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comment about how much you really want to get the prize. Here! with Panji Petualang here!. while he is still at home!. There is one animal that I’ve never exposed before, at all!. I also… don’t know any theory about him and even the information about the animals, I– -don’t really know that much
-finally?. finally when Panji is here. Because I don’t know how to handle it!.
it’s so fiercy, guys!. I use to have only 3 of it, when they’re still small. and now, the other two was killed by this one. -until they’re dead.
-whoa. this is very dominant, huh. then I bought another one with medium size. and then, it died too.
is this albino or leucistic?. -leucistic, right?.
-nope. Ivory. This is Ivory. This is Bulus… (Amyda cartilaginea) Ivory. -It’s ok if I climbed up like this, right?.
-yeah, it’s ok. -really?. you’ll get dirty.
-it’s ok. dirty is good. I only get in like this, bro. I’ll just stay here. of course. see that, Panji?. Panji!. watch out! be careful please!. it’s going up!. hehehe…look at his mouth!. it can do something like that, Panji?. whoa, dang!
It thought my feet is a food!. -Let’s just go this way!
-this, this– the most terrifying scene!. Astaghfirullahaladziim
Ya Allah! Ya Allah!. -is it fiercy?.
-yes it is!. this is slippery! whoa… see??. it’s slippery!
slippery! Panji!. -what fierce??. This is tame!.
-Tame what???. It’s… come come, here!. no you can’t!. no you can’t you can’t bite my hand!. stay!. -wh-wHAT IS THAT?!
-It’s tame. is that really??. no you can’t
you can’t be bad. but the risk is if it’s… it has a single jaw, so not teeth. so if the the turtle is Therapine kind–This is Therapine. There are three kinds of turle,
The Tortoise, Turtle, and therapine. This is the Therapine. This turtle is Semi-Aquatic actually. So, it can actually live in the land and the water. while this, this the aquatic and land turtle that have the same speed. they’re both fast. sometimes it loves to sunbathe there. uh-huh. and what makes it terrifying is… it cannot… it cannot move fast, because, this pond is very slippery, and the turtle actually… defensive. it has a great response to anything that get into this pond, do you still remember what he said?. if there is another turtle that come inside this, and it is dead getting slayed by him, it’s true. because he is territorial.
A male, territorial and has a big size. it has a sharp jaw teeth and, uh–
what does it called, it also have sharp claws,
so, then… whatever that he sees as enemy or as a threat, he’ll beat it up. -including his mate.
-yes! that’s true. -eventhough this is a male.
-well then, he gonna ended up single if it’s keep going on like this. -wel we got no choice, it gotta be like this.
-That’s why, don’t be fierce if you’re single, how big was it when you get this?. about this size, half of now, the size.
and this is specified as the soft shelled, right?. this is soft shelled. Therapine.
This is Bulus. yes it is. it is a protected animal, right?. -usually they’re black colored, right?.
-yes, brown. actually if it’s called, he will come, not come. he’s actually attacking. ok. but we gotta know the techniques. -the first time when he’s–
-careful with your thumb!! and this is the time when we’re pushing him away. that’s how we do it. I’m interacting with the Bulus right now. -but this is healthy, right?.
-yes it is. Alhamdulillah. it has a great movement. and, uh, he got no fungus in the shell,
it’s good. he got a good response, -ouch!
-Panji! Astaghfirullahaladziim! I’m ok, bro. Gotcha.
he’s laughing. you’re pranked! Ya Allah. then how to give it a mate?. No we can’t, we gotta… make it adjust to– we gotta put it into a quarrantine.
so, you gotta make a devider there, to make a space and later on, put in the female with the same size as him. so, firstly, the female size gotta be the same, the bigger one or the same, and then make a devider. So that it won’t unite. oooh. so there’s gotta be a devider first so that it will understand. knowing each other and won’t kill each other, and then you can release it. and now it’s moving away, guys. it’s feeling little and cry there. if he’s feeling bad, he’ll go there. yeah but if it’s… getting provoked like that, he’ll come back here. come on. come on. here. hey! look at that! what is it eating there??. he— he also eats the fishes in here. did you see that?. yeah. attacking. and he’s coming here, attacking us. he’s coming here. Panji. Be careful. it can attack suddenly. yeah, that’s how the turtle do. if we touch their head, -his head will getting in further,
-but he’s already getting comfortable with you, right?. this is actually already got comfortable with me and it gotta go home with me. actually, rather than he’s being single here…
we can take him for education, in there. and this one actually better if we take care of him like this there. look he want to!. he’s looking toward here!. hehe. but the pond isn’t finished yet!
so, we’ll just keep it here for now. -and this is a special size?.
