Pet Turtle Care : Care of Aquatic Turtles As Pets

Hi, I’m Tim Cole with Austin Reptile service
and I’ve been keeping reptiles and amphibians for over forty years. We’re here to talk about
keeping turtles. In front of me is an outdoor pond set up with yellow belly sliders, Texas
cooters and red eared sliders. We have a filter on this pond that helps keep the water clean.
The sliders do get big and they do require outdoor ponds, they just don’t make aquariums
big enough for these turtles. Quite often the red eared sliders are sold as babies as
turtle pets in a variety of pet stores or flea markets and to be honest with you, these
don’t make good pets. They get fairly large. This one is an adult female and it doesn’t
take them very long to get this big. You’ll notice that the turtle will bite, these are
not what I would call pets. Turtles are an animal that should be set up and left alone,
they don’t like to be handled. Doesn’t matter what kind of turtle it is, they do not like
to be handled, okay? Now the sliders are primarily herbivores so they’re eating plants, when
they’re younger they’ll eat insects and fish. So you can give them a varieties of foods.
So I would encourage you to go with different species of turtles for pets, such as mud turtles,
musk turtles, map turtles, painted turtles, they make much better pets because they don’t
get as big.

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  • ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Yea, well how about the giant Mexican musk turtle huh!? Those guys grows big.

  • but ihave red ared sliders and they never bite me when i pick them up o.o som uch to learn bout these cute reptiles.

  • They don't always bite. My female RES turtle, gracie, has been with me since she was a hatchling. Whenever I handle her she loves to stick out her neck so I can "pet" her on top of her head and under her chin. By pet I mean rub lightly with my finger. She doesn't even open her mouth to threaten me.

    George, my other turtle, I bought when he was a few years old already. Unlike Gracie, he does open his mouth at me, at means business.

  • depends on what turtle youre talking about… Snapping Turtles? Red Ear Sliders? Box Turtles? tortoises

  • Wtf soooo wrong

  • I think they make tanks big enough, just don't try to shove 5 turtles in them! 2 is the max! and try to find the biggest (especially widest) you can.

  • i have 2 of those they have red cheeks bequite i hate it wen people try to make me turn against them wut kind of care for turtle guy are u i hate this

  • i no right they are great pets to me

  • i agree with this guy.

    i had 12 of them over a period of 15 years.
    when i started i had 2 and i kept them in a tank for the first 2 years, after which i moved them outside in a pond.
    simply because they can survive in fish tanks doesn't mean that they're happy in it.
    it's just too small and they also require direct sunlight for proper shell formation.
    an outside pond also reduces the chances of them getting sick and/or spreading the disease.

  • i'd like to know HOW you knew the turtles were happy and enjoyed being handled?

    secondly he is referring to red eared sliders (not all turtles, there are some species that won't bite easily). i had 12 and they were all ready to bite anytime.

    a question for you:
    would you be happier living in a 3 by 2 meters room/jail (9 by 6 feet) or in a house with a garden?
    same concept works with animals?

  • its kinda sad that you said you've been doing htis for over 40 years and you have yet to figure out how to proberly filter a trtle tank. that water is gross. you need more tan a 5 gallon bucket and it wouldn't hurt to have a skimmer, water agitator, airiator or anything else that will make the water not be stagnant.
    you shoud be ashamed.

  • gå lägg dig i ditt jävla anus =)

  • if i wanted a small turtle that doesnt get very big and has a nice temperment and looks nice (cool looking shell),what should i get?

  • @geckoJOE619 a box turtle.

  • Would just like to point out some mistakes in this video, yellow bellied slider are carnivorous when they are younger and omnivorous when they mature. As for handling yellow bellied sliders this really depends on the turtle I have 2 yellow bellied sliders one of which dislikes being handled and another which absolutely loves the attention. Will agree expert village a outside pond is ideal as yellow bellied sliders can grow to over 12".

  • turtles are some of the sweetes little pets, they recognize you and if you actually pay them attention often then will not bite you

  • This guy does know what he is talking about. Female red-ear sliders get a foot in length. You think an animal that big is happy in a 55gal tank? Even a 75gal? Wrong.

    Once you keep a turtle in a pond, you realize it is nothing short of CRUEL to keep a large turtle in an aquarium. Only mud and musk turtles (or other turtles under 5 inches) should be kept in an aquarium.

