Patio Pond with Bog Filter Follow up

[SOUND]. Welcome back to the patio pond set. It’s been nearly a year since
we finished this project. And I wanted to revisit it and
show you how the pond has developed. And share some of the experiences that
the homeowners have with the feature. So I’m sitting next to the bog filter
underneath these amazing Taros. I wanna be perfectly honest with you. The homeowner’s done practically nothing
to this feature since I’ve left about a year ago. I will admit he’s pulled out a few of
the plants that he didn’t like the color and texture of. And he’s really kinda let these
Taros take over the, the bog filter and, and do all the work to,
to manage the water quality in this. I wanna point out that we use
these particular Taros in, in static environments around
pond borders and pond edges. And they don’t do quite as well as in
an environment where, where we have an active bog filter, where we’re sending nutrient
rich water and upwelling through there. So I gotta tell you, when I came around the
corner and saw it, it was amazing experience to see just how big these Taro features
have gotten in this bog filter. [SOUND]. So I wanna touch on maintenance,
because that’s always a big question. If you remember we installed
an overflow in here. So, if the inlet for
the water leaving the bog back to the pond, if it would ever get clogged or jammed up
with roots, we would have the fail safe so it wouldn’t drain the pond and water wouldn’t, wouldn’t make its way
through the overflow back into the pond. The homeowners never experienced the,
the overflow working, so we haven’t had any maintenance issues with, roots embedded
in that, that inlet back to the pond. The homeowner said that no water changes. He simply added water due to evaporation. That’s the only maintenance the homeowner’s
done besides trimming a little bit of plant when he’s out here hanging out by the pond. To carry on with the maintenance team, the homeowner’s popped that pump out
a couple of times and hit it with the hose, and with that cool little quick
disconnect we installed on there for him. He simply put it back in and
fired the whole system back up. System’s had no water changes,
and the water is crystal clear. And the quality of
everything is just amazing. That’s of course because we
made the bog filter so big. But remember we made it that
large in comparison to the pond because the homeowner wanted
a lot of specimen plants. That was equally as important to him, as the low end of the pond, which brings
me to the real problem with this pond. All the Wakin fish that I put in here,
they have vanished. They have been eaten by raccoons. And the homeowner tells me,
sometimes three and four raccoons climbed across his roof,
came into his backyard, and terrorizes the whole lower end of the pond,
which doesn’t make me happy at all. I really want him to enjoy
the goldfish like he wanted as well. So in the next video, I’m gonna show you how
we’re going to solve that predator problem with a couple little tips and tricks. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little
revisit to the patio pond. And I think this water
features a real testimony on how well a bog filter can
perform in an aquatic environment. Remember, we’re only sending
a little bit of trickling water through this bog filter back to here. The water quality is crystal clear,
and the electric bill for the homeowner is very minimal. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I hope you’ve enjoyed the whole outcome. Until next time, I’m Eric Triplett,
The Pond Digger. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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  • That huge lily in the lower section is gone removing the fish's cover from predators?

  • Cool, what happened to the Lilly?

  • Who knew they could grow that big? The leaves look as big as Rubarb or Squash.Really nice.

  • Is there a name to the song at the end? It sounds like some 80's synthpop song.

  • I've seen all your bog pond videos but is there a supplies list to complete this project?

  • Great videos Eric, I watch them all the time, they're all really inspiring. Its awesome to see how these plants have matured and how they really make the water feature. I wonder how the waterfall with the stream is looking after one years time.

    Thanks for uploading, keep on digging

  • Wow, it's been a year. Anyway, it looks great

  • It's a forest and must have been horrible for the home owner

  • Is pothos devils ive safe to put in aquarium with goldfish or will it poison them want to ask the expert before adding plant want to use it to eat nitrates and to make it as a cool background got juwel tank

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


  • Awesome. Where is the video about the racoons?

  • Such a great idea. 

  • Best video ever with all the detail and full explanation so I have watched them all and I am looking forward to your update on fish security well done!
    Many thanks Bob

  • Te felicito por este trabajo tan bonito, he visto todos los episodios de este estanque. Que Dios te bendiga. Saludos desde México. Un abrazo.

