New traffic flow coming to the Dolphin Expressway

welcome back changing lanes on the busy dolphin expressway and it may cause some confusion for drivers you may want to pay attention here the diverging diamond interchange at Northwest 27th Avenue it’s gonna open tomorrow morning and local 10 News reporter Madeline Wright is in Miami with what you need to know right now crews have the road closed as they put the finishing touches on this project like repainting the roadway the reason for this project is to lighten up traffic on one of the most congested parts of the dolphin expressway and make it safer Northwest 27th Avenue near the dolphin expressway used to look like a cloverleaf now it looks like a diamond drivers will have to start navigating this new traffic pattern Monday morning you’re eliminating conflict points entering and exiting the expressway the new Road juncture is called a diverging diamond interchange this is what one looks like in Atlanta pavement markings and traffic lights direct drivers briefly to the left side of the road to cross the interchange to exit the interchange drivers simply move back to the right side of the road from a pedestrian point of view you’re you’re making them come in through the middle or more protective barrier and that’s more safer for the pedestrian if you use the dolphin keep this in mind follow all traffic signals and pavement markings don’t stop in the intersection and when you’re using the entrance ramps westbound or eastbound stay in the far left lane the lanes are going to be striped out there’s going to be pavement messaging there’s going to be signage the diverging diamond interchange is also coming to Northwest 57th Avenue at the 836 this multi-million dollar project is being funded primarily through toll revenue in Miami Madeline Wright local 10 News

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