  • My turtle likes to be picked up.

  • Anyone that has cared for a fully grown slider knows this guy is right on many levels. I have an adult female red eared slider that is about 10 inches long and two smaller painted turtles in a 150 gallon setup. The slider is a total bitch and will try to bite me any time I stick my hand in there. I would not recommend these things to anyone that cannot provide and maintain a large setup of at least 100 gallons. If you really want a turtle get a painted, musk, or mud turtle.

  • myyyy dont it start biteing meee

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  • haters fuck a slider anyways there gay as fuck musk turtles own all

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  • dude , i have two full-grown yellow bellies in one 29 gallon tank … and also theyy ar doing F.I.N.E !!! wtf what would you know about tanks your pond looks like SHIT !! … P.S NICE WIG

  • Did he just say that they DON'T make good pets. I say that's bullshit.

  • if the turtle doesnt wanna be handled put it fucking down

  • WOW yuo dont know sh– about turtles.. 40 years? What a joke

  • booooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! why are you even talking about turtle care when you say there not good pets!!!!!

  • if they aren't good pets, then why you hve them and why the fuck would PET SHOPS sell them big fatass and your pond looks like a shit

  • Bull shit my yellow belly sliders are awesome pets they love being handled when i pick them up and let them roam my back yard but i never take my eye off of him he is only as big as a quarter they make excellent pets this guy has no idea what he is talking about I guess my turtle is fine when i pick him up because he does not go in his shell and when i pet him he closes his eyes and falls asleep then I sit him in his tank they make excellent pets 🙂

  • i used to have a pet western painted turtle and he didn't mind getting picked up. But be found him when he was almost a baby and he probably got used to it.

  • my slider follows me and enjoys it when i scratch her shell. she arches her back and sometimes falls asleep. red eared sliders are the most common pet turtle. map turtles are notoriously shy.

  • my slider likes it when i shake her food dumbass

  • my slider likes it when i shake her food dumbass

  • i dont see the filter , water looks like shit .

  • Wow you don't know a thing about turtles

  • @beakarmela he says for over 40 years 🙂

  • red sliders are great pets.. take care of ur pets pal

  • Wait so how big do they get?

  • you suck balls
    and i have one as a pet and yes they do make good pets

  • Wow u r sad I used to have a pet turtle two times the size of that

  • You're just a hungry hungry hippocrit

  • i have a res the twice the size and she LOVES to be picked up my me but not by anyone else you may have ben deling with turtles but u fucking suck at handling them you think they dont like to be handled probily because THEY DONT LIKE YOU,MY TURTLES NEVER BITE ME

  • in 1 vid he said RES only live to 20 to 30 years that tells you he dosent look shit up the live 50 years dumass!

  • My RES is about 1 and a half inch and it doesn't want to eat Dried shrimps…..He only wants to eat fish foods… it okay for him???

  • My turtle got so big we just threw it outside and it crawled around our doorway and did not leave.

  • It is 2x bigger than that one

  • "turtles do not like to be handled" holds the turtle up

  • Expert Village is the biggest bullshit ive ever seen

  • that female turtle is not healthy dudeee you can tell by the looks of her shell that she aint geting enough basking in you need more sun for the turtle to dry his or her shell

  • now sir, let me correct you on a few things. I'm not going to insult you like almost half of the people with these comments have, I'm just going to say some things that could have been corrected. first off, turtles bite, but only when they're scared or agitated. second of, you said they are primarily herbavores. they're omnivores, but eat fish more than anything else. 3, females grow up to a foot, and males grow around 6 or so inches. I'm pretty sure you can find a large aquarium for that.

  • letting you know, people say things about all this stuff, when I've had a red eared slider named Firefly in nothing but a pet carrier. of course she spent a great deal outside of the pet carrier, But still.

  • my turtle zoom zoom never snaps at me or bites me when i go over to his tank he comes out and is ready for his food it sooooo cute!

  • there better than dogs there sooo cute

  • I thought if you own the turtle it's good to hold them so they would get use to you,

  • What's wrong with you I have an outdoor tank and I feed them everyday I take them out of their tank sometimes they had never in my life bit me I had him since he was a baby and I trained him and what do you say about not make (good pets) they make great pets!

  • Shut up your not a genius

  • Good boy isn't this guy full of shit

  • Really I love mine

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