, “which is now my pain cave. “Thanks for a great show.” – Which does look very good. I love all the numbers on the
wall and medals and things. So yeah, your set up there
looks really good, doesn’t it? – It certainly does. Well, our final picture
comes in from Degant, and it’s his Merida
Reacto 400 Lampre edition, and this is from India, near Mumbai. – Yeah, now what took me to this picture, I certain was held on it,
was the fact that he said, “It was out on one of my
favourite patches of road. “and had to take this picture,
because shortly after, “it rained heavily and made the whole ride “that much sweeter.” But I’m struggling to see
a road in that picture. – And if it rained heavily after, there’s already quite
a lot of water there, but good luck, I think you’d
be better on a gravel bike, but ambitious with the two t bars. I like it. Good stuff. – Yeah, brilliant. (upbeat music) – Right, it’s now time for race news. And we’ve got plenty to cover. We’re gonna start with Ironman, Hamburg. And in the women’s race,
it was pretty dominant performance by Susie Cheetham. She’s had a slight sort of
gap in her season earlier on, which she’s just recovering
from a bit of a virus, but she’s certainly back to top form now. She took the win in a time
of 8:58, quite convincingly. But a strong run from
Sarah Piampiano of the USA, brought her up into second place, and then third place went
to Julia Gajer from Germany. – Now in an equally dominant performance on the men’s side of things in Hamburg, because Demark’s Kristian Hogenhaug overcame a relatively poor swim, relative to the other
athletes in the field, but he entered T2 with
over three minutes’ gap on the rest of the athletes behind. And he effectively never looked back. He held on for that win,
which made an Ironman victory. Second place went to
Switzerland’s Ruedi Wild, who came through with a faster run, and third place home athlete, Paul Schuster from Germany. – Next up, we’ve got Ironman Canada. And it was a women’s only pro race, and it was a chance for home athlete, Heather Wertel to shine at this event. She was just off the
heels of Kelsey Withrow coming out of the swim,
but then very strong bike performance, lead her into
T2 and she didn’t look back to take the overall win. It was second place, Jen Annett, and then third, it was Kelsey Withrow. – And over in New York state,
the Lake Placid Ironman was a male-only Ironman to
counter Canada’s female-only, and that was dominated
by America’s Matt Russell and it was great to see him
back at the very top level of Ironman racing after his
horrific accident in Hawaii not so long ago. So he used the fastest bike
of the day to ride himself into the lead at T2. Wasn’t troubled thereafter, although Australia’s Joe
Gambles did pull through with the fastest run of the day, to get himself into second, and third place was Mark
Dualson from Germany. – Now onto Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa, and it was a pretty stacked
field on the women’s side. It was Paula Findlay who looked to be having
a really strong race, and was dominating in the lead until T2, but she had two incredibly
fast runners hot on her heels, Chelsey Sodaro and Mirinda Carfrae. Now, it didn’t take
those athletes that long to wittle down that
gap, and it was actually Chelsey Sodaro who had the
quickest run of the day, to take the overall win. Mirinda Carfrae came home in second, and Paula Findlay managed to stay in a podium position for third. – Yeah, close racing,
and we had some similarly close racing on the
men’s side in Santa Rosa. We had quite a few
athletes come out the water quite close to each other,
lead by Eric Lagerstrom from the U.S., but actually
it was Sam Appleton who was just behind in second, Tim O’Donnell and Tim Reed
who then surged forward on the bike, and indeed
those three came into T2 with quite a gap over the
remainder of the field, and that really was the
show down for the medals. With Sam Appleton using
the fastest run of the day to secure the victory. He’s won in Santa Rosa many times. Second place went to home
athlete Tim O’Donnell, and former world 70.3
champ Tim Reed came third. – Well the final race
for this weeks race news is Alpe d’Huez, and it was dominated by the Ironman world champion Daniela Ryf, and it seemed like she
enjoyed the race as well, ’cause on her Instagram she’s
put, what an amazing day, swimming in the beautiful lake, followed by the most challenging
and stunning bike course I have ever done in triathlon. – Yeah, so not only did she
actually cross that finish line as the first athlete,
but she actually rode up that final climb of the
race, the Alpe d’Huez itself, in the fastest bike split. They have a section on the triathlon for the climb up the Alpe, and she was faster than
the entire men’s field, which is quite incredible. Even faster than Romain Guillaume, who took the win, and
he himself was delighted with his victory, he said, “I can’t believe that I’ve won “the mythic Alpe d’Huez Triathlon.” So incredible racing from
all of the athletes there. (upbeat music) – It’s now time for the
caption competition. Now last week we had this photo from the world cup in Tissivares. And as usual, some brilliant suggestions, and we’ve had to narrow
it down to two runners up, and a winner, and our first runner up comes from Y9annick says, I swear guys! The fish I saw during
the swim was this big! – Which would be a bit scary
if you were in the river in Tissivares and you
see something better. But anyway, John Phillips
then comes in with, what do you mean the bubbles
were turned off 10 minutes ago? Which is a bit worrying ’cause there’s a lot of
bubbles in that Jacuzzi. (laughter) – But our winner goes
to Jonathan Gunnarsson who gets himself one of these GTN caps, with the caption, what do you mean I got an DNF?! Are you inZane!? – Which is clever, I like it. – Yeah, we like it. Well, for your chance
to win a GTN swim cap, we’ve got a different picture this week, and it’s actually one of myself, from a recent swim shoot
we did in a quarry, if you believe it. But it’s pretty cool,
amazingly clear water. But yeah, do let us know
your caption suggestions, in the comments section below. – Now we have quite a few exciting videos coming up in the next week. I was lucky to go over
to Switzerland recently to visit the people at On Run to learn all about how a
running shoes are made. So keep your eyes peeled for that one. – Yeah, and I know you
and Mark are getting ready to head out to Norseman. Well Mark’s actually made
a video on his kit list for that event, and then as you saw, we’ve been doing some open
water swimming filming recently, and we’ve got one on how to overcome your open water fear, as well. – And talking about open water swimming, if you fancy anything out of our shop that can keep you swimming, the caps are in all sorts of colours. We’ve also got our
tee-shirts we’re wearing. There’s some nice new running stuff in there too, isn’t there? And of course if you’re
feeling a little bit chilly, which I doubt you are, we’ve got the jackets in there too. – Yeah, great stuff. And if you’ve enjoyed this,
hit the thumb up button, and find the globe onscreen to subscribe to make sure you get all
of our videos here at GTN. And it is open water season, I’m gonna bang on about it again. We’ve made a video on how to get ready ahead of your very first open water swim, and you can find that one just down here. – Yeah, and if you want
to see the test that Mark did on his DIY disc
wheel, you can find that here.

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