October 13, 2017 – Shreveport Aquarium Construction Update

Welcome to another exciting look behind the scenes at Shreveport Aquarium! We can’t wait to see you walk through our doors on November 1st! We’ll start this week’s update with our WOW Gallery tanks! Previously covered in plastic while our fish adjusted to their new home, they are now uncovered for you to see! As we step into the Shipwreck Gallery, lighting and décor have been finalized to make you feel like you are actually in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea! Now that the plastic has also been removed from these tanks, one of the many fish species you may recognize in the Shipwreck Gallery is the beautiful Clownfish! Now it’s time to meet our sharks! When you visit, learn more about each species with our new informational signage! As you may have seen on our Facebook or Instagram, our Grey Reef Sharks are now living in our large ocean tank with Moray Eels and other sea life! As we enter the cave area, we’ll stop by to see our Moray Eels! Water is running through our Shore Explore waterfall and touch pool where you will learn how to help make a plastic free sea by reducing pollution in our rivers and oceans while interacting with starfish, anemones, and more! We’re wrapping up the final details in our Submarine Gallery so you can experience life in the depths of the ocean and meet sea life like jellyfish, spider crabs, and other creatures of the underwater world! Lastly this week, we will stop by SALT which is now open to the public! Join us to experience a unique menu, amazing specialty cocktails, great Louisiana seafood like oysters and more! Make your reservations by visiting saltshreveport.com. Thanks you for joining us this week for another behind-the-scenes look at our construction progress and we will see you again next Friday and every Friday for more updates until we open on November 1st!

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