Paw Patrol Skye & Chase Scuba Dives with Zuma in Swimming pool

– [Narrator] All right, Skye, go ahead and eat your gumball. Oh, I love gumballs. (spring) (gasps) Oh my gosh. (musical sting) Hi, Paw Patrol. What are you guys doing today? It is really hot and we wanna go to the pool, but we’re so small. We’re not big enough to get in the pool. Ugh. Oh, Skye, I’m sorry. Yeah, well, is there anything you can do to help us so that we can go to the pool? Yeah, there is. Here, let me go get you
some gumballs, okay? Gumballs? Oh, gumballs always help. (giggles) That’s right, Skye. So here we go. First we’re gonna use a
pink gumball for Skye. All right, Skye, go ahead
and eat your gumball. Oh, I love gumballs. (spring) (gasps) Oh my gosh. Look at Skye, look at her! Oh my gosh. Skye, you got so big! And look, you’re a mermaid! I’m a mermaid! Now I can go in the pool! Yeah you can. Okay, well, why don’t we go ahead and make everyone else big so they can go to the pool? Okay, let’s do it. All right, let’s do Marshall next. Here you go, Marshall. Eat your food. Red is my favorite flavor. (gasps) Marshall, look at you! You have a tank and some goggles on. You’re ready to go swimming, too. Oh my goodness. Let’s keep going. Let’s use a green gumball for Rocky. Go ahead, Rocky. (eating noises) Mm, that was yummy. Rocky, you’re a mermaid, too! Oh my gosh, look at you. Oh. Me, do me next! Okay, Tracker. Let’s give you a yellow gumball. Here you go. (eating noises) (gasps) Look at Tracker! He’s ready to go swimming, too. Check him out. He has goggles on, too, and a little pack on, too. Oh my goodness. All right, Chase, it’s your turn. Here’s a blue gumball. (eating noises) Mm, I love blue. Oh my gosh, look at him. (gasps) He’s, he has little slippers and a mask. Oh man, everyone’s ready to go. Zuma, you’re last. Eat your orange gumball. (eating noises) Oh man, I hope I can swim, too. Hey, look at Zuma! (gasps) He even has a little bone breather. Oh my goodness. (gasps) Okay, guys, let’s get you to the pool. (splash) Oh my goodness, you guys, we made it to the pool! And look at these sweet
awesome slides we have. Are you ready to go down some slides? First let’s see all of you guys swim. Skye, let’s start with you. We’re gonna spin you up. (winding) Now let’s go. (clicking) There Skye’s go. Okay, I think we should go down
the slides with more water. All right? Let’s have, let’s turn on the water slide and here we go. Whoa! Here you go. Whoa! Whoa. Whoa. That was crazy. There’s the water slide. Keep going, you guys. Whoa. (sliding noise) Water slide! (sliding noise) (giggles) That’s a sweet water slide. Now let’s do it on the other slide. Whoa! (giggles) That was a sweet water slide, wasn’t it? Woo! All right, now let’s keep swimming. We did Skye because we had a water slide. (giggles) Now there’s more water
in the pool, though, so it’ll work better. So let’s do Rocky. It’s Rocky’s turn! (clicking) Let’s do that again with Rocky. Come on, Rocky, let’s go! (clicking) Ah! There goes Rocky. Let’s go! (clicking) Follow Rocky. (giggles) All right, after Rocky, let’s do Zuma. (winding) Here he goes! Go, Zuma, go! Go, Zuma, go! Zuma, go, yeah, Zuma! Yeah, Zuma, good job! Woo, good job, Zuma! After Zuma, let’s have Marshall go! It’s Marshall’s turn! We gotta spin him up. Real good. All right, and now he’s
gonna do a backstroke. Let’s watch him go. There he goes! Yeah, Marshall, good job. Oh, don’t bump into me! There he goes! He keeps coming in circles. That’s funny. Funny Marshall. Okay, Marshall. Oh, oh, Marshall, no splashes! Whoa, Marshall! Marshall, that’s it, ah! Marshall, that’s enough splashes. Whoa! Time to… That was fun for Marshall. Watch. (sliding noise) (giggles) Let’s go with Marshall again. Here he goes. (giggles) That was fun, Marshall. Yeah, Marshall! All right, let’s do… (gasps) Tracker. We haven’t done Tracker yet. All right, Tracker, you’re up. Hi, everyone! (giggles) (winding) Gotta spin them up real good. And let him go! There he goes! Bye, Tracker! See ya later! Wait, wait, let me come! Don’t leave without me! I’m coming! Oh, we’re going back? Okay, let’s go. And swim backwards. (giggles) Oh, Tracker, don’t