  • We're planning on building a large bog filter for our small ranch pond. We have a pond that has about 30-35 thousand gallons…it's stocked with perch, bass, and minnow…we're in south texas…construction on this starts soon because we recently had lots of rain and the pond's PH was extremely high and killd all of our stock…the pond is lined with a thick runner liner and the algae waste i assume took over the pond…we're planing on building something like you just showed in your videos only on a larger scale..we're trying to push 7500 gallons through it a day…i'd like to talk to you about any suggestions or advice you might have. Thanks in advance! -Joey

  • I really like your work: Produce a natural environment is

  • Dear ponddigger, i was watching your video and began to wonder how do you keep the temperature stable in this pond. I know inground ponds are kept warm by the surrounding dirt but do above ground ponds stay as stable?

  • Wheres the next video…im curious about the sokution..nit thst I habe a pond but am thinking of one…and live next to a wildlife area

  • Those plants are huge!!

  • It looks beautiful, i wish i could had seen the fish.. great job! 

  • How many hours of sun exposure would a bog filter like this need per day?

  • Wow awesome I have watched all your videos on this project and loved them all, such a shame that the fish have gone so will be keeping an eye open for the follow up.

    All the best from Bob in England. 

  • Hi Eric,

    I want to know do you build ponds in the UK??

  • I love the patio pond. If that was my pond, I would have put Guppies and regular Sailfin mollies. And before winter, net them out and put them in a winter indoor setup.
    I would consider Jordanella floridae too.

  • what happened to the Lily?  oh… never mind. i'll come ask you in person.  i'm in yuc too  xD

  • How did you take care of the predators eating the fish?  I live in San Antonio, Texas so I do not think I have seen racoons out this way.

  • I was amazed at how much the plants had grown!  I really love Elephant Ears, but living in the UK does not allow me to have them in the garden, never mind in water. 

     My biggest problem with aquatic plants has always been parasites.  People always say to quarantine new fish coming in, but I have found that some of he more dangerous parasites/predators have come in via plants I have bought.  Dragonfly and Damselfly nymphs are a huge problem, especially with your smaller fish, when they sleep on the gravel during night time. 

    Will said nymphs be able to migrate to the bottom pond via the water inlet system from the top bog filter?  And if they do, will goldfish then eat them?

    Also – would biological filter feeders like Swan Mussels be suitable for this set-up?  I have seen them advertised, but not sure if they would be beneficial or just be another liner destroying parasite carrier I have to be worried about?

  • Any suggestions on how to prepare the patio pond for harsh Wisconsin winters. Should I drain it completely, let it freeze over? How do i take care of my plants? I have indoor aquariums for fish. So my main question is what to do with my plants, and how to prep the pond itself, I don't want to ruin it by letting it freeze over, etc. Any advice is appreciated. thanks

  • Hey, great videos. I would like to build one myself, I just bought my first home so I was wondering how much all the materials might cost.

  • Great looking aquaponics system there! 🙂

  • Awesome! I just watched the making of it yesterday. I know how to fix those raccoons… A trap!

  • I love Taros! There are two winter hardy forms that can live in zone 6 they are 'Pink China' and 'Sangria'.

  • Hey Eric,  What did you do about the Raccoons at this pond site?  This is one of the fears I have about putting a pond in our back yard.  Many Raccoons, and critters.  Is your Goat the answer????

  • Will a bog filter work on a pound , throw the winter. I wont to set one up before this winter ……

  • Where can I find the follow up video for protecting the fish?

  • Would it be possible to make an existing sump filter feed into a bog filter? Using a similar design to what you have used on this patio pond but with the pump drawing water from the sump rather than directly from the pond.
    Otherwise would a bog still work effectively if I were to have it suspended in the pond without filtration running through it and only the currents of the pump moving the water?

