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All right, so this is the February ScrawlrBox and if you look at it, I think the a post office worker may have sat on it, haha, but I’m sure the art supplies are alright, so we’re going to open it up and make something with ’em. ♪ music ♪ All right inside we have the tissue paper *crchcrch* which contains the art supplies *crssshhh* and we have – – what are these? Oh my gosh, hehaha. The first thing on here are these are the Karin brush marker pros. These actually came in the February– –Wₕₐₜ ₜₕₑ ₕₑ𝒸ₖ ᵢₛ ₜₕₐₜ? Haha These actually came in the February Paletteful Packs box so I’ve used these before! That doesn’t — I don’t say that very often do I? We’ve got gold, lilac with a “C,” last time it had a “K,” blender — so a colorless blender, and lush green. Look at the spring. Now, I think I learned a bit from my last time using these and somebody suggest I try mixing them with water. So we’ll have to try that this time. Also in the box we have this mystery pen. Let’s see is there… oh, there’s something written on it. It’s not a complete mystery. Let’s see, the Spectrum Noir Aquatint. So I’m gonna guess that it’s kind of like a water color, but also not because it would have just said water color, wouldn’t’ve. Okay, we’ll find out… haha, when we swatch ’em. Let’s see also in here these look like something you’d use in elementary school. Wonder if these are all like water blendable? Ooh, two stickers. That’s special for the month. We have this which I definitely had in elementary school and middle school and probably high school and I may still have. Do they have a name for these just pencil cap eraser… oooohhh, I see what’s going on here. I like to whine about pencils not coming with erasers. So I feel personally rewarded. Teheheha This is the Caran d’Ache Edelweiss pencil. The cool thing about a ScrawlerBox is that it comes from the UK. so there’s often art supplies that people who grow up in that country see all the time and people who grow up in the United States, like me, don’t see all the time. So it’s fun to experiment with them even when it’s like something cheaper, but I see paint brush on there which usually means it’s water soluble. So I think I’m figuring this out. Here is a little Happy Fruities, “MOAM,” looks like it is orange flavored. *mpapapapap* And lastly the art line-drawing system. I don’t know why there’s weird flakies everywhere. This is the art line drawing system 0.2, acid-free, pigment ink, water-based, water-resistant, for drawing, graphic design, illustrations, and documents. Ooh, look at how teeny-tiny that one is. I’m always thrilled when we get fine liner because I go through those things like crazy. They don’t last that long. Maybe I just don’t know how to take care of ’em. We have — oh, whoa, this paper feels — I think this is like vinyl. *scrubby noises* Do they sound the same? There’s a ton of gorgeous feathers on here and they’re drawn by Tsarina Rina. Hey, look, I’m the featured artist! Whoohahaha Tsarina is — I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Is it like tsunami where you don’t pronounce the “T”? I’m gonna go with “Serena.” *unassertive screech* Her Instagram is “@tsarina_rina_art” – right there – boop-boop, haha. Ooh and there’s paper in here too – in scope. A little movie term for yah. So if I look at the menu it lists all of the art supplies and as well as the paper, so this is St. Cuthberts Mill botanical ultra-smooth, 300 GSM paper. *fliluplilup* It’s got a nice– *filuplup* –wibble to it. I like it. Oh I didn’t do a wibble test on this. *tik-flip-flop-tik-flop* Ohh, that’s different! *tik-flip-flop-flip-flop* *flipilupilup* Yeah, hmm.. *flipple-flopple-flipple* *flopple-flipple-flopple* Hm, okay, yeah, interesting. hahehe *sshriip* What is this like brown flaky stuff that’s everywhere? *shrip-rip* It came out of the box. There’s another one! What are they coming from? So they actually included the colorless blender with the pro marker, so I wonder if that works like adding water. *click* So I’ll have to test each of these with water and then also just with the colorless blender. I’m gonna pull it out with a colorless blender and see what happens… Oh wow, that just — just keeps going doesn’t it? I wonder, if you wait for it to dry, if it does the same thing. Can you blend it out to nothing…? Oooh, just about! Try lilac with a “C.” I wonder if it’s any different than my lilak with a “K,” but I feel like the number was 226, but I could just be making that up. This time I’m gonna try it with water. *fliiblump-flip-flip* Grab a paint brush… *filulululul* Some clean water courtesy of Mike Wazowski and let’s try this out… with water. Whhhooo oooooo aaaaaa aaooowwwwh I’m using up too much paper for this. This stuff’s probably not cheap. Ooh wow. I definitely — ooh, look at that purple and yellow together — I definitely like these better with water. I think I am gonna get a better result in the outcome by adding water to these pens versus when I didn’t. If you want to see what I created when I didn’t add water to these pens, I will have a link to that Paletteful Packs Box, but today I’m gonna be using what I’ve learned from that… and hopefully creating something pretty cool. All right, let’s try this weird mystery pen. I think it’s so funny that like there’s barely any label on it. It’s very faint ᵃⁿᵈ ᵛᵉʳʸ ᵗᶦⁿʸ ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ words right there, I don’t know if you can see them. Okay, you have to remove this. I’ve had pens that are kind of similar to this. Is that supposed to go any more than that? Maybe not. And then you like pull up. Oooookay. So far so good. Let’s see what color. Ahhh It’s green. It’s green! So it’s this really pretty green color. That feels way more like watercolor than these two did. These