Painting a Frida Kahlo Mural on a Historic San Francisco Building

I personally love when I turn a corner, and I find a piece of art in the wall. I love seeing art mixed into the urban context with the mural I was all the designs that I was doing they were getting some traction on social media and The Academy gave me this incredible Opportunity to portray Noir on the walls so for me to have one of my paintings in one of the campuses. It’s a huge honor One of the biggest challenges was how to transfer the drawing to this gigantic wall? When we came here on Friday night it took us a couple of hours to set it right we ended up being across the street projecting the Mural and only with a very soft dim light But it was enough for me to trace the shapes and the advantage of this style is that it’s based on Graphic asymmetrical shape so the light as well as the Shadows there are graphic shapes. It’s a mixture between pop art and cubism When they approached me to the mural I Thought I was gonna get it done in one day, and I was telling one of my friends and he told me there’s no way And he was right But I realized I didn’t expect this to happen, but I realized once I started mixing the paint and placing the drawing on the wall and started painting You get to focus in your work And it was pretty much the same except when I was like hanging from a 20 feet ladder The idea of the mural came from a drawing that it on my sketchbook I was drawing a caricature of Salvador Dali, and I realized that his head was very rectangular and As an exercise I thought to myself how many little asymmetrical shapes I could get away Portraying his likeness and his personality And I started doing these sort of tests Experiments to see if I could capture the integrity of their likeness and personalities with the very minimum shapes Frida Kahlo was one of the first ones and I started with a portrait of her and then start removing As many elements as I can without losing Frida Regardless of all the challenges that I have to paint a mural and even though I was exhausted I couldn’t wait to come back to paint the mural the next morning. It’s for me It’s an honor to have a piece of my work in the city of San Francisco, and one of the Academy buildings And I hope it’s the first one of many to come My name is Nicolas Villarreal. I’m a character designer and animator for movies and video games

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