hey guys today’s video was going to be
talking about why I am NOT going to be no longer doing any more salt water
flushes I have mentioned it in a few other videos and I’m going to get in
depth in this video this video is all around why I’m not going to be doing
salt water flushes and what I’m going to be doing in place of salt water flushes
that is powerful and just as powerful and does the same effect as a salt water
flush is called Senna you can usually get that Senna
active ingredient in smooth move T or in ballerina 3 T it has active ingredient
Senna it’s in the green box but it’s not the purest form because it’s mixed with
other stuff like green tea or whatever is in smooth move tea which is more
ingredients than in the ballerina tea which is only green tea and Senna so I
purchased off the Amazon Senna it works like a charm and it has no sodium in it
and I use it every day I was using it before the salt would a flush but I
think that I was kind of forcing it with this detoxification thing wanting to
move it along even quicker so I started to incorporate the Senna salt what a
flush and juicing not knowing all three things are astringent and they do flush
out sodium and impurities and detox the body on a cellular level but when you’re
combining too much of the salt water flush component the salt water flush can
cause nerve issues and you know you know nerve issues and heart issues and I
started getting that fluctuating heart thing I noticed that a while ago from
doing the salt or the flushes I also noticed that when I’m stressing out on a
very angry I think because so much salt being builds up in my body
people and salt from doing so many saltwater flushes all the time it’s
making tightness in my chest because I have so much sodium buildup and salt to
me is like another component to how your emotions are when you’re dealing with
things that might not be that bad we make them worse because we have these
chemicals or things that we’re eating in our diets that are making us feel awful
so I decided to remove the salt water flush component completely out of my
regimen of one of the ways that I detoxification buddy it’s also going to
cut drastically I mean almost more than half of sodium intake on a daily basis
which is a good thing I’m gonna have to now go back to square one and start
working on getting this sodium that I’ve been putting into the body since January
2018 which is about eight months I’m gonna have to work on a cellular level
all the sodium buildup that’s in the body and I will do that with my juicing
I also read that juicing also can flush out quite a bit of sodium that the body
needs and can cause you know heart and nervous problems so I think with the
salt water flush doing that every morning and then the juicing cleansing
out more of you know would it it’s supposed to it’s just not a good
component it’s it’s a thing of you do one or the other and I’d rather keep the
juicing in play and take out the salt water flush because I won’t be getting
the from the salt water flush anymore but I
do eat solid foods and even salads that have salts in them well in the salad
dressing or whatever have you so the juicing will basically balance
out the excess salt and keep me from bloating like the salt water flushes do
as well without making a sodium buildup so I’d rather keep the juicing in the
equation and get rid of the salt water flushes and use the Senna in place of
the salt water flush because it gives off the same force effect when it goes
to the colon whatever’s in the colon it clears it out I’m within it might take a
couple of hours for it to work but once it works like the salt water flush it
flushes and cleanse out everything in the colon I will leave the the link in
the description to where to buy the center and replace of the salt water
flush but I do recommend that we all especially in me if you’re getting older
cut back on the salt and use the center I would recommend you getting the one
that I use which is pure Senna said of getting detox teas with the active
ingredient a Center in it you don’t know you know what quality it is and you
don’t know how much of it they’re putting in it but when you get whole
Senna powder you know the grounded up whole Center in powder form and you take
I think it’s a 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of this once or twice a day you’re getting
a great quality Senna that gives you results as a salt water flush so with
all this being said please subscribe to the channel like and she had this video
and make it a favorite and burr that the link is in the description
if you’re thinking about buying this on Sena and you guys have a blessed day

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