Oli Ruskidd – 2018 Melbourne Art Trams

My name’s Oli Ruskidd and I’m an artist from
Melbourne, really inspired by a lot of patterns found in nature and
incorporating it into my own works. As well as having you know different faces
or figures that are kind of hidden within that as well That’s like the nose and the lips there and a little eyeball. So I’d include that in
there as well but you know people might even see something like it’s like an
eyeball you know that could even be like a mouth for something, or you know you can
start to sort of see like different things within the patterns themselves.
I really enjoy using like super vibrant colours a lot of like almost fluros and
really kind of strong bold colours that you’d see from across the street. Growing up in Melbourne seeing a lot of the whole culture being really vibrant
and bold I’m really inspired by that to take those colours I see
around the city and then kind of adapt it into my work as well Oh whoa it’s so perfect
wow it’s giant too It’s amazing, I can’t believe like just, just
working on it on such a small scale and then having it blown up to this
proportion is like amazing to see it like this. The colours came out really really good I just can’t wait to watch it while
it’s, you know, rolling on past

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