“One-Shot Wonder” – Inanimate Insanity [Ep. 4]

[RECAPPER]: Knife was bored so he threw Marshmallow and popped Balloon, excusing him from the challenge, in which the contestants pelted rocks at each other. Despite Knife’s suggestive strategy, and Baseball’s attempt at a moment of awesome, Taco’s barfing skills led Team Chicken Leg to victory once again. At elimination, Knife and Baseball received the most votes, but Baseball received more so he was sent flying off the show, and so was Pencil. And that’s what you missed on Inanimate Insanity. [NICKEL]: [heavy breathing] Oh my God! That was HORRIBLE! [KNIFE]: What happened? – LOL! – What’s so funny? – No, THE LOL: “Locker of Losers”! I was trapped! Luckily, Nonexisty helped me escape through the outside! [sigh] Thank GOD, Nonexisty! [NONEXISTY]: No problem. [slightly echoing] – Ooookay then…… Well, now that you’re back, want s’mores? – Ooh, yay! I love s’mores! Wait, how do you make s’mores again? – It’s simple: Just take a marshmallow, stick a twig through it…. [marshy getting sticced] Then, you just roast it on an open fire! [marshmallow screaming in pain]
Then, you just roast it on an open fire! [mrash still screaming] “No mature content” And, voila! S’mores! How about a bite? – Knife, how could you burn your own friend?! Y’know, sometimes you can be a real– [intro plays] [intro plays]
oh [intro plays]
i guess nickel doesn’t get any love [intro plays]
hah funny BFDI 17 reference [intro plays] [intro plays]
oh right [intro plays]
subtitles made by Binklederg Finkleferf [intro plays]
don’t go subscribe to him there’s nothing there [intro plays]
– Binklederg Finkleferf [intro plays] oh shnikeys it’s over back to the subtitles [BALLOON]: Yeah, I know! Can you believe that Marshmallow would do that to 𝘮𝘦? It’s so unbelievable! [OJ]: Well, sometimes you just need to watch out. You 𝘢𝘳𝘦 easy to pop. – Well, if I get two complete idi…. ……… ….I mean friends, to help me watch my back, we could form an alliance! [BOMB]: W-w-w-w-wh-what’s a “shmalliance”? – An 𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦, Bomb… – O-o-o-𝘰𝘩! What’s an alliance? – Y’know, where a contestant feels threatened and tries to take advantage of two complete lose… ……… …I mean… ……… …It means we’re friends! – Um, I 𝘨𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘴 so? – Excellent! My plan is almost complete! – What plan? – NOTHING! [MEPHONE4]: I SAID, IT’S TIME FOR THE FOURTH CONTEST! [PEPPER]: So are we going to have another challenge? – Yes Pepper, today we will be using slingshots! – Yeah! I wanna shoot! – Yeah! I wanna shoot!
– Yes, well… – Yeah! I wanna shoot!
One member of each team will climb into the giant slingshot, One member of each team will climb into the giant slingshot, and the rest of your team will try to launch you across the gorge onto the other side. If you fall down the gorge, or don’t launch yourself at all, you won’t make it into the second round. You have a 3 minute time period. Go! – Alright Team Chicken Leg, we need to test out this contraption to make sure it’s safe! Uh, Salt! It’s your lucky day! You get to be our testing dummy! I mean…. girl. [SALT]: I don’t know, it’s an awfully big gorge. [screen glitches]
[SALT]: I don’t know, it’s an awfully big gorge. – Well, you don’t really have a choice. If you chicken out, we’ll eliminate you. Right, alliance? Alliance? [rip balloon forever alone] – Y-yeah, t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-two orders of k-k-k-kung pao-p-pao ch-ch-ch-chicken, please. [???]: TWENTY-NINE DOLLAH, PLEASE. – [sigh] Just do it, Salt.
[balloon confirmed Shia le Bouff] – Marshmallow, since, you’re the smallest, you should go first! Marshmallow? knife marsh got deaded Eh, whatever. Okay, here we go! [more mrash abuse sounds] rip mrash [LIGHTBULB]: Alright, we did it! – Okay, fine. I’ll go first. [stretch] [tripp] welp bye salt hi rocky [salt screaming] – Salty-salt! I’ll save you! bye pepper – No! Not Pepper, too! [sigh] I guess I’ll just have to do it! Pickle! Launch me now! – Now it’s my turn! wOaH ded – 𝘞𝘰𝘸, clumsy much? [nickel stop using dead memes]
[wait this was 2011 nevermind] I’ll do it. [rip knife’s foot] [AGH MY EARS]
[nickel screams rather unenthusiastically] [wait squishy sounds on broken glass?]