still. like I said in the last video, these remind me so much of India inks, but they don’t say that’s what they’re made out of. I’m a bigger fan of this green versus that green. And the eraser… Okay, they both work, but that’s all I can really ask for from a pencil. These I’m not crazy about they still feel sort of like an elementary school art supply. Yeah, one of the perks of these pens is they say if you forget to put the cap on it won’t dry out for days. Which I feel like the thing you want in kids markers, haha. The papers also buckling even though I have it taped down. Ooh, that’s a really cool effect I love the gold color of this when you first put down the pen and then when it like fades out to that yellow- -Ooh that’s cute. Since they provided these intersting elongated shaped papers, I do want to try and use that as part of the challenge for creating our illustration, and the prompt word was… “plumage” so they wants to draw some kind of feathers, I assume so with that and these art supplies, I’ll have to create an illustration on this paper. These colors remind me of the tooth fairy from… Legend of the Guardians — is that what it was called? Rise of the Guardians? Ehh, one of those things, but also it’d be kind of cute — I have a character like a princess, but her outfit is very… feathered inspired. I wonder if I could try and use these colors… [to] change up her color scheme a bit. Or just design a whole new something because it would be really fun to do like a ball gown with these colors and feathers, but she doesn’t really wear a ball gown, so… So I’m just playing around with some of the art supplies right here getting a feel for them. Yeah, I just had a little bit of line art there… Let’s just erase it… Now, I’m doing my original character, her skin is pink we’ll try to use some of this lilac maybe do one of these. ᴵ’ᵘⁿⁿᵒ Put that down like this. I’unno, hopefully you can see what I’m doing here. Wow, that actually I think is spot-on for her skin color. I’m just doing a color key. So I’m not too worried about the paintbrush being too big. I’m just trying to get… the values and everything and seeing how they’ll work together with the different hues and tones. And I like to use a bigger brush for that sort of thing so that I’m not worried about the details I’m worried more about the overall… illustration. Let me just add some here. [It’s] kinda like the art palette. We could even go — I really like the gold so I’m gonna grab this — just draw straight in with the gold… fade that out… with the water. Ooh, that’s really really pretty. I can’t decide if I want to skip the green all together though. Ooh, these are — okay I’m liking these art supplies a lot more. I kind of take back almost everything I said, hahaha, from the last one this is actually really fun the way that you can build them up and layer them. I think limiting my color palette might help the drawing have a better overall result… even though I’m kind of tempted to use all the colors because they gave me all the colors. So what I think I’m gonna do… — that needs to dry doesn’t it… well I can move it a maybe. *the painful sound of ripping off a band-aid* Oh, gosh! Eeehhh! Okay, so it’s actually like ripping the paper, so I’m either going to not tape the finished drawing or… I’m gonna have to like remove some of the tackiness first before I put it on to the paper. I’m actually gonna give this a couple more tries in my sketchbook, and then I’ll come back to you after I’ve played around with it, see what colors I like. We’re gonna see how these act on this paper. Oh, I think they dried way faster on this paper. All right, so I’m not gonna be able to do color swatches on this sketchbook, that’s been established, but I can try to come up with an idea for the pose using our little pencil here. Try more stylized… So I’ve drawn her a couple times here and I think she looks best in an extremely stylized art style. So like, the big eyes and non-existent nose, because um, she’s not supposed to be human. She’s supposed to be like a fairy. I still need to figure out the pose I want to go with before the final drawing which I have — think this is the same size here, let me see. Yeah, pretty close. So if I can make the pose fit in here, it will fit on our piece of paper there, too. So I made this little thumbnail right there if you can see it. *unintelligible fairy noises* And we’re gonna try and translate that to a larger size, and if I like it, we’ll start drawing it on the bigger size there. So it’s kind of like this sort of half sitting, floating pose. She’s a princess of fairies and I guess she doesn’t really have wings, I don’t think, but she flies off of pure feather magic. I decided to give her more of a mohawk… sort of, it’s still kind of like that ponytail, but it starts a little mohawky. Now there’s a lot of space here So I think I’m gonna pull the arms out instead of having them tucked in like in the thumbnail. Although, wait. She has that like feather tutu that I wanna draw. So maybe I could pull an arm up this way and keep this arm tight against her. So maybe the hands up like this… With her little ankles tucked around each other. I think this hand can go behind the skirt. Wonder if I could try and put it at an angle instead of straight on. You can almost see through the paper, Heh. You can barely see it and my phone’s not quite big enough. Just try and trace like the main elements. At least all the proportions are right! Move this out of the way here and I can start sketching. Let’s work on this. It’s kind of like working on a puzzle because I like have all the basic things, but I got to figure out the rest. And the way I get it to look like a feather is I just draw a straight line through it, through the center and then always pull out towards the front of it and then you kind of