  • Thanks Eric, unreal set up.
    Was just thinking how amazing this pond would look in the evening with some lighting!
    Awesome vid

  • Very interesting videos, thanks for posting them. Have you ever thought of powering the pump with a solar panel?

  • I just watch this complete series. Thank you. Really interesting, lots of really clear instructions and background explanations. Nice instructional style. Much appreciated.

  • If I have pond with 4×4 x 0.8 meter, what capa of pump I have to use ??

  • This was an amazing tutorial series, Erik. Thank you very much for sharing, I look forward to checking out the other videos you've posted. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. have you ever done any aquaponic setups? I'm thinking of adapting your bog filter into a Ebb & Flow gravel bed for a community-supported farming project here in Copenhagen.

  • The home owner should lay out traps for those pesky raccoons!

  • você já observou a raiz dessa planta?

  • Just amazing! awe inspiring! to create such a thing of beauty!
    In every video you showed patience and experience.
    and then to return a year later, and find out that the homeowner has done minimal maintenance and still see you so happy really lifted my spirits. such an excellent design and i will be working towards something of this nature as soon as possible!

  • Here is my bog filter, I designed it so that the koi can actually swim in the plants and spawn in them, only flaw is I do not get enough sunlight, this just after finishing it.

  • Thank you for doing an episode follow up. This is really the most important part of any video DIY or construction series for me. It is great to learn how to do thing but, if you can see what to expect after it could end up being a waste of time and money. So thank you. On another note, I have watched several of your videos and would love it if you would either time elapse or fade past the repetitive parts like actually watching you cut and glue every piece of whatever. By showing just one and moving through you could get much more info into a clip and your viewers would have less to fast forward through.

  • where is the next video? the raccoon defense!

  • Love your videos. We live in the Pacific Northwest, waterfront facing the Strait of Georgia in the full sun (when we get sun). What kind of bog plants would survive our climate and winter over? Our bog pond is filtering water for the koi pond below (we also have metala (sp) mesh filters on the skimmer box. We have raccoons, river otters, herons and bald eagles and we use black mesh over our pond to protect the fish. My son also uses a scarecrow motion activated sprinkler, works well and washes the dog too.

  • how to do clean a bog filter ? say 2/3yrs once muck build up will the system crash and kill my fish

  • I have checked all of the comments people have left for you but never did find the  size of the plastic tubs you used or where to purchase them, please reply

  • Again another great series. I commented before that I am in SW Missouri and am doing an indoor tropical pond for my new shop. I wish that I could incorporate a bog filter after watching this series.
    but the electric bill for the lighting grow the plants… Ouch.
    Anyway this looks like a good plan. I am positive that I will use some of your ideas.
    Thank you Pond Digger

  • That pond is quite small for goldfish…

  • Thanks for this step-by-step series. Awesome. So you're a carpenter as well! That had to take a LOT of planning. Beautiful job. Did you ever do the video on solving the raccoon problems? If so, can you provide a link? I searched your channel for raccoons but didn't see it.

  • I live in Northeast Florida.  The area I will be building my patio pond in is direct sunlight all day and summer temps get into the upper 90s to 100s.  I see the elephant ears require partial shade.  Can you suggest any plants that would grow tall like that and help shade my sitting area next to the pond?

  • Grate job man. don't listen to all this negative comments.

  • Predator solving problems????? Where are the lilies??? and Water Lettuce???

  • It is against the law to sell Elephant ear and Water Lettuce in Texas. You might want to caution viewers about legal restrictions in purchasing aquatic plants.

  • Hello, i love your videos!
    Where can i find a video about protecting the pond from raccoons and other predators?

  • You did a great job

  • How big would koi grow in a 100 galin tub like the before thay get stunned

  • Hi, I have a 4x2meters pond about 1meter deep. My gardner build this pool for me and put a bog filter in it. (the full 4x2meter surface is covered with I think 15meters of tubes and a 5000L/hour pump on it) We only installed it 3 months ago, and right now only 4 small fish are in it. My question is, with only the tubes and the lava stones in the pond , will this do some filtering job without any plants in the pond? My dream is to put 2 or 3 koi fish (25cm range) in it and perhaps 15 smaller goldfish in it. What's your idea? Will this work…or what would you advise? ( I also have a waterfall on a 2nd pump in combination with a surface skimmer by the way, but thats only filtering leafs out of the ponds surface)

  • hi
    do you think a pond like this would work in europe specially during the winter period?
    thank you

  • i like the original setup. didnt like what the owner did.

