Olympians among those celebrating renovation of Fort Lauderdale aquatic complex

poor Lauderdale is diving in with plans for a new Aquatic Center where the multi-million dollar renovations are done this world-class facility will be available to all and the city hopes it will attract some major-league events so exciting local 10 News reporter Todd Tongan is live in Fort Lauderdale to explain what the plans are Todd many say this is long overdue Laurie and Calvin it is not a world-class facility right now in fact it is dilapidated and many say that this has been in the works for years they’ve tried they failed but now they’re gonna make it happen you could call it the shuffle stroke today’s long-awaited announcement of a renovated Olympic swimming Aquatic Complex is making a splash in Fort Lauderdale once again Fort Lauderdale becomes the hub of swimming and diving competition after languishing for years the one-time world-class Aquatic Center that was the unofficial winter home for u.s. Olympic swimmers and divers will be getting a 27 million dollar makeover we’re actually digging out some one of the pools I mean we’re rebuilding some of these pools not just renovating it’s not just putting Mar side the new look will also include new lighting bleachers concessions and landscaping they are also hoping for a 27 meter or near 90 foot high dive Tower that was started to swim in here in 1996 for Olympians like Ryan Lochte the rebirth of this facility is personal when I was growing up there was like snow cone stands over here so if like I was able to win a race I got a snow cone and I got to the beach I had everything Caleb Dressel who’s not only an Olympian but the fastest man in the world in water made the trip from Gainesville because he thought it was monumental to watch the future kind of grow not only for Florida but the whole I mean it’s International Swimming Hall of Fame and just the whole reboot of it it’s it’s special to be part of that hello if things go swimmingly in 18 months they will reopen the new sparkling Center and with FINA certification hope to attract world-class mates now to give you an idea of how high the dive tower will be if they get their way three times as tall as the one that is currently there but if they get it they’ll be able to have world diving competitions here once again that’s not local 10 News this is such a gem and where is it exactly in Fort Lauderdale this is right on Seabreeze Boulevard it’s just across from a1 a right on the beach I mean this is prime real estate for years they thought about renovating it they couldn’t agree on it they and sometimes at times they talked about actually tearing it down and putting something else here now they’re gonna make this a world-class facility once again and by the way Ryan Lochte did challenge me to a 50 meter race

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