get that feather texture. I used to make the mistake of just drawing like straight like that. I’m thinking about making her bare foot for this. ᴸᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ ᶠᵉᵉᵗˢᶦᵉˢᵎ And on this one the big toe would be here. Don’t want to get that wrong; I’ve messed that up many a time, haha. This is working out pretty well so far, haha. And this hair is pulled back like this. Something like that. So here is the finished sketch. Now I just need to go over it with the line art. This thing, the Artline Drawing System. The eyes first cuz that’s just what I always dooo. Got those bug eyes. She’s not human. Add some shading to this hand so it looks even further in the background. Then we have these legs. And toesies. There we go. Looks pretty good. Okay, let’s erase… some of these pencils hopefully the lines are all dry. All right, so now it comes down to adding the color. So if I look at my thumbnail here… *Tk tk tk* I think what we’ll do is go ahead do the skin cuz I know I want that purple and then we’ll do the dress… just yellow and then I’ll see if I want to add any green or blue because as of right now, I’m not feeling… the green or blue. I think I’ll use this piece of paper here as a palette while I can. Oh, I should have been using the smaller paintbrush. Let me switch that out. Hahah. Yeah, this is working much better. I can color around these lines. This paper works really well with these… pens. I’m very very happy about that. Doing my best to try and get an even coat so not letting it dry before I finish the section. And then I love the — how flat it dries. That’s really pretty. I think I want it a little darker at the toes. Alright, now I’m gonna make sure this is completely dry before I start going in with the yellow because I don’t really want it to be all smudgy smudge, you know? I want it to be nice and clean and crisp. Okay, so now that that’s dry, I’m going to take the gold color and try and create that gradient that I really liked. So we’re gonna really put a lot of this down near the top. Hopefully it won’t dry and quickly grab my paint brush and blend it out. I might need a bigger paintbrush for this. Isn’t that pretty that kind of look like a daisy, doesn’t it? eeeEeEeEeEeee I might layer up… near the bodice here. Pull away from that Need to darken up the lips. Let me try and… ᵈᵒ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᴏᴏʜ, I ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴡʜʏ I’ᴍ ᴡʜɪsᴘᴇʀɪɴɢ. Oh, and then… *off-camera watter swooshies* Let’s try and make her hair the same gold color maybe as the dress. Then I can always decide if I want to add in that blue, but I don’t know I’m kind of not feeling too hot about that idea. Let’s make the ends… darker. I can even go in with the pen and add the shading where I want it — where I want it to be darker. Oooh! Stripey feathers like a pheasant feather. I used too much water, so I ended up going outside the lines Luckily, it’s yellow and that’s not something you really see, but I can see it. Down here’s dry; I’m gonna try and add those stripes… for that pheasant feather look. I just really like how you’re able to you know, add that wash of color and blend it out, but you also can get like some finer details by using the… actual pen. I just think that’s really really fun. I might try and take some of this yellow. Umm, no, it’s a little too gray; it doesn’t have as much saturation to it. I’m still having a hard time not going outside the lines even with the tiny baby brush. Although I just realized that I forgot to draw these little shoulder feathers… oh well. Tsss-ha But I do think we need something yellow down here. I’m just gonna draw little guys here — little feathers. She’s molting a little I guess. Erase the ♪ pencillll. ♪ See if I can stay inside the lines this time. Okay, so now that I have the character done, I kinda want to go in with this pen and sort of outline it a bit. Give it a background and an atmosphere Try and keep it light; I don’t want it to be… competing with the tones of the drawing. So let me grab some water here. Try and blend those out, lighten that up. See now that it’s lighter, It’s not competing with the character in the foreground and it fades more into the background — sort of misty. I feel like it’s not showing up on camera, but it’s really really obvious here. I really like this green. It’s almost a teal. I like that green, it’s definitely got like a magic vibe to it. I don’t know what it is, just the tone. But yeah, there’s my drawing. I really like this color. It doesn’t look anything like this bottle, but I like this color better than this color on the bottle, so pfff! We good there! And I’m much more happy with the way this turned out versus the last time I used this brush marker pros, and definitely you guys’ suggestion of adding water which ScrawlrBox also suggested definitely helped with my um… value problem. Um, I do notice one thing, in my thumbnail, I diluted the purple a lot more so the purple was lighter and that made it so that there was more contrast between that purple color and the gold color, whereas here the gold and the purple are kind of competing in values right there, but I’m still happy with it. I’m learning more each time and that’s what matters, hm hm hm! That sounds so cheesy, but it’s true, haha. Anyway, I do want to thank you guys for watching I also want to thank ScrawlrBox for sending me this box for free to try out and to share with you. If you want to get your own ScrawlrBox subscription, or if you want to learn more about them, I will have a link in the description to their website. I want to thank you guys all for watching and I hope you all have a delicious evening full of waffles, byeee!! ♪ music ♪ ♪ music ♪ and cutlery noises.*

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