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Welcome to Hipfig’s Travel Guide series on Orlando, Florida. Do you know that
universals Islands of Adventure was voted number one amusement park in 2017? Well watch this informative and thrilling travel guide now for free tips
and insights to save you time and money while visiting Universal Islands of
adventure. Tere are several ways to get to Universal Islands of Adventure which
also will get you to City Walk and Universal Studios Florida. If you’re
staying at a universal resort you can take the superstar shuttle which is a
free scheduled shuttle for Universal’s hotel guests. Tip one: Universal resort also offers free transportation to Sea World, and Wet & Wild, and Aquatica. You’ll need a boarding pass from the ticket desk which is available at any of the universal hotel
lobbies. Get the ticket at least 30 minutes prior to departure. Ask at your
hotel for more details. Ff you’re driving set your GPS to 6,000 Universal
Boulevard. If you don’t have a GPS and coming from the Disneyland area then
take I-4 East and exit at 75A and follow the signs to Universal. If you’re
coming from downtown Orlando then take the I-4 West and exit at 74 B and
follow signs to Universal’s main parking garage. Pay for your parking at the
parking entrance booth and park your car as directed in the parking structure.
After securing your car walk, to the escalators to the main level and walk to
the main entrance of the city walk which leads to the entrances of islands
of adventure and Universal Studios Tip 2: take a picture of your parking
Lane and row number on your phone or write it down so you’re not looking for
your car at the end of the night. You can also take the links bus to Universal
take links routes 21, 37, or 400 and exit at Turkey Lane
road and Woodgreen Drive stop and walk to Universal Studios. If you’re in the
International Boulevard area you can take the I-Ride Trolley. I-Ride Trolley
does not make a direct stop at Universal Orlando.
The closest top is the doubletree hotel on the corner of Kirkman Road and Major
Boulevard which is stop G4. From there you can walk about 10 minutes to
Universal Studios. Once you arrive you’ll go through security and walk through
citywalk. Universal CityWalk is an outdoor mall and entertainment area. Walk straight and stay to the left hand side there you will find at the end the
ticketing booths and entrance gates to universals Islands of Adventure.
Universal Islands of Adventure offers many ticket options. Check them out and
purchase online for package deals and multiple day savings. We suggest
purchasing the tickets through online travel companies like Expedia so that
you can earn points. We have provided the link at hipfig.com. Once in the park the
first area you’ll encounter is the port of entry. Take a map from the entrance or on the official universal resort app and familiarize yourself with the eight
sections of the park. The eight section of the park in a counterclockwise route
are the Marvel superhero island, toon Lagoon, Skull Island
Jurassic Park, Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade, lost continent, and Zeus Landing. Tip 3: planning makes a difference remember do everything you want to do in an area before moving on. It avoids the back and forth which will save you time
and walking. Tip 4 there’s free Wi-Fi at Universal Islands of adventures so you
don’t need data to use the app while in the park. Tip 5: universals Islands of
adventures have single rider lines at the amazing adventures of spider-man,
doctor dooms fear fall, Skull Island reign at the king, and Harry
Potter’s Forbidden Journey. Lines move faster than the standby line and you
don’t need to purchase an Express Pass If you don’t mind sitting next to a
stranger and then this time-saving tip is for you. Tip 5: if it’s your first time
on Harry Potter’s of Forbidden Journey then take a standby line if it’s not too
long. They have some pretty spectacular effects and then once you go through it
the first time then you can do it again through the single rider line. Tip 6: for
your information all outside attractions are closed during thunderstorms or
impeding storms which are usually in the afternoon so check the weather.
Plan ahead so you don’t miss riding on an outside rides like the Hulk. Tip 7: you
need a park to park ticket or an annual pass to take the Hogwarts Express train
otherwise you would have stood in that loan line for nothing.
Tip 8: the Pteranodon flyer is only for children and a guardian per qualifying
child. All children must be taller than 36 inches and under 48 inches. Visit the
kiosk outside the attraction entrance to get your virtual line pass then return
when it’s your time to ride. Tip 9: bring a reusable water bottle there are soda
stations all over the park so you can refill your bottle with ice and water
for free which can save you at least $15 per person. Tip 10: be prepared it often rains in Orlando especially June to September so pack a reusable rain poncho. You can
also use them on wet rides like Dudley do Wright’s rip saw Falls and Jurassic
Park River Ride adventure. Tip 11: the wand the wands and Ollivander’s are sold for
$45 to $50. If you have children it’s hard not to buy them
however save yourself an extra five dollars. The interactive part does not
work that well in this side of the park The wands are in a nice box and they
include a map. Make sure to go to Ollivander’s Show before buying the wand. After
the show they’ll lead you into the wand shop where you can buy one. There are so many wands to choose from it could take a while. Tip 12: consider buying a food plan
we recommend the quick service dining plan. Butter beer or pumpkin juice alone
sells for six dollars so this plan can really save you some money. Universals
Islands of Adventure is a top-notch attraction that should not be missed
when visiting Orlando! Happy Travels. Go to hipfig.com for more information or
go to our Hipfig Ttravel Channel on YouTube and be sure to subscribe for
regular updates

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