NYC Man Who Swims to Work Every Day – Mini-Mocks

– Most people who
have a long commute don’t also get to exercise. I figured out a way to do both. My name is Greg Washburn, and I swim across New
York City’s East River to get to work every day. I heard that they were
shutting down the L train, and I knew I had
to do something. I live in Williamsburg
and I love it. I’m not gonna leave
the neighborhood, I’d have to find
another coffee shop. I’m from San Francisco, I
used to swim in the bay, so this is no big deal. People ask if it’s
illegal, and I say, “Hey, when has that
ever stopped a white guy “who wants to get his way?” Plus, I get to wave
at all the hipsters cycling over the bridge. Yes, it’s a bit slower
than riding a bike, but it’s also a lot easier
to eat while swimming. And I get to pretend
that I’m an otter for a couple of
minutes every day. Working 60 hours a
week on Wall Street means I have to be incredibly
efficient with my time. So I squeeze in my morning
meditation podcasts while I’m swimming. Yes, I’m swimming in a
100 times the legal limit of fecal parts per million, but at least I’m not
touching an MTA subway pole. People think CrossFit is tough? I say, “Why don’t you try
Cross-the-East-River-Fit? “Then tell me who’s tougher.” I think the results
speak for themselves. And at the end of the day, I’ve
got the respect of my peers. Hey, sorry I’m late,
the current was crazy.

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