Our First Iwagumi Aquascape – Planted Aquarium

Hi, again! Welcome back to our channel. So for tonight,
what are we going to do, Jamiz? Ida will be performing an aquascape to our new tank. What is our inspiration
for our design today? It inspired by Iwagumi design. minimalist, more in stone. So…yes… So actually, it’s my first time that I heard that term. So we searched on Youtube, and I saw those designs of the aquarium, and I like it. So he also likes it. Okay, let us start the aquascaping. Then, next! We placed the stone, Vermicast, and the Aqua soil. It’s time to plant. So the plant that we are going to use, for the minimalist design, we are going to use Monte Carlo. The purpose is to carpet at this part. Then we are going to put Amazon Sword and another plant. So, let’s begin! So you can see this. We spray it with water for easy planting. So the last thing that we are
going to place is the white sand. So… We are going to place it here. It’s nothing… We just like to have a contrast
between white and black. It’s not scattered easily because it’s wet. Actually, Jamiz asked why do
we need to put white. It’s nothing…. I got inspire by the video we saw in Green Aqua, the one with Dave Chow. Slowly so that it will not go over. We are not trying to make this layer thick, just the right thickness. This is okay, guys. Because if we put water, it will flatten. Okay! So… we’re not good yet. So…our plan is to wait to have it fully cover by the foreground plant that we used. So, we are going to cover this one for
how many weeks, Mr. Jamiz? Two days… No, it’s not two days. So we will cover it for a couple of weeks. So we will not put, yet, Uhm… fish and water. In short, we can’t use it yet. We just plant first this carpet plant. because we want to be thick. So that… so as you notice, we put a cover. Of course… Anyway, we put a cover. We put an adhesive so that it will not move. So now, we are going to transfer
this to where we want it to place. So, this is it, guys. So after how many weeks from now, we will observe it. And hopefully, the plant that we used will cover it fully. So, that was she aquascaped, our very simple design. We will wait that it will spread, the foreground plant that we used. And…. we will not remove the plastic because it will help in the condensation so that it will not get dry. So, okay… Uhm… We will just update about How many weeks? one week, maybe. Yes…. And thank you for watching. And, happy fish keeping. Yes, happy fish keeping.

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