Five years ago, these fields were a barren wasteland. Honeybee colonies were collapsing.. ..and pollination had all but stopped. But all of this has changed now. Because bees are back. But wait.. ..what is this? You might think these are ordinary bees. But let’s take a closer look. These little marvels of advanced robotics are second generation NewBees. Far superior to their nature counterparts, they have been successfully implemented all over the world. Completely solar powered, a NewBee requires very little downtime to recharge. Using realtime triangulation technology, each Newbee knows which part of the field has been pollinated. Maximising efficiency and yield. Unlike standard bees, NewBees are fully equipped to fight their natural enemies. As soon as a predator approaches, the NewBees are alerted, release a fast-acting insecticide, and neutralise the threat in a second. Nothing can harm them. Newbees do not tire, require minimum maintenance, and are produced for a fraction of the upkeep cost of normal bees. They are easily recycled, replaced, and activated. Newbees blend in perfectly with nature, and are programmed not to harm us. Soon you’ll be able to purchase a whole new colony and activate it in your fields. NewBees. The future is already here. Generously sponsored by: Google search: Robot Bees Should we create a new world Or save our own?

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