splash us like Marshall. Oh. Ah! Oh, you tricked us. All right, look, we have Chase next. He even has flippers. (splashing) Woo! Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo! Woo! Woo! Woo! Woohoo! (sliding noise) Down the slides! All the slides! (sliding noise) Yeah! Woohoo! (sliding noise) Chase is still paddling! (giggles) All right, say bye to all the Paw Patrol. Bye! – [Child] Bye-bye. – [Narrator] Okay, okay! Let’s do a fire truck in red. (musical sting) Guys, look at all the
Paw Patrol we have here, with all this Play-Doh. We have these fun three cutouts. Why don’t we go ahead and use some of our Play-Doh with them? (giggles) What color should we do first? Me, me, do me first! Do blue! Okay, Super Chase. We can do blue. Blue. (squishing) So we’re gonna take our blue Play-Doh. Smash it down right here and let’s roll it out. (slide whistle) Okay, what do you wanna make blue, Chase? Which one will it be? Let’s do the elephant. (elephant trumpets) Okay, we can do a blue elephant. That’ll be cute. Let’s push it in. Push this button on top. Aw, and look at this
blue elephant we made. Can you make an elephant noise? (elephant trumpets) (giggles) Good job. This is a good blue elephant. Let’s set it by Chase. Look, it matches his colors. All right, next one. Yellow, do yellow! Okay, let’s do yellow. (squishing) Yellow. This is sparkly, too. Let’s roll out our
yellow sparkly Play-Doh. (slide whistle) And what do you wanna make with yellow? The frog? Okay, let’s make a yellow frog. Look at here. Look at our, that’s a yellow froggy. (frog croaking) (giggles) Look, he even has little
spots on his cheeks. That’s pretty cute. What noise does a frog make? (frog croaking) (giggles) There we go. Okay, who’s next? I am, I am! I wanna do the fire truck in red! Okay, okay, let’s do
the fire truck in red. (squishing) Red Play-Doh’s really soft. (slide whistle) All right, here’s our red fire truck. (squishing) Ooh, perfect. Look at that. (gasps) There’s even a star and a ladder. This matches you perfectly, Marshall. Totally red. All right, who’s n-, who’s next? Rocky is! Let’s do a green frog! All right, we can do a green frog. Green. (squishing) Green. (squishing) Let’s roll out our green Play-Doh. (slide whistle) And we’re gonna do a green frog. It matches and everything. Ooh. (giggles) (gasps) Here’s our green frog. He looks really good green. ‘Cause frogs are green. Put it over here by Rocky. There. All right, who’s next? Me, me! Okay, Zuma, okay. Let’s get orange out. (squishing) What do you wanna do orange? A fire truck. Okay, we can do an orange fire truck. (slide whistle) Okay. Fire truck in the orange. Aw, look at that cute orange fire truck. We’re gonna put it right
next to the red fire truck. All right, Skye, you’re last. (squishing) What do you wanna make? I wanna make a pink elephant. Okay, we can go ahead
and make a pink elephant. (slide whistle) Here’s our elephant. (squishing) Oh, look how good our little
pink elephant turned out. Woohoo! (elephant trumpets) (giggles) Look at all of our different
colors and cutouts. Which one’s your favorite? Okay, now I think we should make them, but rainbow style. Yeah. So we have all our leftover Play-Doh here. So we’re gonna get it, we’re gonna cut out slices. (slide whistle) (spring) See? We’ve gotta keep slicing. I wanna get these, ooh, get these long slices in here. There’s orange. After orange (springs) is yellow. After yellow is green. After green is blue. There. Oops. There’s all our different
colors mushed together. Now we need to roll it out and mush them together really good. Okay, so we have our rolling pin, and we just roll it out. (slide whistle) Nice and smooth. Ooh, look at those rainbow colors. (slide whistle) We have rainbow now, so now we’re gonna get, ooh, fire truck. Let’s see if we can fit
all of them on here. Elephant. And our frog. (gasps) We can totally fit all of ’em. (squishing) Okay, and let’s push our buttons in. Okay. I think that’s good. Oh my goodness. Gotta take out all this extra Play-Doh. And look! Look at our cute rainbow fire truck. (horn honking) And our rainbow elephant. This one just has three colors. (elephant trumpets) And look at our cute frog! (frog croaking) Oh my goodness. I love how all of these
rainbow ones turned out. Look how cute they are! (giggles) All righty, well, which one of these were your favorite? I think these three are my favorite ’cause they have
everybody’s colors on ’em. Wasn’t that fun, Paw Patrol? It was so fun! I love them all. Bye! Okay, say bye to Paw Patrol. Bye! – [Child] Bye-bye. (cheerful music)

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