Orlando, we are coming home

We are on our way to the airport! It is 7am right now, we left 6am and than we got stuck in the traffic jam.. Just for 5 minutes.. 7:30am.. Alright within 30 minutes we will be at the airport We are in Orlandoooooooooo We are looking for our car
– Our rental car Well.. That should be our rental car I guess! On our way to Magic Kingdooom Davy.. What may not be played right now? Castle is in the back.. You can already see a bit of it.. Today we are going to do something.. I was already looking forward to this whole vacation! We will go back to my former work location! Firstly worked in Dinoland at the merchandise department After that at the Main Entrance, in which I worked at the Autoplaza We will directly see that in just a moment! As Park Greeter, but also at the parade.. Which is not there anymore unfortunately I am looking forward too it!! We will see some former colleagues, so it is going to be really exciting!! I think it is going to be a day with a lot of beautifull memories! Just drove through the Autoplaza, already saw some former colleagues It is going to be an amazing day.. I am so excited!! In the back over there is where my bus dropped me off We are there guys!! Animal Kingdom!! It really is quiet here in Orlando In three days we already visited Busch Gardens, 1 or 2 times Sea World Definitely 2 times Universal Studios and 2 times Island of Adventures Super chill! Today we will do something new… It is actually derived from Disney.. 4 parks in 1! What does that mean? We are going to Sea World, will ride Manta After that Aquatica, never visited that.. Even we have lived here for half a year Wet ‘n Wild And just Universal again! Just because we can! So actually it is even 5 parks in 1!! Craziness.. It is that quiet right now! It really is an immersive experience like you are in a total different world…

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