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Magical Midway is Orlando’s most extreme thrill
park. Located on International Drive, Magical Midway is home to two wooden elevated go cart
tracks, a flat track, thrill rides and a collection of midway rides. You can speed around on the
go cart tracks or feel the rush of speed blast tower. Hold on to your seat as you’re lifted
to over a hundred and eighty feet. Little ones will enjoy squirting bumper boats and
if they would rather under stay dry, the classic bumper cars is the way to go. Take a spin
on the tornado where you control just how much spinning you do. The star flyer is a
thrill ride on its own. Swinging you to heights over two hundred and thirty feet at fifty
miles per hour. If you’re looking for thrills, Magical Midway’s got them. For more information,
visit www.magicalmidway.com.

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  • Orlandos most extreme thrill park? Really? well i guess i won't go to Disney or Universal then! 2 weeks at magical midway!!!

  • I've been up in even scarier rides and I don't really think that those 230 and180 feet rides are that scary for me. I've been up to even bigger situations up to 200 to 240 feet, I know there's even worst from up to 300 and 400 feet but what I'm trying to say is that magic midways rides aren't that extreme except that sling shot ride.

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