  • I'd like to build something like this for an indoor pond that's 180 gallons. How big of a bog filter would I need for a pond that size? Also, what kind of plants and lighting can I use indoors since there won't be sun? Any information is greatly appreciated!

  • taro plants is an edible vegetables from leaves, stalk and bulb put coconut milk and spices can make a ginataang laing…yummy

  • Do you think this bog filter design could be scaled up to work with a 6' or 8' round stock tank "swimming pool" for me and the dogs? I wont mind swimming with the fish… #asktheponddigger

  • I have a bog filter and the plants definitely are doing that well. The leaves and pale and slow growing. I went ahead and help them out by put in some pots of soil in the gravel. I lined the pots with landscaping fabric so the soil doesn't go everywhere. I also tested NO3 & PO4 in the water. They're basically zero. I guess the bog filter is doing too good.

    Hope it works out.

  • My pond is 600 gallons, what would be the optimum size for a bog filter? Have approximately 20 goldfish, thanks

  • What did you do about the fish?

  • are those bog plants winter hardy? Im in zone 5 and just got a house with 4,000 gallon koi pond that i think is lacking filtration im looking to do something like this….. what plants do you recommend for my zone

  • Loved this video series. Learned a lot. Only downside, the music is super creepy. Hope you make more videos, would love to see what you are up to these days.

  • One of the best video that iv ever discovered on youtube,very very useful

  • Can I use expanded clay Balls (Hydrofarm Grow it Hydroponic Clay Pebbles) in the bog filter? My plan is to fill the bottom of the filter container with it, and then nice looking rock on top. What do you think?

  • Those giant plants sure keep the water better, than a super expensive filter.


  • What an awesome job

  • Im making this, thank you sir.

  • how much sunlight does the filter need?

  • Did the homeowner decide against installing something to give the fish some cover/concealment?

  • The first sign of a predator …and they should have just put a simple netting over the lower section smh. They should just stick to plants.

  • Them tar oh's

  • May i know what kind of plant is that elephant ear looking in the filter?

  • I would have liked to have seen a plumbing overview after installation.

  • Just wondering what climate this is in. Does it ever get snow or frozen over?

  • Montagnard indigenous we called bua , we boil the roots, cook the stalks , leaves and with rice power, beef or chicken, pepper, salt , little sugar and some herbs like lemongrass…it’s tasty.

  • you are good


  • Raccoons? My money is on the overflow plumbing. Copper and aquaponics do not go together!

  • Bro…. Please come back!!!!!

  • Any issues regarding roots clogging the pipes?

  • How long can those plants stay in there before the fish species starts to Rock the roots of the plant ?

  • Hey! So I used these videos as a guide to build my bog filter which overflows into my Koi pond. QUESTION: I used 1 threaded female adapter as my overflow to look nice going into my pond. Slightly after installing it, I noticed my string algae and algae around my rocks start to fade and diminish. Could that small peice of copper damage my ecosystem and koi? Thank you so much! You've inspired me to build my 30x6x3 foot deep koi pond with a bog filter like yours and other added filtration 🙂

  • Doesn't look like you guys get frost in winter that kills off the plants …………… those plants are huge !

  • The taro is fab!!

  • That terrible music (gives/gets) the video a thumbs down. 👎

  • Solve for raccoons with a pellet gun.

  • After binging the original series, it was painful to pass by all those interesting projects to find this update; you did say in about a month. What happened bro?🤣

    I like the patina on that trickle outlet (you were blocking the main one). I'm a little disappointed the owner got rid of the watercress & that awesome lily, but to each his own. I'm curious to know what you got in mind for the predator prevention. Loving this channel btw…

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