-yes it is. because this is very healthy. and I’m appreciate you, for taking care of him, making him… growing into this healthy and big, and we can ask him, uh… it’s — actually got a nice character. But because the Bulus’ attack is unpredictable, it’s also terrifying. we can be pulled off just like the ATS or the CST. he got fangs—not fangs, a sharp jaw. -cool
-how could you know its’ character?. well I have bond with some animals that I can get close with. Such as the reptiles… and some birds, I get their character. but not mammals. -be careful
-so the mammals sometimes kinda difficult to live with the reptiles. whether it’s crocodiles, or turtles… I could get them. his character is actually friendly, but, what’s for him is ‘joking around’ is a catastrophe for us. he’s biting it doesn’t mean that he wants to eat, For the cats they’re biting as a joke, but for these reptiles…for us it’s…. for us, it’s a catastrophe, it means that when he wants to joke around, he’s… hey
look. only the way it bites that– here, yeah. ok. so, the snake, crocodiles. that’s why he doesn’t seems to have fear, it’s because… he gotta know the characteristics.
and then why did he coming to your way?. that’s why, it’s like this, bro.
when I get in the pond, he’s approaching, I didn’t get to close to him directly. I guessed him first.
that’s why I get out first, and then get in there.
approaching and observing. oh, it’s like this. Then we can guess how it is… I feel certain and then yeah, I am interacting with it. go ahead and try it–eh, you’ve done it yeah. hehe. and this… I hope…is this already reaching it’s maximum size?. it can grow more. oh yea? yes it can. -it can reach 1 meters
-really?. yeah, for its’ length. Bulus is one of the biggest Therapine, guys.
like that. For this Labi-labi.
When it’s in the nature, the weight even could reach… -Bulus and Labi- Labi is the same?.
-yes it is. That’s why, in certain region they’re consumed. that’s the unfortunate thing.
This animal actually is not protected, the one that’s protected is labi-labi chitra-chitra, it’s very rare. in Indonesia itself…. -they’re only fews on them.
-the one that’s very thin?. yes it’s very thin and the color is like the rock, black with patterns. they’re protected and there is another one called tok-tok. this is not protected. This is labi-labi. this is the usual water labi-labi. they should be maintained like this. before it’s too late. it’s actually no problem, this is already more that make the animal being animal. more that make the animal being animal. and we just gotta set how to mate this, you can give it… -a border like this
-I’ve done it few times… but the mate always dead. of course. because you put them in directly together, while its’ character is Dominant. So… he’ll approach first, then, how could it have this color?. this is genetical diversity.
it has a diversion in genetics. …naturally, not made up,
from the nature, the one that have this diversity usually called as the ivory, Ivory is this color, like this. the leucistic have white color, with black eyes. and then there is albino leucistic, the leucistic got albino genes. so the eyes are red. and then there is another one with white color but the eyes is red. it is albino but it’s that’s also albino but it’s more… thin. There are two kind of Albino, bro. There is Pink, Hypes, and Caramel too, right?. because this one got normal eyes, they aren’t red, so, this isn’t specified as caramel, but leucistic, this is more like blurred yellow, ok, guys. I hope… wish us luck, ok?. -I won’t give it a name, then.
-Why don’t you name it ‘Gading’?. yeah, because Ivory is Gading in Indonesian. yeah and he’s also a male, we just gotta look for Giselle, right?. -but Gading has divorced (Gading is Indonesian actor)
-yeah right. I didn’t follow up his gossip. thank you, bruh. for the Information about Bulus. Ivory…we’re going to name him Gading. and the character is pretty terrifying. because… but this isn’t fierce like the crocodile, tho. -but almost the same…
-no. But actually, the dangerous level is the same, any wild animals, won’t be specified as safe. For every wild animals, we got risk of getting hurt. like, if I don’t know the characteristics… my toe could be gone. because its single tooth is like horn. so, if we got biten. we got biten once, we lose our toe. Like that, that’s why, then. When I know the character, it’s done. when in video… people reacted… ‘whoa that turtle got so obedient to panji!’.
obedient your head. He’s about to bite me. and this is your very first time encounter, right?. yeah, like that. and this is the very first time for me to have courage to upload this, because… I just understand it now.
for the first time, now we’re uploading. but he knows me already. hey. hey, come here, come. come, come. come, come. come on here. Hey good boy. for years… I’ve never… try to talk with them. take them as friend. yeah pray for use in the future,
we hope that… our next plan… you’ll make a mini zoo.
a pond. and the animal park, let’s start small… i hate it he’s being humble. you want to know more?. wait for the next time!.
we hope that Panji would still want to collab with us. subscribe to deHakims and Panji’s channel ! subscribe to deHakims and Panji’s channel ! ok, bye-bye Assallamualaikum. Salam Lestari!

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