Oxy Aquatic test for dissolved oxygen increase

Hello everyone This is a test done with Organic Aqua Oxy
Aquatic This is a test done in Pakistan in severely
polluted effluent water to test the effectiveness on the dissolved oxygen levels with Oxy Aquatic Here is the black water sample I add it into the bowl Now we will test to see the changes in the dissolved oxygen levels neutral reading is 7.4 before we add the tester to the water I add the meter to the black water the reading is instantly dropping The meter is still going down as you can see Low Do levels are dangerous and can kill your fish – reading is below 1.1 Now lets add the Oxy Aquatic – I am adding too much for this test but Iam curious for the result it is immediately active as you can see the water colour changed I am taking the meter out to neutralise it again before testing the increase of DO…. let’s put it back now The reading is going up immediately it is now exceeding 4 still increasing! Exceeding 5 Within in seconds it’s passed 6 Oxy Aquatic is immediately active as you can see and the DO is still increasing In less than 1 minute the water colour changed and the DO increased Oxy Aquatic is made from non toxic plant extracts, water soluble oils & plant materials – reading 6.1 now Basically you can see the levels are still
going up This is good for aquaculture practises in
warmer countries especially As the fish suffer tremendously under warm
temperatures with low DO levels It does not only increase the DO levels But also restores the aquatic balance and
water quality and is safe for the environment It is safe for the fish and activates aerobic
waste decomposition eradicates harmful pathogens even E.coli bacteria Reduces water changes (only top up evaporated
water) Also reduces the stress of the fish & increase the growth Made in South Africa by Organic Aqua The price is economical and the results amazing – obviously I applied more than the regular dosage but I wanted to show the effectiveness, it is not a scam This video is to show Oxy Aquatic’s effective The DO was below 1.1 before adding Oxy Aquatic Now you can see it is exceeding 9.4 This was a shock dose as explained But look at the increased reading above 14! A definite must for all aquaculture projects suffering with low dissolved oxygen levels! 1L Oxy Aquatic treats 160 000L of water You can also buy it in a 25L jerry can, It will treat much more The Oxy Aquatic is used with SludgeBuster To restore the aerobic conditions in the water
and under layer Very easy to apply SludgeBuster is a plant fibre product and
works excellent with Oxy Aquatic to increase the water quality and aquatic balance also aerobic waste decomposition Just add the SludgeBuster once in 6 months And apply the Oxy Aquatic once and top up
with water top ups No need for fertilizers or to drain your dam after harvest just remove 50% of the water (use for agriculture) replace the water, treat again with SludgeBuster & Oxy Aquatic… your pond is now ready to be stocked again! Happy fish keeping with Organic Aqua!

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