[nickel screams rather unenthusiastically] [is lightbulb secretly gelatinous?]
[rip nickel] [who knows] – Ready, Pickle? [PICKLE]: I guess… [yeet] – Oh, come on! – See? I told you, idiot! [rip balloon’s feelings]
– See? I told you, idiot! Taco, come over here, I’ll get you across. [TACO]: fAt CaKeS – Yes, Taco, Balloon 𝘪𝘴 fat! [rip balloon’s feelings x2]
– Yes, Taco, Balloon 𝘪𝘴 fat! – HEY! [t r i g g e r e d] [the return of the yeet] [it’s rainin’ tacos] Yes! I’m so close! [goteem]
[rip balloon] – That’s for calling Taco a [boop] Come on! OJ, Bomb, I’ll get you across the gorge! Guys? [the return of the tripp] [world war 3] [world war 3]
[marshmallow possesses pickle???] [NO NOT KUNG PAO MY FAVORITE CHARACTERAIFGDSDUIGFHSDKUFGBDFUHBG] [rip pickle?] – Times up! [mephone that was 1 minute 50 seconds] [right ear time! :D]
On Team Epic, only Marshmallow had gotten across the gorge. On Team Epic, only Marshmallow had gotten across the gorge. On Team Chicken Leg, Pickle 𝘢𝘯𝘥 Taco made it. – Ow! I think I just fractured my ulna! – Okay, so it’s time for Round 2! – wHaT’s RoUnD 2? I’ll get to that after the break! [agh my ears] [CHEESY]: This advertiesment goes to all you Minecrafters out there. Hi! I own Cheesecraft, a Minecraft server. If you’re looking for a lot of fun on a Minecraft server, this is where you should be. [cheesy y tho]
The IP will be in the description. Hope to see you soon! [DRUNK ADAM?]: ThIs AdVeRtIsEmEnT tHiNgY wAs BrOuGhT tO yOu By… WhAt WeRe We AdVeRtIsInG? oH yEaH yEaH [oh yes]
fIsH fOoD [better than krabby patties]
yEaH fIsH fOoD tHe OnLy FoOd ThAt FeEdS wOlVeS [the return of agh my ears] – It will be a Tug-of-War game! Because of the number disadvantage, Team Epic is in trouble! [mrash is ded of course she’s in trouble] If you don’t know what Tug-of-War is, you must be messed up in the head. [what’s tug-of-war] ‘Cause I’m not explaining it to you! Go! – M-Marshmallow, are you okay? You’re looking a little…. [wait that’s red]
🅱lue. – wOw, I hAvE aN iQ oF 7️⃣, aNd I sTiLl kNoW tHaT sHe’S 🅱lAcK, nOt 🅱lUe. [wow i have an iq of -4️⃣ and i still know that
s h e ‘ s 🅳 e a d] DoN’t YoU kNoW yOuR cOlOrS? – Okay, let’s do this! [rip team epic] – Team Chicken Leg wins again! [good job pickle have a gold star]
– Yes! I won for my team! [well taco did a thing so she also won for your team]
– I can’t believe it; this is awesome! – Yeah, it sure is. Now, let’s get to the elimination of the Epics, who lost for the third time, and have to vote off a third contestant. However, the contestants 𝘸𝘰𝘯’𝘵 be voting who will leave this month. The fans will! [FAN]: Awesome, I get to vote? – Not you guys! [rip fan’s hopes and dreams] The viewers! Vote for one member of Team Epic to be eliminated. Except for Knife, because he’s really the only one on Team Epic that did anything worth a damn. So he wins immunity. – Yeah!
– Now voters, you get to vote for either Nickel, Lightbulb, Marshmallow, or Paintbrush to go home. The contestant with the most votes will leave. The game. Forever. yeah voting ended years ago so go somewhere else thank so is lightbulb gelatinous? idk lol who cares
[i do] – NO ORDER FOR YOU, SIR!! what

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