Orlando Tourism : Orlando Wet ‘n Wild: Park Tips

You’re finally here and ready to enjoy some
water park fun in the sun. So, where do you start? Here’s a few tips for first time park
adventurers that might help make the day a little more enjoyable. First things first,
be sure and rent a locker to secure your valuables and keep them dry. You’ll be given a key so
you can open and close the locker as needed throughout the day. Keep in mind, the bigger
the ride, the more popular it tends to be, so ride your favorites early and often. Can’t
stress enough the importance of a good suntan lotion. If you forgot one, you can be sure
to find some in one of the park’s shops. You might be staying cool by playing in the water,
but don’t forget you still need to hydrate by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the
day. You’ll find snack bars throughout the park and you are allowed to bring in picnic
lunches and coolers as long as they don’t contain glass containers or alcoholic beverages.
If it rains, don’t panic. Summer showers in Orlando tend to blow over within thirty minutes,
so you can enjoy more water fun. Last but not least, be sure to check height restrictions
or general restrictions on all rides. Put on your bathing suit and get ready for a day
of fun at Wet ‘N Wild.

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